December 30, 2005

Another Drive Thru Story

It's been so long since I've had an "incident" out in public that I almost forgot what it feels like.
But no worries...I quickly remembered tonight...

I made a quick trip out to Walmart to get a couple more things before we head to Michigan for my mom's side of the family Christmas tomorrow, ran through Starbucks to get my aunt's boyfriend and cousin's husband some gift cards to go along with the gifts I got them for our family gift exchange, asked the kids where they wanted to go to pick up food, and they decided on Taco Bell. OK, so we pull in, there's another black trailblazer in front of us. She's taking kind of long with her order, but no big deal, so we pull up order and start to pull up and I hear the cashier say "sorry, your card isn't going through, it's been rejected". I didn't pay much attention and just pulled up behind the trailblazer. The woman sat there forever and was having a very loud conversation with the cashier, I wasn't paying attention because I was talking with my mom and kids. Finally she leaves, but without getting any food. We pull up, she's still sitting there but pulled up far enough for me to get to the window. I figured she was waiting for her food order. So, we get done, she's still in front of us, but moves and turns left to pull up in front of Taco Bell , we continue going straight out and I stop real quick to put my debit card and receipt away and check the food. My kids look over and the woman is flipping me off. They tell me she's flipping me off and so I look and sure enough she is. I roll down my window and she starts calling me a B*&^% and asking why I stopped and told me to move it and asked if I had a problem. Now you have to understand that she had turned left and stopped in front of Taco Bell and I was continuing to go straight to pull out and get back on the road to go home. SO...why she thought she needed to tell me to move was beyond me since I wasn't anywhere close to her. So after her yelling at me to move it and yelling B*&^% again, I yelled back and told her that if it was ok with her, I was checking my food order. She yelled something else back but I was laughing by then and just pulled away. OH MY GOSH....WHAT is wrong with people?
I absolutely cannot stand when people start yelling at me- ESPECIALLY OTHER WOMEN!
And ESPECIALLY when they're calling me a B*&^%!!!!!
We figure her card got declined and she couldn't get her food, so she was already ticked off and needed someone else to yell at. LOL Oh my goodness, it made me so mad!
I wasn't calm like I should have been and I know I should have just drove away, but I get so upset that people who don't even know me feel like they have a right to start yelling and cussing at me when I'm minding my own business.
Of course Taylor was in the back seat saying that when he gets married, he's going to have a QUIET wife. LOL Ya, not after a few years with her mother-in-law! hee hee
Well, I guess my kind, gentle spirit went out the window today... I'll pray for forgiveness and pray for her and better luck tomorrow!!

Speaking of tomorrow and luck... all my aunts will be together-which could be scary...the tension has been building with two of them for years, so please pray that this year isn't the year that everything blows up! There's always one good fight between them when we get together but it usually gets diffused quickly. In the past, we have had Christmas at our house, so there's kind of a common ground without one having the home court advantage, but this year we are having it at one of their houses, so we will be on her turf. In any case, I'm taking the video camera!

Gotta love family!!

December 27, 2005

Almost Taylor's Birthday

So Christmas is over...we were more than blessed with what we received...the kids got MORE than enough and we still have one Christmas left this coming Saturday. more huge dump trucks or diggers...I keep tripping on them.

Taylor's birthday is baby is turning 9. I can't believe it. I wish I could go back 9 years!! I would do it in a second. Of course I'd like to be living where I am now, and making the money that I am now, and be wiser (as I think I am now) but I would go back if I could!
I think I was just starting to go into labor at this time 9 years ago...
I want to go back...I want to go back...I want to go back... Ok, I'm clicking my Nikes together but nothing is happening...darn that Wizard of Oz!! Well, maybe I should think about that a little I REALLY want to go through all that pain? Do I really want to push that big 8 pd 3oz baby out? Do I really want to see that little face again for the first time. YOU BET I DO!!!!!!

I am SO not through having children! Only one problem...not only do I NOT have a husband, I don't even have a boyfriend, heck, I'm not even talking to anyone right now... I guess there are other ways...Hmm, I think I'll pass and just relive the joys of childbirth through "A Baby Story" and all my fellow new mommy bloggers.

~Happy Birthday My Baby Boy~

December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and something amazing has happened...
I didn't leave the house other than to run up to Subway!
Which means...I had all my Christmas shopping done before
Christmas Eve this year. wow~wow~wow
So, I have spent a very relaxing day at home today. I have
almost all the christmas presents wrapped and under the tree,
(except for those that I want Taylor to think really came from
Santa...those will be put out later) and I'm now relaxing before
our busy evening begins.

