November 21, 2007

I'd Do It Differently

You always hear parents of older children or grown children say if they knew then what they know now... they would have done things differently.

Some people say they wouldn't have disciplined their children as much, or would have disciplined them more. Some say they would have let their children do more things away from home, or should have done things more as a family. Other say they shouldn't have made such a big deal about their son wanting to grow his hair long, or their daughter wanting to wear the clothes SHE wanted to wear.

But what about moms like me who are saying "I would have done things differently IF I would have been better informed!" What about moms like me, who were not aware of all the damage vaccines could do to their children, or rather their newborns. This is one of those "I'd do things differently" things that is not fair, because I was not informed and now my child may be living with an chronic illness that could have been prevented.

The more I read about vaccines and the problems they're causing, the more I become concerned and honestly, MAD. I understand that my children are 13 and 10 and that this wasn't much of a concern to parents (or if it was, it wasn't talked about very much) back then, but I wonder what I would have decided if it would have been.

I wonder if T2 would have allergies and asthma if he wouldn't have gotten those shots in the hospital when he was only hours old. And what about all the shots he got before his little growing body turned 2? Is he having to suffer because I was not informed? Maybe there wasn't enough research? I don't know, I'd like to use that as an excuse, but we're talking 10 years ago, not 50.

How do I feel about vaccines? I'm not against them. I believe in them. But I believe that I should have the choice as to when I want my child to get them. If I would have known better, I would have waited. I would have delayed them.

In the past, when I have seen things online, or in the news about vaccines, I never really gave it much thought because my kids were older, they've already had them and they seem fine. But then I read this and this the other day.

There was special concern about mercury in childhood vaccines because, as of 1991, the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) had recommended that all newborn babies receive their first hepatitis B vaccine at 12 hours of age and again at one month of age. Hepatitis B vaccine, along with DPT, DTaP and Hib vaccines given at two months, four months and six months of age all contained mercury.

Wow, that's a lot of junk being shot into an infant who is only hours, days and months old! And how nice that both my children were born in the 90's. I have to wonder if my babies were given shots in the hospital. I am going to have to look that up, because I don't really remember, but I would say that they were. I would also venture to say that I was never asked about it, they were just taken away and it was done.

I know I'm late on this... there's been TONS of info flying around blogland for years. I guess it just hit me the other day when I was once again wondering to myself why my poor son has to endure something like asthma.

We haven't given up yet. We heard about a great chiropractor that just moved his practice nearby and hopefully we can get an appointment on Monday. He's very much into all natural foods, alternative health care choices and healing the body from within. He suppose to be able to help with asthma. Let's pray.

I hope someday I get to bring another child or two into the world... if so, you can bet I WILL do it differently.

November 15, 2007

I Just Couldn't Hang...

See, it's been 5 days... I knew I couldn't do the "nablopomo" thing. :)

So what's been happening in Mama T's life... not much. Just busy with work, the kids' schooling, helping my dad find a job, getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping!!! All that fun stuff.
I miss my vacation! I am slowly becoming stressed out again. It's the job! I swear... and I'm not even going to go there because I'm just trying to be thankful I even have a job right now!
Tonight we are having a birthday party for my puppy Andy. He is 7 years old today. He LOVES pizza. He's a pizza freak. If you bring it into the house, he goes crazy. So, every year on his b-day we order pizza for dinner and he gets a piece. And of course he'll have some presents to open too. Cause he loves to take his paws and open presents. It's cute, it's adorable, and yes, I do know I need mental help.
I feel BLAH today. Nothing is making me happy and I feel depressed and claustrophobic in this house. Too many people. The weather is horrible, very chilly, about 38 degrees. Yesterday it was beautiful and warm. I think we need to move to Florida. This back and forth of nice and nasty makes me crazy.
Gotta watch CSI tonight... Sara is leaving. Sad.
Happy Birthday Andy!

November 10, 2007

Happy Loser Here

Well, at least I made it 8 days in a row. Sorry people, I tried, but I have this thing called a life. It involves having kids and working and kids and homeschooling and kids. Soooo, I'm out... I missed a day.

Last night the kids and I rented "Deck the Halls" (good movie btw) and we watched it together, as a family. And after the movie, I fell asleep. I guess I could have sat at the computer blogging while the movie was on, but instead I chose to cuddle under the blankets on the couch with my kids.

So... I did not blog yesterday which means I am not worthy of NaBloPoMo. Sure, when I got up early this morning I could have quickly made a post and changed the time, but really, if I'm going to hell for lyin', it's gonna be for something MUCH bigger than this!!!

I read some people's blogs and I wonder if their kids get an attention at all... they're so worried about winning first place in frivolous contests and making plans to speak at Blogher, that I wonder if reality will ever set in.

I don't have anything against Blogher or the contests. I guess for me, blogging is such a small part of my life that those things seem trivial. I don't ever want to have to tell my kids I was sorry for not watching that movie with them when they were young, because "mommy was trying to get a cheap award to put on her blog".

I'm going back to blogging for FUN. The way it should be. Good luck to everyone else though!

November 8, 2007


Ok. This is hard! I want off the ride! This is too much pressure to blog every day. I don't know what to talk about and it's almost midnight... yikes.

I'm feeling better and I feel I must apologize for the "allergy" post because I think maybe someone reads this. It's all good if you do. I wasn't mad at you or anything. Just more concerned about your daughter!! No biggie!

I am SO glad tomorrow is Friday!! I do not have anything planned but hopefully something will come up because I don't want to sit at home all weekend!

Oh, my shihtzu has decided she's too good for dog food, so I am now making her scrambled eggs each night. I have to mix it with her dog food for her to eat it.

That is seriously all I have for today.

