June 30, 2006

When A Church Becomes A Business

What do you think about a church starting a daycare and the daycare taking over the church? I'm having issues with this right now.

Our church started a daycare a few years ago and it seems to have taken over the children's classrooms/activites. To make a long story short, the church kids are being kicked out of the church classrooms because they are now daycare classrooms and I'm not real excited about it.

In my opinion, the church was a church first, and now it's turned into a business. You can call it a "ministry" all you want, but it's not... it's a business.

I think the straw that broke this camel's back was when they decided to turn the youth room into another daycare room and added 2 yr olds to their daycare program. They did this in January. This room was for the older youth. It was a place for them to hang out, play games, etc. Now it's used for the daycare.

I'm also getting irritated at hearing "No, you can't use that room, that's a daycare room!" or "No, you can't use that, that belongs to the daycare!". Was this a church first, or a daycare first?

Why do my boys have to take a backseat to their daycare business?

They had a great children's group when we first started there. They had classes each Thursday night, they had karate, there were always things going on for the kids. Now there's nothing. Or if there is, we haven't heard about them.

Now I will admit that we have been attending very sporadically the last few months so maybe we are not aware of new changes... I'm not sure and I do plan on speaking to my pastor before we make any big decisions.

My point is, I wonder what God thinks of His house of worship being used for a business? And I wonder what He thinks of his church's children being placed 2nd because of it? Makes me fearful for the church.

I just want to go to a normal church like I did when I was little! Where are they?
I don't need a church that's trying to be bigger and better. Just one who cares about the people who attend it. I don't need a big show every Sunday morning with a mini movie, a praise band, and free muffins... I just want to go to church.

June 29, 2006

I hate blogs...

...that make you create an account just to leave a comment! I would leave many comments on some of the blogs I read, but you see, I'm a busy gal and I don't have time to create an account (that I'll never use) just to tell you what I think of Britney Spears. But since you want to know... I think the only difference between her and the white trailer trash that she is, it that she's 'rich' white trailer trash. That's it. That's the only difference, which goes to show you that money doesn't change everyone!! The girl walks around barefoot and pregnant with her boobs hanging out and yet she wants the world to take her seriously?! PLEASE... When I walk around barefoot with my boobs hanging out I make sure I'm not pregnant!!! I have class!! Of course smacking your gum at all times is optional! It's just an added bonus to the white trailer trash persona. And just so you know, I'm not calling all people who live in trailers, "trash"... only the ones who live in white trailers!!

Guess who was up again mighty early this morning... Ding Ding Ding, you are correct, it was me! My youngest son thought instead of waking me up at 4:00am that 3:30am was a more appropriate time. But instead of asthma and allergies, he had a stomachache. So after a few trips to the bathroom, a back rub and letting him get in my bed, I actually did get to get a few more winks before that dreaded noise of the alarm clock went off. Aren't alarm clock noises the worst? I mean why to they have to be nasty loud beeping noises? I'm looking for one that has a lady with a nice sweet gentle grandma voice that says "Rise and Shine, it's time to get up sleepyhead." And then when I say back to it, "NO! I don't want to get up!" it will say back to me, "Alrighty then sweetie, you just lay back down and go back to sleep. I'll stop the world for you until you want to get up!" I'd spend at least $29.99 for an alarm clock like that!

June 28, 2006

Matinee Anyone?

I finally took the kids to see "Cars". We left my mom to watch the daycare and went to the 1:30 show. I decided on that time because: 1. I was hoping it wouldn't be as crowded, and 2. I was hopping all the 2-4 yr old screaming brats would be at home taking naps. lol We got lucky with both. It wasn't crowded and all the brats must have been at home. The kids that were there did exceptionally good. It was a cute movie, but personally, I think there's been too much hype. But then again, I'm not a race fan so maybe that's why. I did think it started a little slow, but once it got going it was cute! And yes... I did get a little teary at the end. Did you think I wouldn't?! I thought it was so sweet when McQueen stopped at the finish line and instead of winning, went back and pushed "The King" through. I love Bonnie Hunt and Owen Wilson, they did great! And of course, Larry the Cable Guy as "Mater" was adorable. I liked how he threw his "Git-r-done" in there. So, that was my big outting of the day.