Here is our Christmas Eve schedule:
=Church (communion, candles and carols)
=Go out driving around looking at Christmas lights
while having hot chocolate and listening to a Christmas cd
=Make peanut butter cookies for Santa
=Let the kids open 2 gifts (1 from me, 1 from Gpa and Gma)
=Get cookies and milk ready for Santa and lay out carrots for reindeer
=Sprinkle reindeer dust out on the front lawn
=Relax and watch a Christmas movie, have popcorn and eggnog
=Go to bed and listen for Santa's bells

I'm so excited about the gifts I got my kids!! They will be very happy children tomorrow morning! I'm also very thankful that my kids will have such a good Christmas as I know that there are so many who will not be having any Christmas.
It breaks my heart to think there will be children tomorrow morning who will not have anything to unwrap, who will be all excited when they wake up only to be heartbroken when they see nothing under the tree. The Lord has truly blessed us this year and the years past! For that, we are very blessed and thankful to Him!

~May you all have a very Merry Christmas~
~ Jesus is Born!~
Luke 2

December 22, 2005

skittzle de frittzle

Do ya like that "Title"? I couldn't think of anything unique...and that's unique, you have to admit that!!

Today was my last day of daycare for 11 whole days. I'm having anxiety already. Can you believe that??? I have nothing to do for 11 days (other than finish up my shopping and make a trip to Michigan) and I have anxiety. But, that's me...I hate working, but if I'm not, I'm bored and that makes me anxious.

I can't believe that Christmas is only 3 days away. And I can't believe I'm not done with my shopping...oh yes I can!! I'm always down to the last minute with my Christmas shopping. It's my special tradition! Can't break it now.

Tomorrow's exciting plans include getting up at a decent hour to go to a Big and Tall store with my mom to find shirts for my dad. She has some gift certificates to use by Saturday so we picked tomorrow to go. We're getting up early because I have already told her that I will have to be back by 12:30 for The Young and the Restless. I have to see what happens with Lauren and Sheila!

I got some very nice gifts from my daycare families today! I got a bunch of movie tickets and that rocks considering that is one of the things we're going to make sure to do next week. I also got a gift certificate to the place I go tanning, so...I think I may just make myself an appointment tomorrow!! :o) Nothing wrong with looking nice and tan for Christmas right?!

We still haven't gotten Tyler's jeans that we ordered on the 9th from The Children's Place (!! These jeans were suppose to be here sometime between the 15th-20th. today is the 22nd, I was nice, gave them 2 more days and then I called them! They gave me the fedex tracking number and they didn't even leave their warehouse until the 19th. They left Ohio to make their way to their final destination at 3:12 am this morning...but, we still didn't get them!! The funny thing is, I ordered my dad a dvd on Monday and it came today. Go figure!

Can you tell I have absolutely NOTHING to blog about today? I'm tired...going to bed now.

~Night night, don't let the bed bugs bite~

December 20, 2005

Hoping this works tonight

Last night I had a huge blog about Nanny 911...of course as soon as I hit "publish post" it disappeared out into cyberspace...I think Nanny Deb had something to do with it. Oh well, I don't feel like rehashing on to other things....
P.S. Did you know that Nanny Deb is only 33? She looks 63! Yikes, is that what dealing with kids does to you???

So today I had 4 daycare has croup and will be out until Thursday.
My 2 kiddos who are really hard to like these days, were picked up at 3:30 and will not be back until January 3rd. Yay!! Yippeee!! Doing the HAPPY dance!!! Hey, I'm trying to like these kids, but the more I know them, and their parents, the more I want to shake them. ALL of them! The parents are "gentle discipline" people and GRRRRRRRR sometimes I just want to hand them a wooden spoon, place them in a room with their 4 yr old and tell them to GO AT IT!!!! Or if not, hand that spoon over to me!! She is the SNOTTIEST little thing!!! Seriously, she's going to get the crap beat out of her in Kindergarten. If not then, DEFINITELY in middle school!! These are just some examples of the things I have witnessed in the last week....

