December 22, 2010

Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

I wish.

I was thinking of trying to make rum balls this year but then decided against it since my parents don't do the alcohol thing and my kids are too young for the alcohol thing and I technically shouldn't be doing the alcohol thing (breastfeeding) so... why bother. Cause I know I'd eat more than a couple.

Eh, maybe someday at a church party I'll stumble upon some and can finally cross "rum balls" off my bucket list.

In one of my father's anti-alcohol churches (which technically have been all his churches), they had a Christmas party one year and someone brought a friend who didn't attend their church and she brought rum balls. Well, one of the church ladies decided to try them (not knowing they had alcohol in them) and really liked them. And I guess she loaded up on them and basically got loaded.

Good times in the House of the Lord.

As of today, I have ALL my Christmas shopping done! And let me tell you people, this has been such a stress-free year of shopping that I'm almost sad it's done. (I said almost.) I started on Sunday and went to Target and Kohl's. Then on Monday I went to a few stores in the mall and back to Kohl's. Then today I stopped at Kohl's and Target again. And now, other than a few little things for stocking stuffers, I. Am. Done. (Well, except for the very worst part of all... the wrapping.)

Ohhh do I dislike the wrapping. And this year, I have to wrap! Can't just do the gift bag thing. (I can throw a gift in a bag with tissue paper like nobody's business!) But, I have an 18 month old who is gonna have a blast ripping the paper off his gifts and his mama is gonna have a blast watching it! So, with that thought, that's the end of my wrapping complaint.

And that's a wrap.