T2 went to church in Anderson with my parents tonight. They have "Wacky Wednesdays" for the kids and he wanted to go make some new friends. He's all about the friends right now. And he's so adorable you just can't help wanting to be his friend. He spent at least an hour last night helping the little girl a couple doors down, learn how to ride her bike. He'd hold on to the back of her seat and run and run and run down the sidewalk with her until she yelled for him to "let go"... he was just dripping with sweat when he came in for dinner. What a guy!!

T1 has been a big help with the daycare lately, especially with the new baby. He does really good with him. He fed him his bottle today at noon so I could get in the shower before the movie. Of course grandma was nearby if needed, but he did a great job and even got 3 huge burps out of him. He was proud of those burbs too.

I haven't been able to really get into my "Purpose Driven Life" book, so I think for now I'm just going to put it back in my room. Or maybe I'll sell it on ebay... anyone want it? I have the journal to go with it. There's just something about it that just doesn't seem right to me. I'm very old school when it comes to church. I like my choir, singing out of the hymnal, seeing people in dressier clothes, with out the shorts and flipflops and being with those who can actually make it through the hour service withOUT having to drink their coffee or eat their muffins. It's ONE hour people!! Besides most churches start at 10:30/11:00... you had plenty of time for breakfast before hand!! But, that's just me, and who am I?!

Well, right now I am someone who is getting off the computer for the night and getting to bed early again. I actually slept all night last night and felt pretty good when my alarm went off at 5:50 this morning.

Peace Out!

June 27, 2006

And I Thought Yesterday Was Early...

This morning I had the fun experience of being up (for the day) at 4:00am! Fun Fun Fun! Let me tell ya, if you haven't tried it, you really don't know what you're missing! I was up because for some reason my son's allergies and asthma (that were doing SO good) decided to kick in all at once! Why they picked 4am I'll never know... guess that's asthma's time to ParTay down. I don't know, I just know I am so tired I think I'll be going to bed as soon as all the kids leave! I can't do these early mornings! Well, I guess I shouldn't say that... we just had another interview today and the baby my mom is taking will be coming at 6:30 am. I guess I better get use to it.

Tomorrow I am leaving my mom with the daycare and taking my own kids out for lunch and to go see "Cars". I'm sure I'll use that time to get an extra nap in, but it will be fun for the boys.

I thought I was getting a 4 day weekend a couple weeks ago, but soon learned that I will be working on Monday. I will only have one kid, but I talked to his mom today and she said she would be ok with me only working a 1/2 day... so a 1/2 day it is. Hopefully the child will be here the first 1/2 of the day. I'd rather get up early and get my day done. I have Tuesday off for the 4th. We'll probably go see the same fireworks we go to every year and maybe, just maybe grill out. (If we can get the grill to work!)

Well, it's time to get the kids up for nap. I promised them if they took a good nap we would go outside and play and have popsicles when they got up. They took great naps, so now I must be a good daycare provider and keep up with my promise. (But not until one of them reminds me what I promised. lol) JUST kidding!!

June 26, 2006

Too early!

I am up waaaay too early. At least too early to have kids already! It's 6:45am and my day started 20 minutes ago. Well, my alarm rang almost an hour ago, so technically it started then, I guess. Anyway, people who do daycare 6am-6pm are crazy. I'm sure they're making great money, but they're crazy!

Well, so far so good... the mom paid me for the week (in cash), and the little girl is sitting on my couch watching cartoons. The poor thing had her tonsils out last Friday and I can tell her throat is still hurting. I was trying to talk to her and ask her some questions and she was trying to talk back and kept putting her hand around her throat, so I asked her if it hurt and she said yes. Poor thing! First she's not feeling well, then she's in a new daycare for the week. I feel sorry for kids whose mothers have to work! I'm so glad I was blessed with patience for kids (most of the time), so I can stay home with my own kids but be able to work too.

As for our weekend... We went to the "Concert on the Plaza" Friday night and it was pretty fun. No one really got to talk to each other much, but it was nice and the weather was perfect. After it was over, my parents took T2 and went to get ice cream and T1 and I went to Starbucks. They were right in the same area so we met in the middle and sat outside.

Saturday we didn't do much. I went with my mom and the boys to an Anniversary party and looked at some garage sales. The kids played outside most of the day and I cleaned. I was going to get my haircut, but chickened out. I keep saying I'm sick of it and I'm going to get it cut short, but then I wimp out because I remember the last time I did that I hated it.