She screams and whines if her dad doesn't put her coat on a red hanger in the morning. This started a few weeks ago. I had six hangers on the kids coat rack, 2 red, 2 white and 2 blue...(I have an americana theme in my front entryway) So, you know what mean ol' me did last week....well, I have two kids who come before this family, so I made sure their coats were already on the 2 red hangers. Ok, so last Monday, she doesn't notice...Tuesday I do the same thing and move coats to red hangers...they come in and I think she's forgotten about the hangers, OH NO...her dad put her coat on a white hanger, she sees this and starts whining that she wants her coat on the blue hanger (the hanger he had in his hand for his son's coat) so what does spineless dad do...says "Ok sweetie, I'll put your coat on the blue hanger! You're so wonderful honey!!" Grrr, I wanted to throw up. But, on with my day...until naptime...the kids were sleeping and I happened to look over at the coat rack. Something in me snapped and I went over and grabbed all the coats and hangers...took all the coats off and got all the hangers and went upstairs and got 6 green hangers...ALL ONE COLOR!! Hmmm, whatcha gonna do now little girl????!!! So, dad comes to pick up, no one says anything. The next morning however, dad notices and says "Oh, I see you changed the hangers."
I said "Ya, I decided to have them all green, ya know, for Christmas" which he responds "Oh, well, you should do green and red." BITING MY TONGUE because I SO badly wanted to say "NO! I can't do two colors because your spoiled little picky brat would have a meltdown if she didn't get the right color hanger!!!!!" But I didn't.

And I'm not even going to get into the time that this little 4 yr old picked up her plate up, held it over the side of the table and acted like she was going to tip it upside down, all while looking me straight in the face. Well, she did that ONCE!! I made it very clear that if she ever did that, she would eat on the floor!! Of course that didn't stop her from throwing food. Until, I made her get up from the table one day to pick up all the food she threw and go sit in time out. Then she was so afraid that I wouldn't let her come back in the kitchen for the rest of her lunch, that she promised never to do it again. And so far, she hasn't.

OH another gem....Last Friday, I gave each child a candy cane at pick-up. I give them to the parents so that they can either give them to them in the car or wait until they get home. Well, of course this little girl was already whining for it before I could even hand it to dad. And of course, dad gave it to her. Well, they were my last pick-ups, so when they left, I went in the kitchen. About 5 minutes later, I hear someone knocking on my door. I answer and her dad is standing there with her candy cane in his hand. About a 1/2 inch is gone from the top. He looks at me and says, "could we have another candy cane, hers broke and she is not happy" I just stood there looking at him for about 10 seconds, didn't say anything and couldn't move. All I was thinking was "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"
The whole stinking candy cane is there except for a little bit and you need a new one???? So finally he looks at me and says "Well, if you have extras...we have plenty at home" I snap out of my shock and say to my son, (who is in the kitchen) "Hey Tyler, could you bring me a candy cane?" I hand it to him , he says thanks and leaves. Meanwhile, my mom was outside the whole time getting stuff out of her trunk and when she comes in, she asks what happened. Then she tells me that she was screaming at her dad to go get her a new one since hers broke. Grrrrrrrrr
Had enough yet? There's more...
Yesterday she woke up from nap and had in her head that her grandma was going to be coming to get her to take her to get her hair cut. She told me this like she knew it to be a fact so I said ok but that her parents hadn't mentioned it to me, so maybe that was going to be something they were going to do later. She insisted that her grandma WOULD come and WOULD take her to get her hair cut. So, we wait, and here comes her dad. I answer the door and she immediately starts screaming and loud that we can't even understand what she's saying...finally we get "grandma" and "haircut" and I tell dad that she had been saying all afternoon that her grandma was coming not her dad. So, she is throwing a royal fit , all while dad is talking nice and softly to her and bribbing her with different things, (none of which are making her shut up), the she proceeds to kick her dad. He says in his soft voice again "Honey, Angel, do you want to have to sit in the corner when we get home?" I'm getting ready to throw actually, I was getting ready to step in and tell her that she was still in Miss. Tonja's house and if she didn't quit, I was going to put her in time out myself. But, I didn't and she kicked dad again. And you know what, he deserved it! If you're not going to teach your child who's in charge, I hope you get the crap kicked out of you. So at that point I grabbed his son's coat out of his hands and put his son's coat on him as a hint to GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!! Finally they left and she was still throwing a fit.

Oh, and she is always trying to get my boys in trouble...and I actually almost believed her at first, until one day she was yelling from the daycare room that Tyler was bothering her and wouldn't let her on the slide, so I go in there, all ready to yell at Tyler and he's not in there...he's no where in sight, he's not even on the first floor...he's upstairs in his room!! BRAT!!!! I tried to explain to her that it is not nice to tattle and even more so, it's not nice to lie.