November 7, 2007

This Is Great!

Brit Loses To The Eagles - #1 on the billboard. Yippee!

I'm so happy! Not only because I can't stand Britney Spears, but because I just bought the Eagle's CD last week. Shhh, it's a Christmas gift for my dad.

November 6, 2007

NaBloPoMo Tagged - 6 Things

Six things you don't know about me:

  1. I say I'm all "crunchy" but we eat McDonald's at least twice a week. (Hey, the McRib is back!!)
  2. I want another baby, but I don't ever want to be pregnant again.
  3. My pant size is 6, my shoe size is 5 and my ring size is 4. My attention span is probably 3.
  4. I spend way too much time thinking about "what ifs".
  5. I've only been in one physical fight in my life and that was in 3rd grade. The girl stole my Bonne Bell lip gloss and wouldn't give it back. I think it was cotton candy flavored.
  6. I'm allergic to the smell of grease.

Thanks Christy, you made today's post easy! :)

November 5, 2007

This Is Hard!

Only 5 days in and I want to go home. Posting every day is hard people! I don't have much. My life is not very exciting. So this is all I have...

Why in the world do the Patriots (who won) have to be babies? Oh my gosh, you won, get over it. Move on. Be happy. Go back to New England and cry to your mommies. Sorry that our Colts fans are TRUE fans. Sorry we had the home advantage. Why don't you just say Colts fans are big mouths instead of claiming we cheat.

You want to talk about cheating... go in your locker room, replay the game and watch!

November 4, 2007

Here It Is

*Colts lost. But played a great game. Nothing to be ashamed of.

*I'm sick. Daycare kid who only had "allergies" was coughing all over everyone Friday. Hmm, I must have "allergies" now too.

That's all I've got.

November 3, 2007

It's Not That I Don't Have Anything

I have lots to say... just no time to say it and not sure how to put it anyway. So many thoughts go rattling around when you know you have to post.

Anyway, I'm getting ready to head out of town in a few minutes. I'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully in time to watch the Colts beat New England. Go Colts!! It should be an on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of game.

And... Hello, Indy? Could we ever possibly get a Sonic restaurant? If not, could you please stop showing the commercials? Thanks.

So, what brilliant things should I leave you to think about... Umm, well, how about Iran and what effect the next President could have on us not doing the right thing as far as all their nuclear plants go. Is Hillary willing to continue going to war to keep our country safe? What about Mr. Huckabee? Guiliani? Romney? I think this is an important issue.

Talk amongst yourselves.

November 2, 2007

So Much For Being Nice

It's rare that I get to show my nice/generous side when it comes to money and my job. After 7 years of providing child care in my home, I do not let things slide like I use to.

I got the "short end of the stick" quite a few times when I first started out. Then a couple of years went by and I realized... HEY! I'm a single mom, I've got two small children and whatever money I get screwed out of, essentially gets taken away from my kids. And it stopped and I became very aware of the fact that I was not taking care of these children for free and if you want child care, you have to pay for it.

Well... I have a single daycare mom who is having some financial issues right now. She is contracted to bring her daughter on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and she has to pay for those days whether or not her child attends daycare. If she wants to add a Monday or Friday, she has to pay extra for that, even if her daughter doesn't attend daycare on any of the other days she's contracted for.

Well, her daughter did not attend daycare on any of her contracted days this week, but she needed daycare today. Normally, she would have had to pay for her 3 contracted days, plus more for bringing her on a noncontracted day.

When I was thinking about this last night, I decided that I would tell her to forget about paying for today and that I understood she was going through a hard time, so this week, I'd just give her the day for free. I was actually a little excited thinking about getting to play "Miss. Nice and Generous" for once. (Insert warm fuzzies here)

You what stinks? When people don't even give you the chance to be nice or generous. The daycare mom came in today and paid me for the week, minus what the charge would have been for today. Basically, I guess she just assumed she wouldn't have to pay it (or decided she wasn't going to pay it), and that really irritates me. And the thing is, she didn't even ask about it. She just assumed I'd take what she gave me when she knows that under normal circumstances, she would have owed extra for the day. She knows this because this is not the first week she's needed extra days.

Oh well, little does she know, I was feeling so good about feeling all nice and generous this week, that I was actually thinking about reducing her weekly rate and not making her pay for all three days unless she actually needed them.

Unfortunately, I think "Miss. Nice and Generous" may have left the building. And from what I hear, she doesn't make these kinds of visits often.

November 1, 2007

New Template and Halloween Pics

Thanks T1 for the great new template... I love it! And yes, son... we can count it as school work. :) Isn't it B. E. A. utiful?!?!

You know what ruins Halloween... teenagers. Seriously, if you're over 12 or can DRIVE yourself to trick or treat, you really should reconsider. Especially if you're not even going to take the time to dress up. How lame is that?! What's even more lame than not dressing up... telling whoever is passing out the candy WHICH candy you'd like exactly. Ummm, beggars can't be choosers... especially when they're too lazy to put on a mask.

Ok, I'll be nice now and in all fairness... there were some teenage girls who MAY have been dressed up as "street walkers" or perhaps "massage parlor associates"??? I don't know but a huge part of me thinks they may just dress this way every day of the year. Sad.

Anyway... here's some pics. Like my "little old man"... he's only 10. Notice his 13 year old bro is not in the pictures. Well, that would be because my son gave up trick or treating (on his own!) 2 years ago. His last year of going out was when he was 11. Enough said. He did carve a pumpkin though, cause you're never too old to do that!

Oh yeah... and if you'll take a look over to my sidebar, you'll notice I'm doing the NoBloPoMo thing. Which basically means you're stuck with me for the whole month. A brand new rant... every. single. day. Aren't you lucky.