Sunday I did laundry and my kids made sure to play with one of the neighbor boys (who is getting ready to move), as much as possible. They just HAD to spend every second with him that they could. I'm sad that he's moving because he's a great kid. Some of our other neighbor kids are not so great and I won't let the boys play with them.

I started "The Purpose Driven Life" book yesterday. I've had the book and journal sitting in my room for probably 2 years. I've heard good and bad things about the book... I guess I'll have to see for myself. Alot of the issues I've had, and reasons that I decided not to read the book before are the fact that Rick Warren is very much new age and he uses verses out of context and puts no real meaning on sin and judgement. http://cicministry.org/commentary/issue80.htm (interesting article) So, we'll see how far I get through it.

Have a great week!

June 22, 2006

It's Raining... It's Pouring...

I wish I was snoring...
I'd love to be able to go to bed right now. I could fall asleep right here, the house is so quiet. The daycare kids are asleep and my kids are busy doing something upstairs and they're being quiet. (Hmm, that could be a bad sign!)

Oh well, for now I'll just enjoy the quietness and the loud thunder. We're getting ready for a storm and I'm thinking it's not going to be too nice to us. It was blazing hot today which only makes the storms worse. I'm sure we'll have some sort of tornado watch or warning before this is over. And me without a basement, whatever will I do?

It can rain and storm all it wants today, just as long as it stops for tomorrow night. It's a Friday night and I actually have plans. Rain cannot mess that up.

OH... I've been meaning to mention how the "cable guy" has been pranking my house. Or did I already mention it? I may have mentioned the first time but I know I did not mention the 2:16am call I got early Sunday morning. Grrrr! I was half asleep and when I looked at the caller ID it said "Private Caller" which means he's still stupid, but smart enough to know how to press *69 before he makes his prank call. I was so ticked I just answered the phone but didn't say anything, I just sat there. He ended up pressing the phone buttons. What? How stupid! I eventually hung up. I probably should have said something, but after the party I threw for my parents the day before, I was too tired to care. What makes a "man/boy" in his 30's who still pranks people, think that someone would actually want to go out with him?? I mean HOW OLD ARE WE???!!! I don't have time for that! He called today too, only he didn't call "private"... but if I get a "private" call later today or tonight, I'll know who it is and I'm going to let him have it. I'm going to ask him how he could possibly think any chic in her right mind would want to go out with a guy in his 30's who still pranks people at 2 in the morning. I thought about calling him back "privately" and when he answered, I would just start pressing buttons and hang up, but I just can't seem to manage to stoop down to that 7th grade level. See...THIS is why I'm still single people!!! (And why I'm not too upset about it!)

Well gotta go... my youngest son has just informed me that the toilet is clogged again... Hmm, wonder why? I mean toilets are SUPPOSE to be able to flush down a whole roll of toilet paper. Aren't they?!

June 21, 2006

Happy Hump Day

Boy this week is going fast. I'm not complaining though. I only have the baby today so we may try and get out. I'd like to take the boys to the library and maybe out for lunch. Last night we had dinner with my parents, my mom made steaks and baked potatos, salad with all the fixings and yummy rolls. It was so good. Then we went to Lowes to look for a freezer, stopped at Maggie Moos (YUM!) and then the boys and I went to Barnes and Noble. I got two of the more boyish Judy Blume books for our summer reading. We started "Freckle Juice" last night before bed. I thought about just getting books from the library, but I figured if I bought them, they'd have a nice collection when they grew up for their kids.

I got a call Monday to watch a little girl while her provider is on vacation next week. They came over last night to see "the place" and I guess it must have been ok because mom said they would see me Monday morning. At 6:30! ugh I don't normally take kids that early, but I figured it's only one week, I need the money, therefore I can handle it. The little girl is 5 and she seems to have a LOT of energy. So, I'm thinking that I'm going to have to make sure her day is full of things to do. Although I am NOT a morning person and am usually pretty quiet until I've been up for awhile, so I hope when she gets here she'll sit and watch tv for awhile and not be raring to go that early in the morning. Her mom also said she's a very picky eater. Great... lol Oh well, it's just for a week. I can handle it right?!