Oh and can we say her little snotty voice is like "nails on a chalkboard"!!!!!!!!!!
I love her, as much as I can, and I certainly don't want anything bad to happen to her, I just want her parents to whip her butt real good some time. Well, NOT gonna happen!! All I can say is...I only keep kids til their 5 so, I'm not going to have to deal with any of it after that, and I probably won't even be in contact with them by the time she is 10 and a super snot! SO...oh well, too bad...I'm laughing because these parents don't even KNOW what they are in for!!!!!!! This monster attitude has only yet begun!!

But again...YIPPEEEEEEE today was their last day and I won't see them again for another 13 days....whoohooo!! OH, and let me tell ya...I was seriously debating on giving her her Christmas gift today. I wanted to tell her that Santa told me that she was on his naughty list, but of course, I couldn't do that. So, I gave her her gift, gave her brother his gift and sent a little something home for her parents.
OH...ya, did I mention that grandma came to pick them up today...and is taking her to get her hair cut...isn't that precious? UGH!!!

On a brighter side...I only have 2 kids tomorrow and 2 kids on Thursday and then I'm done until January 3, 2006. yay! A break...a much needed break!!! Time to spend with just my boys!!! will be w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l !!!! And we have plans!!
We are going to hit the hills and go sledding (provided it snows)!! We are going to go see "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" cause 1 was just so darn cute!! Oh and because I think I can manage to sit through that without going crazy...unlike King Kong! Which by the way is like 3 hours long. NO WAY!!! I could never sit there for 3 hours watching that! Never! lol I would be asleep, in a braindead coma, or insane!

Speaking of rant for the day... I got my gas bill today....
Hmmm, 3 x's more than last month's bill. Now seriously, I haven't used that much more heat!!! Last month's bill was $63 ...this month's $180. You have to be kidding me right!?! I plan on calling them tomorrow!! We use gas only for heat...not hot water, just heat!! This week is the first week it's been real cold, like 0 degrees cold.
I've pretty much kept the heat the same each day, I can't see where it's jumped
3 x's in price in just one month! No way!

Well, I'm off to help Tyler with his laundry. He likes to put it in, but doesn't like to take everything out when they're dry. Must be genetic!

~5 more days...are you ready?~

December 18, 2005

5 weird things about me

Ok, so I tagged myself...from -This Mom Blogs- and here are my answers:

1. When I sleep, I have to have 2 comforters on top of me, (even in the summer) and I have to have them pulled up under my feet. I hate to sleep in a made bed that has the corners tucked under the mattress and I hate top sheets.

2. I buy ice from walmart and refuse to use the ice from our ice maker. I won't drink our city water, so why would I want the ice? It's just frozen city water!

3. If my bottled water is not drank within a few hours of opening it, I get a new bottle and use the rest to put in my dogs' water bowls. I don't want it, but I won't pour it down the drain.

4. Our bathroom on our first floor is used for the daycare bathroom, I won't use that bathroom. I will wait until the kids are down for nap or have my oldest watch the kids while I go up to my own bathroom real quick.

5. I rearrange the daycare kids' coats after the parents leave from right to left on who is going to be leaving first. They all have to be in order so whoever is leaving first has their coat on the end.

There are many more...but that should give you an idea of how weird I really am!

December 17, 2005

Working Mothers in the Bible

I think some people think that to be a good Christian mother, you need to be a non working, stay at home mom. Well, did these people read Proverbs 31? This woman was a working mother/wife, AND...she worked outside the home! She bought fields and planted vineyards, (and did so out of her own earnings), she made linen garments and sold them, and still watched over the household affairs.
But...verse 15...
She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.
There it is...she had servants!! I knew there was a catch!! LOL
Just had to throw that in there. Couldn't we all use a few "servants"? I did the usual wal*mart trip. It wasn't horrible. Even when a woman cut in front of me in line then directed me to back up while her husband (who had the cart) made his way in front of me at the direction of his wife. I just rolled my eyes. I mean HELLO, I could have my kids racing in and out of lines too to get a spot and then motion for me to hurry and sneak in...grrr. I secretly prayed as I got out of line to find another one, that when they got to the counter, the cashier had to put her light on. I secretly unprayed that prayer after I couldn't find a shorter line and ended up back behind them. God was probably rolling His eyes!! Oh...and my heart dropped when I saw our register light start flashing, but I knew I couldn't get upset. Thankfully, it only stayed flashing for about 10 seconds.

We are home now, got all our groceries put away, ate dinner and are getting ready to watch "Home Alone". I can always watch that movie at Christmas, any other time and I'd pass!! Little Macaulay is so cute!! Don'tchathink?!


