May 26, 2005

Ok, just this one time...

Well...I guess there is a first time for everything... our Braves lost tonight! But not by much...10-7. The other team was good. Finally, someone we could compete with! I was actually on the edge of my seat at times. It was a great game and they did so good. Both teams played hard and it was a good challenge for us. Taylor got to play third base and actually made the first run for the team tonight! Go #4!!!! We have a whole week before we have to play again. We'll get 'em next time!! :o)

Not much else is happening here in our "cottage"... Mom has an interview tomorrow. (Crossing our fingers) Her last day on the job she's at now will be Saturday. Let's hope she can find something quickly. Dad is still working away at the morgage company and working pt at the Muncie church still. The boys are getting too big...but I say that every day. I'm still doing daycare...and I'm not legally mental yet. LOL

A quick prayer request...Tonight the boys were outside and came running in saying police cars were going real fast by our house. So, I went out to see if I could see anything, and saw a fire truck and about 2 or 3 ambulances go by down the street. Of course being the nosey people we are, we drove down to where they were and all we could see was a huge crowd of people, a truck and a scooter laying by the road. They had the road closed off but we could see an ambulance opened and one of those boards out...we saw them putting a little body on it. I'm guessing that a child was on his/her scooter and got hit by a vehicle? I don't know, but I sure hope whoever they are, they're ok. What a terrible way to start out your summer vacation!

Well, that's all for now!! I wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

May 21, 2005

Braves Do It Again!

We just keep winning and winning...
The Braves did it again today -
now we are 4-0.
The last two games have been called because of the rain.
Today Taylor struck out his first time up, but hit a double the next time up and
got to first his last time up.
He also got to be the catcher today.
He'll hate me for saying this, but he was so cute with all his gear on.
I was "snack mom" today. We took a cooler with mini Sierra Mists
and handed out bags with suckers, gum and a Star Crunch.
They all seemed to really like our snack.
Mom is out mowing the lawn, dad just went to get us lunch, the kids
are playing with "Carter" their newfound frog and I'm enjoying the a/c.
Later we have to make a trip out to Walmart and might stop
and see the race cars at Meijers. Tyler got to go with Grandpa yesterday so
today will be Taylor's turn. I guess they get to sit in a real Indy car and
they have computers hooked up to them and you get to "drive" them.
Tyler got free t-shirts yesterday.
That's about all my new news for now.
~Have a Blessed Weekend~
Don't forget to visit God's house tomorrow!

May 16, 2005

My Reba Weekend

It's Monday.....ugh!
I'm not ready for the weekend to be over yet!

We had such a great time!! My aunt Gail and cousin Jeremy from W. Va. got here Friday afternoon. We went to Subway for lunch, got it to go, and took it out to where my mom works and sat and talked to her for a bit. Then we went home, got ready and Jer and I left around 5pm for the concert. We got there early and walked around. We were a little disappointed in the VIP tent. They only had chips, popcorn and drinks. We didn't get anything there. Instead we got pretzels and drinks from one of the vendors. We did get to visit the Habitat For Humanity tent. We got some free necklaces and signed up for a new Whirlpool washer and dryer. Then we went and found our seats. We got there and had to stand in line for about 10 minutes, then they started letting people in... We were at the back and we just kept walking and walking and walking down towards the front...I was SO excited! We were 7 rows from the front and the way our seats were curved it seemed even closer. It was great!! Terri Clark performed first and she did real good. Then Brad Paisley came out. He did real good too, but was a little long. FINALLY Reba came out! She was awesome!!! She's a great performer and sounds even better in person! She did a great show and we had so much fun, even through the rain. It was worth it!!! Now I must take a moment to tell you that I have one of the best cousins in the world....He bought the tickets and they weren't cheap! Thank you Jer, for a great night!! I will never forget it!!! :o) I owe you a concert!! Or something!!! We'll figure something out! ;o)

It rained quite a bit this weekend, but we had a great time. We were pretty tired Saturday but managed to get our pictures developed, do some shopping and go out to a great Mexcian restaurant for lunch. We decided to just order pizza for dinner and rent a movie. The movie wasn't good at all...I won't mention any names...but anything with the word "Aquatic" in it's title... you may want to pass it up. Sunday we went to Muncie to church and went to Red Lobster for lunch! It was Yummy!!! Thanks aunt Gail for our lunch!!!! :o) Sunday afternoon we spent shopping....we went to the outlet mall but most of the stores were closed. We stopped at Old Navy and they were having some good sales! Our favorite sno cone stand was opened so we had to stop there and try a new flavor. Then we got home, played Uno Attack, ate some left over pizza and watched some tv. We were all tired and went to bed early. We got up today, went out for lunch, then aunt Gail and Jer were off and headed back down south. The kids and I went grocery shopping and came home. Now I need to get the house cleaned for daycare tomorrow and get caught up on some of the laundry.
It was a great weekend but went by too fast!

~Have a great week!~

May 12, 2005

Go Braves!

We won again...we're 3-0!
Not bad considering in years past Taylor has gotten on the worst teams
in the league. lol I think it's time that we get to cheer for the winning team.
It was close tonight too, one of those games that is down to the winning point!
We were in the top of the 5th and the score was 6-1. The other team managed to get 5 runs that inning, so we had to play. We got a run and it was over. It was great! The other two games have been landslides. The only thing that wasn't too fun about this game was the weather. It was a freezing 55 degrees. We had our hoods up and blankets on.
Our next game is Saturday. I hope the weather is a little nicer.
On the "move"'s a NO GO.
Of course I found this out after all my sad good-byes at co-op today.
I guess there's some pretty shady things going on in that church and even the DS wasn't aware of it. I will give him credit though, he called my dad as soon as he found out what has been going on to see if he wanted to change his mind about coming.
I am so thankful that we found this out now and God spared my father from going into a bad situation! I never really "felt" the move anyway but thought I was probably just in denial. Guess not.
Just a few hours to go for Reba, Terri and Brad. This time tomorrow, it will be almost over.
I have a feeling we're going to be very cold at this concert.
I doubt Reba will be in her little tanks she usually wears.
I am going prepared! And taking the camera!! :o)
I hope I get some good pics.
That's it for tonight!
Please pray for my family who is traveling up from W. Va. tomorrow.
~Sweet Dreams~

May 11, 2005

Finally, I'm here again!

OH my gosh, after DAYS of trying to figure out how to get back on here...finally I'm here! Wow ~ we have alot going on...

I guess the biggest news is the MOVE that will be happening soon.
We're going back to Michigan. Saginaw to be exact.
I don't know all the details yet, but I'll be sure to let you know.

Taylor started baseball last month and had his first game last Thursday. They won!
I think it was 13-3 or something like that! He had his second game on Saturday and they won again, 15-4 (? not real sure)... grandpa had to take him as I was home sick with the stomach flu. The whole family had it all weekend, except for Tyler. He says it's because he's a vegetarian. LOL We still do not know where he got that, we are all meat eaters in this family. Oh well, maybe there's some truth to it... He is a healthy boy!

Now that I have my password back and can get back into my blog, I will update this more often and let you know what's going on in our lives.

OH yes...and how can I forget....REBA....THIS FRIDAY!!! We got great seats and VIP passes!
It's going to be so fun! I can't wait!

Have a great Wednesday!!