We've had our first accident of the summer... Monday night, Taylor was riding his bike and I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it has something to do with him swerving the wrong way and the electrical box in the neighbor's front yard. I guess he hit it or tried not to hit it. I never got a clear answer. Anyway, he came limping in saying "I'm hurt, I'm hurt" like he was trying to be brave and calm but wanted us to know it was serious. So we got him in the kitchen, looked at his leg and boy did he ever scrape it up. He has 3 huge scrapes around his right knee, a cut on his right foot and a huge bruise on his thigh. We had to get out the big bandages for those scrapes. Of course he said the triple antibiotic ointment stung, but I think it was just the fact I was having to put it on the broken skin and not the ointment itself. So, of course that leg has been babied ever since. He had to have a pillow to prop it up on at all times, he couldn't take a shower Monday night (I made him last night and he was ok until the end of the shower, then he said it hurt again), we have to arrange his blankets a certain way as to not touch his leg, he had to have lunch up in his room yesterday because it was too hard to sit at the table. lol It must really hurt though because the neighbor girl came over to jump on the trampoline yesterday and he was trying to jump but kept getting this really funny look on his face. Finally he got off and came inside and said that it just hurt too bad to jump. So, it must really hurt. Monday night after it happened he was all upset saying that his friends would think he was stupid, etc. I was trying to convince him how cool it was to have jacked up legs like that and those were his "war wounds" and his friends would all be jealous of those huge scrapes. I don't think he believe me until our 16 year old neighbor girl came over. He showed her his leg and she said "Cool!". That was all it took. Now he's limping around proud of his scrapes and bruises. Just like a boy!

I'm off to eat some breakfast and watch the news. Have a great Wednesday!

June 19, 2006

What's Up

Hey! So... my weekend was fun!! I had the "surprise" 40th Anniversary party for my parents. It didn't end up being a surprise because some chic was over at one of my mom's friend's house and found the invitation, then she saw my mom at the store and asked about the party. My mom was like "what party?!". Well, I guess the chic felt bad and made my mom promise not to tell me that she told. My mom didn't tell me, but my dad did. I was ticked at first, but then had to tell myself it was just a mistake and we'd still have a great time anyway. And we did!

My aunt Gail, uncle Mark, cousin Jeremy and their poodle Hannah, came up Friday and left Sunday afternoon. We always have a great time with them. This was the first time they had taken their dog anywhere and she did great. We wondered how our dogs and her dog would get along, but they were fine... they just sniffed each other and acted like they'd been together forever.

My mom has been real sick since last week. She went to the doctor Thursday, again on Friday for more tests and had to go back today and possibly go in for a CATscan. Well, thank God nothing is seriously wrong with her. Her blood tests showed that she had a slight infection somewhere and her doctor thinks she's got diverticulitis, so she's on a strong antibiotic and is doing better.

Remember the Vegas Trip... well, I decided not to spend the money and I wasn't going to go. I guess that was a good choice because my cousin Jer called today and their trip has been cancelled. I guess Reba cancelled all her shows in August so they decided not to go out there. They got refunds on everything but their plane tickets and they have until sometime in 2007 to use them. SOOOOO... we decide today that our families are FINALLY going to take the trip to Florida that we've been talking about for about 5 years. We are hoping to go sometime this coming March. It's now or never. My kids will be 10 and 13... and I've been wanting to take them to Disney World for a very long time. I didn't want to take the when they were real little because I wanted them to be able to remember it, and now I think they'll be at an age where they will really be able to enjoy it. I am so excited!! It's only 9 months away... time to start saving our money!! Oh and I'm not even thinking about the plane ride yet... I'll leave that anxiety for another day.

Well, now that my mom's not working nights, we've decide to try and walk every night so I'm off to walk. Have a great week everyone!

June 14, 2006

You Deserve A Break Today

I found this:http://app.mcdonalds.com/bagamcmeal and had to share.
My dad is going to pick us up some food tonight and the kids wanted Mc Donalds because they have "Cars" toys... well, I didn't know what I wanted so I went to their site to try and find something healthy and found this "Bag a McMeal". So, I put all the items that I usually get in the bag and found out the "nutrition" total... I about had a heart attack looking at the sodium!! OH my gosh! Go ahead and try this... but you may want to take an asprin first!

I'm not telling what I ended up ordering.... I'm too ashamed! Let's just say my calorie intake will be 1180, my sodium intake will be 1910 (YIKES) and my cholesterol intake will be 80 (wow).

And they want to put warning labels on cans of infant formula? Umm, how about we start here first!?!

June 13, 2006

What a Compliment!

The new little daycare baby's mom is so super nice!! I know I'm going to just love this new family! Not to mention the baby is the sweetest little cutiepatootie!!