December 16, 2005

13 hour work day

Yes, I worked 13 hours today! 7:30am-8:30pm. The fact that it's 10:00 and I haven't passed out yet is a miracle. What a rough day! How some providers work 6am -6pm is beyond me. And what whiners I had today. wow! Some parents need to make sure their kids are in bed at a decent hour! Talk about some little grouches today! I am SO happy it's the weekend!! And so happy I work 4 days next week and then will be off for 11 days straight. Yippeeeee! And I hope some time during that time it snows so the kids and I can go sledding!!!!!

Mom was off work today and made potato soup for dinner...YUM!!
It was the highlight of my day!!

I have really been trying to make a point of reading my Bible this week and I have had such a good time doing it. I just told a friend today that she needed to start reading her Bible. She's going through a lot right now and had another big blow happen to her yesterday. She's blaming God. It's sad. It's not easy to tell people that God will take care of them when they feel their life is falling apart. That's why it is so important to have a strong relationship with Him before things start to go bad. I look at my parents and everything that they've been through in the last 2 years and I have to have admiration for the faith that they have that God will never forget about them or stop providing for them. It would have been easy for them to have lost their faith. It would have been easy for me to have lost my faith too in these 2 years, and I consider it a miracle that my kids and I went out and found our own church and became very involved and active in that church.
To most people, I may have had every right to give up on church. Unfortunately, I know that those people are the same people who don't have the faith it takes to keep going even when they've been knocked down. How sad for them!

Anyway...I need to get to bed. I'm so tired.

~good night...don't call me early...i'm sleepin in~

December 15, 2005

updating for the week

Well, we did get the snow and ice last Thursday and I closed the daycare on Friday. I was only going to have one family, so I didn't see the need to stay open.
Although I had already agreed to watch one of my daycare girls that night so her parents could go Christmas Shopping, so technically I did still work, but it was fun with just her. We had dinner, watched a Christmas movie and baked sugar cookies and decorated them. She took a few home to her mommy and daddy.

We still have snow on the ground and some ice on the driveway, but it's probably going to melt today. The temps are up and it's raining. Well, it's snowing but as soon as it hit the ground it's melting.

I went out to walmart last night to get my layaway out. YIKES!!!! Remind me next year not to put stuff in layaway and just buy it instead! The first line I stood in was the one back to the layaway dept. I got in that line at 7:30. I got back to pay for everything at about 8:10. Then, after paying for it, the clerk sent a piece of paper to the back and I had to go over to the infants area and stand in another long line to pick it up. I finally got my stuff at about 8:57 and got out to my car by 9:00. Then because my poor kids were at home with my dad, they hadn't had dinner and were starving so I ran through Mc Donald's and made it home just in time to watch the last half of Trading Spouses.

We are making Christmas Trees at the daycare this afternoon.
You take one sugar cone, place it upside down, put green frosting all over it and decorate with multi colored M&Ms. I think it will be fun and the kids will have a blast doing it. IF they don't eat all the M&Ms before putting them on the cone.

Taylor had his Christmas program last Sunday. We had to be there at 8am to do the first service and then go back again to do the 2nd service. The bells went great...I didn't mess up at all. lol And Taylor did SO good with his solo/trio!
My mom stayed home from Muncie and went with us so she could see Taylor. After church we met my dad for lunch at IHOP. Tyler has been begging to go there.

We bought a new tree Monday night and put it up. That's all I have to say about that. I hate Christmas trees! Well, no, I like them, I just don't like putting it up.

I have most of my Christmas shopping done. I have all the daycare shopping done. I get things for the kids and then something little for each family. I still have little things to get for the boys stockings and a couple more things for my parents. We draw names on my mom's side and I still have to get for them, but I have until the 31st for that. Oh, and the dogs are done too. Now I just have to do the wonderful task of wrapping it all... ugh

~10 more days~

December 7, 2005

Tomorrow's Forecast

This is what The Weather Channel says:




I've already got a note waiting by the front door for my daycare parents tomorrow...just letting them know if this should happen that we may have an early pick-up tomorrow night!
I'm not getting stuck with a house full of kids. LOL

School Closing

For those of you who know my parents situation and everything they went through in their last church and leaving and moving in with me two years ago and etc...etc...etc...

Remember that my father started a Christian School at that church in 2001...the school was doing very well and in the black the last year my dad was there with NO financial help from the church at all...well, for the last two years he's been gone, it's gone in the Red and left begging the church for help. The church now refuses to help the school at all and it was just decided at a board meeting this past Sunday night that they are closing the school at the end of this year.