This mom works about 45 minutes away from me and during the whole interviewing process (with me) we discovered that I close my daycare before she would be able to be back in town to get the baby. At first I didn't know if they would be able to work it out, or if I would lose this potential client. Well, they called back and enrolled their child so I assumed that they had it all worked out.

What I didn't know was that mom's work told her they would give her time to find other child care and that she would only be able to leave early for the first few weeks back.

Mom was very upfront with me about this a few weeks before they started and she said she didn't know if she would even be staying at that job because of some other issues. I was happy she told me, but really thought that they may just keep him here until they found other care. Which was ok, you can't excpect people stay in your daycare if they need longer hours and I really didn't want to stay opened until 6pm, so I just left it at "whatever happens, happens".

So today was her first day back to work. She came in tonight and told me how great it was to be walking out the door at 4:15 when everyone else had to stay until 5:00. Then she told me that they asked her how her new daycare search was going and she informed them that she wasn't looking for a new daycare but that she would be looking for a new job instead. She said she told them that now that she's found me, she would rather look for another job than another daycare and that she trusts me and feels very comfortable leaving her baby with me and that she doesn't even feel nervous when she leaves him and she really thought she would.

How nice it that?! I don't know many parents who would give up their job and look for another one just to keep me as their daycare provider. I feel so appreciated!!

June 12, 2006

Trying Again

I had a whole post written up last night and went to send it and it didn't send. Grrr! I hate it when that happens. And because I really needed to make sure I was in bed at a decent time, I didn't have time to redo it. Oh well, it wasn't anything pressing. Just the normal rambling that I'm so very good at.

So, today was the day. I got my new baby. He's a cutie and did real well here. Now to get him on a better sleeping schedule and we'll be all set. lol He hardly slept at all. Less than an hour this morning and less than an hour this afternoon, and he's only 12 wks old, he needs way more sleep than that. Tomorrow he will be here at 7am. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that, but I guess we will see. I am just not use to being up so early in the morning. Early bedtime for me tonight.
Hopefully with him being here so early he'll sleep more.

Other than that, the rest of my week I will be busy cleaning and getting ready for family to arrive on Friday and finishing up everything that needs to be done for my parent's anniversary party Saturday. I still have to get the cake and figure out what I want for the center pieces. OH and I still don't know exactly what I'm serving (other than cake) ... any ideas?? It's just going to be a two hour open house type thing so I don't think I need to serve anything major, maybe just some veggies, cheeses, crackers and fruit? I'm sure I'll figure it out soon. And if not, then I'll be the worst party thrower ever. No pressure.

June 10, 2006

Happy Weekend

Hello, hope you are all having a good weekend, whoever you all are...

I have gotten into a really bad habit of sleeping in the past few days. I think I finally got up this morning at 10:30. That is so bad! Especially since starting Tuesday I will be setting my alarm for 6:00. Ugh! I dread it so much! I am not use to getting up that early. It's just a time right? (That's what my mom says.) Well, yes, it is just a time... but it's an early time! Anyway, I think I need to get myself to bed early tonight and keep up with an early bedtime.

So... remember a few months ago, back in Feb/March when a certain K-9 cop was a topic of a few blog posts... And remember how it was this whole back and forth thing between me and this other girl... And remember when I said he could have her because I knew that it would never last because she was just a freak that early on in their "relationship" and was REALLY REALLY controlling and jealous and I told him it would never work... and then she made him decided who he was choosing - her or me - and he chose her because he was gutless and was too scared to continue talking to me so we basically ended it... Ya, well guess who IMed me this morning. Yep - they all come running back eventually. (laughing) If these guys would just listen to me in the first place, we could save SO much time. But, now it's too late. He chose her, it's obviously not working out and OH WELL.... I don't want him now! He had his chance. I don't have time to play games. Ohkaay *snap*snap*snap*

As for the freak that my neighbor tried to hook me up with... You remember the one, the cable guy that was at my neighbor's house a couple weeks ago and she decided to play matchmaker and introduce us, get his number and then see what would happen. Well, the whole point of ME getting HIS number was that I wouldn't feel obligated to pursue it. And my decision was to NOT pursue it. Well, because this guy is a pysco freak, he's been calling my neighbor and asking for my number because it's been over a week and I haven't called him (Umm, duh, don't you get the hint dude?!) SO, get this... my neighbor GAVE IT TO HIM! grrrrr! So now this guy has my home number and is calling me constantly. But, because I'm a mean stubborn kind of gal, I have yet to answer my phone. And I won't. I wouldn't give him the time of day. He's already proved he's desperate and then on top of that, very unprofessional! I mean, he was the cable guy and my neighbor was his client and he sat there and called her up days later to get my number. I would think he could get in some trouble for that. You married women don't know how good you have it. Seriously, I know your husbands bug the poo poo out of you sometimes, but seriously don't envy what single women have to go through trying to find a normal, decent man these days!! It's crazy!!

Ok, so men stink... but little men don't, like my boys and babies... I am so super excited to get this new baby Monday! I washed the covers of the swing and bouncy seat today and got his bed all ready, put out the blankets and now I'm just waiting to get my hands on him. I have a feeling that between me and my mom this is going to be one spoiled little guy! Plus he's so superduper cute!

And now, because of all this GUY drama... I must head to bed. A girl needs her sleep. Especially if she's forced to fight off all these desperate men, I mean boys!

June 9, 2006


Bayer (Pharm. company) laces drugs with HIV and gets caught.
The sad thing is, this drug was mostly used by children.

June 8, 2006

Having Surgery?

Keep yourself protected from contracting what could be a fatal infection in the hospital the next time you have to have surgery or are in the hospital for anything. http://www.hospitalinfection.org/protectyourself.shtml

Very scary. I just read about a woman who died from an infection just a few short hours after giving birth to her first child. They think she got the infection from her epidural. Many other people have died from infections they've contracted from being in a hospital. Protect yourself. It's your right!

Click this link to see where your state ranks in reporting their hospital infection rates. http://www.apic.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home
Scroll down to the U.S. map. (Mandatory Reporting)

June 7, 2006

Can You Believe It...

6.6.06 came and went and nothing happened. LOL Well now did you really think something would? I have a friend who works with a girl who has a friend who had her baby yesterday, and I guess she has a very religious family who is just freaking out over the baby's birthday. GOOD grief... it's 06-06-2006 NOT 666. Yesterday was my cousin's birthday and nothing horrible happened to him. I actually heard some women who had due dates close to this date, scheduled c-sections... any doctor who allowed that is CRAZY! It was all just ridiculous and I'm glad it's over.

As for me... I am a happy camper, I have the next 5 days off. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking ahead or I would have had something planned for this time. We could have went somewhere or planned something, but no... we're just hanging around the house. That's ok though because I have a lot of work to get done before my family gets here on the 16th, and I still have to do all the stuff for my parents surprise 40th anniversary party on the 17th, and then there's Father's Day on the 18th, so that will be one busy weekend. I may want to take this time off to enjoy just doing nothing. But I'm sure we'll find something fun to do.

Next week I get my new baby. I'm so excited! I can't wait to hold him and feed him and listen to all his little baby noises. I went and bought him a new bouncy seat last weekend and I have his pack n play all set up. Now I need to get out the swing, some blankets and sanitize the baby toys and we'll be all set. And it's so much easier than having your own. No weight gain, no labor, no stitches and you don't have to get up 10 times in the middle of the night. How great is that?!

June 5, 2006

New Week

I'm going to enjoy this week of not having to get up early. I don't have any daycare kids until 10:30am. And I'm only working today and tomorrow.Yippee. But next week... next week is the beginning of something I haven't done in forever....A FULL week of 50 hours plus, starting at 7 AM!!! Yikes... that means I'll be getting up before 7 o'clock... and that stinks. I am not a morning person. When I have to get up before 7:00am, my body works against me. It's doesn't matter how much sleep I get, or what time I go to bed the night before, I feel sick and tired for a good part of the day. I'm hoping that I'll get use to it, but I doubt it. I'm not trying to be a lazy person, really I'm not... I just think that everyone has their own internal clock and everyone's clock is different. I do ok when I don't have to get up until 7am or after, but anything before that disrupts that internal clock and I feel the effects of it. But, hey what can ya do?

I had a great talk with a friend of mine today. I haven't talked to her since around Christmas time. She is the mother of one of Taylor's bestest friends in the whole world. Her and I became friends through the private school the kids went to, the co-op they attend now and the church we both attended at one point. She is a wonderful Christian friend and I love to talk to her about the spiritual issues our kids are facing and what we need to be doing about it. It's also nice to have another homeschooling friend. We're hoping to get the kids together soon.