First off, they have a person running it who knows nothing about running a school and doesn't even have any college education at all...
but he is the music minister and has 5 kids (4 of which attend that school for FREE) and a wife who is the paid secretary for the school, who is usually off shopping or at the tanning bed instead of being in the office to answer parent's calls during school hours. Not to mention off giving piano lessons in the church Sunday School rooms , thus making more money for herself during school hours.

Secondly, that church is MORE than capable of helping the school, they just don't want to mess with it just like they don't want to mess with the kids who come from "unfortunate" families on the church van each Sunday morning and Wednesday night. The "van kids" as they call them, are trouble.
They have absolutely no community outreach concern and could care less if they get any new members in...they're only worried about kicking out those who don't "fit" into their mold. And they've done it.

You know, I made my peace with the fact that even though my dad loved his grandkids so much that he shed blood, sweat and tears to start that school for them and other children in our community, not to mention fought a whole church board on a monthly basis to make sure it got started, only to have it placed in the hands of someone uneducated and undeserving of it... and that we would have to leave it all behind and my kids would lose out on the school that was partly started for them. And I was ok with the fact that although we left and choose to homeschool, at least some other child(ren) who couldn't make it in public schools would have a safe and loving place to go...and I even swallowed my pride and continued to tell people that it was a great school.

But, the fact that they are shutting the doors because of money mismanagement and church politics makes me SICK!!!!

I will be honest, there was a time when I had hoped that the doors would close. Those were my selfish "bitter" thoughts, right after we left, because my kids could no longer go to a school their grandfather had worked so hard to start for them. So, I guess in that respect if I went back to all the "wrongs" that were done to my family, I could be happy. But I'm not.

But, I can't say I'm exactly sad either. It really won't bother me to know that everyone else will know now what a failure the person put in charge is and how selfish that church is with its money and how unwilling they are to help out in seeing that kids in our community can get a Christian education. That's bad of me and I'm wrong, I know.

I guess I have mixed feelings. I will say that I am SO sorry for all the parents who are losing the secure feeling of dropping their kids off at a school where their Lord can be talked about, prayed to, and taught about openly without having to call a school board meeting and PTA meeting to see if it's ok or politically correct. And where they can leave their children knowing that they will be safe- spiritually, emotionally and physically.

But what hurts me more is that I also feel a deep saddness for the kids who have been made fun of, rejected and/or even hurt physically at public schools because of their beliefs, only to find a place where they belong and actually like learning and going to school again, only to lose it because of careless financial decisions and selfish church board rulings.

I wonder how some of these board members can sleep at night. And I wonder if it's in the church manual that board members have to have actually READ their Bibles before being elected?! Church politics are sins made "politically correct".

December 6, 2005


Please tell me why....

Do parents bring their kids sick to daycare? Is it to punish me? The other daycare parents who will soon have to miss work because THEIR kids are sick? Or is it just because they are too selfish to stay at home and take care of their kids themselves? If you can't take care of them, don't have them!!


Do daycare parents feel they can "barter" my paid holidays and time off? If it's in the contract and you signed it and agreed to it, why are you complaining now?!


Do I go to Applebees 3 straight times in a row and their ribs are horrible so then I don't go forever, because I figure it will just be bad ribs again, but then finally go tonight and get REALLY GREAT ribs?? They probably got a new cook 2 months ago and I've been missing out all this time.


Do I always wait until the last minute to do my Christmas shopping?


Do I live in such a HICK town that has in our weekly newspaper the
following under "Police Report" ...
"when two males exited the bar, and upon noticing the police car, went back inside the watering hole."

The WATERING HOLE????? This is how the police document things in this town?

On that note, I need to go to bed, because Pa's got the picture box real loud and the kiddies is up gettin their weekly baths and I need to set my hair in rollers so as I can get up and go into town in my bathrobe and slippers tomorrow morning and get us some grits from Aunt Mays Kitchen. That is IF I can get one of our jacked up cars on our front lawn off the cement blocks and runnin.
Hey, does anyone know if Aunt Mays still takes food stamps?

~Y'all have a good night, ya hear~

December 4, 2005

Gone Is The Weekend...

Again! The weeks go so slow and the weekends go so fast! I had the most UNproductive weekend ever!! I'm ashamed!! Friday night was a bust...Saturday morning I got up late (yes, I did get to sleep in) and forgot that I needed to be at the bank by noon. Didn't get anything done all day...left at about 4:30 to go get the boys' haircuts. Looked around walmart for a bit while waiting for my mom
to have dinner with her at 6:30. Got back from that at 7:30 and did our weekly shopping until about 9:45. WHAT there is in walmart that keeps us in there for hours upon hours at a time is a mystery to me! I think they have some secret time warp rays that hit you when you walk in and again when you leave...then you get out in your car and look at the clock and wonder HOW you just spent two and a half hours in there and only came out with one CD and some bananas?! It's kind of spooky if you think about it!

While I was in there, I ran into a friend from church. She said they just stopped in real quick to pick up a few things...I saw them again later on and then again in line, they were one register over from me and they left the exact same time I did...YA, did you say you were just going to run in and out? IMPOSSIBLE at walmart!!

Anyway, when I talked to her she asked if we were still homeschooling, I told her we were...she said she was pretty sure they were going to homeschool next year. She has 5 kids, the youngest is in first or second grade and the oldest is in highschool (not sure how old...probably 15 or 16). I told her about the co-op and how fun it is and how great it is to get away each week and what a nice break it is for both the kids and moms...she said that is something that they would definately look into. Yippeeee, I'm not going to be the only homeschooling freak at my church anymore. lol Not that anyone's ever made me feel that way, but when I started attending my church, I was invited by another friend of mine who also has 5 kids and homeschools, and I felt like since she was the music leader and a big part of the church, that we at least had something in common with her and her family and you know...'power in numbers' I guess. I think we are the only homeschooling family there now since she stepped down from her music leader position to travel with her husband. He travels with his job and they have a RV, so they just load up the kids and hit the road. Kinda cool for the kids...what a great way to homeschool! I HATE that my kids and I have to stay in the house every day! I know they get bored and frustrated, but...I gotta work. In a perfect world I would have a wonderful husband who made a nice living and we could go out on field trips all the time...To the zoo, museums, The Children's Museum, co-ops, the mall ...opps, did I just say the mall?! Well, that counts...right?! There are MANY things to learn in the mall!! Oh well, since it's not a perfect world we'll stay at home with screaming kids and try to work our schoolwork in there between getting the kids down for naps and the 15 minutes we have before one of them decides screaming is more fun than sleeping.

So back to my UNproductive weekend...
When we finally got out of walmart we had freezing rain and had to sit in the car for almost 10 minutes before I could even get the ice off the windshield and side windows. I didn't have a scraper but did buy some of that de-icer stuff...don't waste your money, it doesn't work. So, we finally melted and headed home. I drove about 40 the whole way. It wasn't bad until we got in our subdivision. Our driveway has an incline and when I put it in park, we slid. SO...on went the emergency brake and that held it. And let me tell you just how fun it was to try and get groceries and walk up the driveway on solid ice. I'm shocked I didn't fall.

If you know my mom, you know that if there is even a mention of snow she is glued to the weather channel. I wondered how she would handle it when she got out of work at 11. Well shortly after we got home, we got a call that she just clocked out and was leaving early. lol My dad just bought her a 2006 Equinox with all wheel drive, so she didn't have much trouble but I'm sure she was praying the whole way home.

This morning I was in bed and it was so comfortable and cozy...but, I was a greeter at church so...up and the shower, took the dogs out, got the kids up , then for some reason I started slowing down and not paying attention and when I finally looked at a clock, I had 20 minutes and I was still in my towel with a towel on my head. Needless to say, the lovely people who I had to greet saw a no make-up, flat haired woman at our church doors today. OH well, it was too cold to care anyway... I'm sure they wouldn't have cared if Freddy Kruger were opening the doors, just as long as someone was letting them in. Speaking of which...the woman that I greet with is not nice. At least not to me. I don't know if I'm overly paranoid or what, and I've tried to not make much about it and just let it go as "me making something out of nothing" but this woman hates me. I had a "run in" with her over the summer when I was working in our church nursery before I started greeting with her...I went into the nursery to "do my time" and she was there from the first service. She looked at me weird and asked what I was doing. I said that I was on the schedule to be in there. She said she didn't see my name on the board. I said it wasn't up there, but I was on the schedule. Then she asked if I had just come in to "look at the babies"..UMMMM NO, I'm working in here today!! She looked at me like I was lying and stood there for some time, like she didn't trust me to stay in there with two babies. Finally she left and the next few times I went in she didn't say a word and just left. Well...I decided that I wasn't too excited about working in the nursery, since I do daycare all I didn't sign up to work again in the fall and told our children's pastor why...she was very understanding but quick to give me the handbells. LOL Anyway, so I haven't really had much contact with this other woman much. Well, the last time I greeted, I greeted with her. I tried to talk to her but she kind of just kept looking away. When they called me to greet again this week, they told me who I would be greeting with but I didn't think that was her name so I didn't give it another thought. Well, when I got to church this morning, there she was at the door with bulletins in her hand. So, I said hi to her and that I was greeting with her today...she didn't say a word, just turned around and literally had her back to me the whole time. I don't know what I've done to her, but it annoys me. The only time she talked to me was when she ran out of bulletins and asked how many I had, then told me to give her half. Oh well, I'm just going to brush it off...I figure I only have to spend 15 mintues with her a month...I think I can handle that. lol
They'll probably change who I greet with next month anyway...I just want to know why she doesn't like me. And it's not that she's shy...she's very friendly and nice to everyone else who's coming in and standing around. She talks to everyone. (But me!) lol