June 3, 2006

Saturday Night Bloggin...

...cause what else do I have to do on a Saturday night around here? Clean up the dishes from Friday? I think not!

I really don't have anything to post about. Nothing exciting is happening or has happened. I sat around most of the day watching reruns of "The D-list" on Bravo. I love Kathy Griffin, she is hilarious! I like the way she rags on all the A-list celebs. They deserve it. Then I found out today how much Starr Jones dislikes her, so then my "like her meter" went Waaaay up! I dislike Starr Jones and sorry, but you deserve to be ragged on when you have surgery to lose your weight (lazy!) and come out looking so nasty. I've said it before and I'll say it again, she just looks sick! THEN, THEN... Jay Leno had her (Kathy) on and actually called her ugly, or something along those lines. Kathy actually cried when it was over. Anyway, talk about the pot calling the kettle black....Jay Leno is judging people's appearances? OK then... See what I mean about A-list people... they deserve it. I know she has a foul mouth at times, but she is hilarious. She just tells it like it is. I appreciate that in a person!

I finished the Laci Peterson book. (The one her mom wrote.) It was sad, but a good read. I started it a couple weeks ago and finished it last night. I'm addicted to those kinds of books. I've read the one about Nicole Brown Simpson so many times it's not funny. Makes me wonder what the obsession of husbands killing their wives is, but whatever.

I bought myself a shirt today... it says "Silly Blondes, Brains Are For Brunettes". Mainly because at the moment, you can't tell if I'm trying to be blonde or trying to be brunette. So I'm figuring it will make people think twice about laughing or making a comment, because they won't know exactly what it is that I'm trying to say. I love to mess with people!

Well, I'm off to bed... nighty night!

June 1, 2006

Last Night's Dateline NBC

We've seen this many times before. Dateline will do these pieces on the issues of online pedophiles and how to protect your children.

They have it all set up where these 40 yr old men are coming to the house of a 14 year old girl thinking they're getting sex and as soon as they are in the house, Dateline comes walking out, they interview the guy and then as he's leaving the house the police literally JUMP on him and knock him to the ground. Seriously, one guy was standing there frozen, with his hands in the air and the police still thought it was necessary to jump on him and bring him to the ground. Ok, that's just a tad bit of "showing off" to me on the police's part! Although I understand their desire to throw these guys to the ground!

Anyway, I watch these shows and I'm sickened. Not by these men who are wanting sex from little girls (although I don't have warm fuzzies for them either), but rather by the parents who are so ignorant and so irresponsible that they are letting these things happen.

There are sexual offenders everywhere. Period. Get used to it. They're not being forced to go live together in some lock down area far away from us like we'd all like, so let's deal with it.

We just had a huge thing about this in our small town. People were all up in arms because a sexual offender was moving into our little town. Umm, let me bring you up to date people, we've had sexual offenders living here FOREVER... I have one that lives right down the street from me and I know of at least 2 more in our town. Well, what happened here is some daycare provider was all up in arms because this guy was moving in across the street from her. Ok, I understand her anger, we all feel it, but in the end, the guy moved out and so now I feel she, along with our community, has a false sense of security. However, THEY are everywhere and the others are still here.

Here's the thing... I'm not scared of them. They can't get to my kids or my daycare kids unless I let them. ME! I have to let these sickos in reach of my kids and that's not going to happen. Why? It's very simple... I take full responsibilty for my children and my daycare children.

I'm so tired of these issues being constantly thrown at us like these things are not preventable when in all reality they ARE. And very easily. It's called once again... PARENT RESPONSIBILITY!! Say it with me....

Parents, pay some attention to what your kids are doing online - check their emails, keep your computer in your living room where you can walk up at any moment and see who they're talking to in a chat room and let them know that! Maybe rethink leaving your 14 yr old daughter home alone over the weekend. I mean seriously, who does that?

My issue is WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? You have to be your child's protector. Sure, we can't protect them from everything and things are going to happen. But things like this are so preventable just by paying a little attention to what your child is doing.

Yes, these sick freaks are to blame, but when are we going to place some of the responsiblity on these absent parents?

THEY ARE YOUR CHILDREN... no one should be more responsible for them than YOU! Not teachers, not child care providers, not your church, not your neighbors, not even your police department. Quit blaming everyone else and step up to the plate!