I did make a nice lunch for us when we got home, watched some of the Colts game and then took a nice 2 hour nap. I didn't get any of the cleaning downstairs done but did get the daycare blankets washed and a load of clothes done. Now I'm just praying that all the runny noses I wiped on Friday are cleared up for tomorrow. Or at least that the parents will bring some meds if they aren't. ugh

Well, even with my 2 hour nap, I'm I'm off to bed. My alarm is going to ring WAY too early and I have a feeling I'm not going to want to get up. I love weekends!

~bye bye my fair friend, see you again in 5 days...
I'll be thinking of you every day until we meet again~
OH and...GO COLTS!! 12-0
Colts 35
Titans 3

December 2, 2005


I have nothing to blog about, but since I have time, I feel I should blog something so...I'll just tell you about my last couple of days.

Yesterday...not much happened. I had 5 daycare kids here. It was a normal daycare day. It snowed huge snow flakes around 8am. It stuck a little, but then melted by noon. We had hand bell practice in the evening. The kids are getting ready for their program which will be on Sunday Dec. 11. so we are making the final adjustments. The kids are doing hand bells as well as singing 2 songs. In one song "Celebrate the Child" there are two solo parts. We hadn't filled those parts yet, so last night our children's pastor had all the kids on the stage and announced that they would fill those solo parts. She told the kids who did NOT want a solo to sit down. All sat down but 6. I was looking at sheet music and wasn't paying attention but heard her say they would split the two verses up and 3 kids could sing the first verse and the other 3 could sing the second. So, the song starts and I look up, the kids are singing the first verse, get to the chorus and who grabs a TAYLOR!! Mr. Doesn't Say a Word in Public EVER!! is going to sing one of the verses? He's going to actually hold a mic and sing into it in front of our whole church. OH MY GOSH...NO WAY!! I was shocked but brimming with excitement. I couldn't wait for Tyler's class to get over so when he came in I could tell him that his brother actually took a singing part in the program. I was grinning ear to ear. I also told his brother that if he made fun of him I would ground him for FOREVER plus one day!!! So, practice is over and we get in the car and I get all proud mommylike and start in on the "I'm SO proud of you Taylor", "I am so excited", "I can't believe you took a part", etc... Well...this is what really happened...Taylor was by some noisy kids and didn't hear our children's pastor say to sit down so he just kept standing there and Ooops, got a part. Of course him being so SHY he didn't dare speak up and say he didn't want a part, so he took it. LOL I said to him, "Oh well, we have the cd so get practicing" And we did TODAY!! He'll be fine and I'll be right up front with them since I am leading the bells, so he shouldn't have any problems. Actually I think it will be very good for him.

Today.... was another normal daycare day except for the fact that my little ones are all getting colds and I had to wipe noses about 1,000 times today. Oh and I had one little one who was horribly whiney all morning, acting like he was either sick or tired or both and I had to figure it out myself because his mom couldn't bother to tell me anything at drop off. I found out from dad tonight at pick up that he didn't sleep last night. Ohhhhh ok, well that must have been why he was trying to go to sleep on me at 9am and wanted to be held all morning and would cry everytime I'd try to put him down! Hmmm, wonder why he just didn't tell me what was wrong, I mean he IS 16 months old, he should be able to let me know what's going on, don't ya think? I guess I'm going to have to start giving mom the third degree every morning. All daycare parents are like that and I don't understand it, but oh well, there are a lot of things I don't understand about them. And there's probably many things about me that they can't understand. Sounds like a normal relationship to me!!
Tonight we went to Blockbuster...didn't have the movie we wanted...go figure! Then we ran through McDonald's and came home. Now I am sitting here bored and just happy with the thought that I do not have to get up in the morning. Of course I'll be wide awake by 8am, it's Sunday that I'll want to sleep in. That's always the way it works. Sunday I am greeting at church so we have to be up and be there early.
Other than that, I have no plans for this weekend. Jealous? Ya, didn't think so.

~happy weekend~