October 30, 2005

13.5 Hours Left

Of my 4 day weekend....whaaaaaa!

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I will have 5 kiddos here. It's always a little scary when you have new children starting, because you never know how well, or not well they will do. But, I'm happy for the new kids and the income they will bring. They seem like very well behaved kids, so hopefully things will go well. Plus, I know that it may be a little difficult due to their situation.

I was suppose to have another interview today and ended up calling and canceling. I felt bad and explained to the mom why I couldn't take him and that her hours would effect my daycare kids' normal naptime. She was very very nice and said she understood. Then asked if I may be able to take him every now and then during the day. I said I could. Then she mentioned that he usually stays with his grandparents and sometimes they just need time off and that they watch him at night too and she was trying to give them a break at that time. So, I mentioned that if they could bring him at a later time and not during nap, I could watch him the days she needed. She asked her mom and they thought that it would work. She was really super nice and I think she'd be a great mom to work for. She is suppose to come over tomorrow morning. I hope it works out.

Ok, so I thought that I would be a great mom and plan something fun for us to do today, so I planned to take the kids to see "Wallace and Gromit". We haven't been to the movies forever so I thought it would be fun. Well, I decided to keep it a secret and drive them crazy trying to guess where we were going. And it did drive them crazy. They were begging me and asking me for hints. I gave them some and they never even guessed going to the movies. So, we are almost there and I ask if they want to know, they say yes, so I tell them. I got a big sigh from them. They didn't want to go. BRATS!! lol Well, they did want to go, but they didn't want to see THAT movie. Well, neither did I really, but I would have sat through all 94 minutes of it for them. So... we didn't go. We ended up at WALMART...and the funny thing about that is that they were begging to go to Toys R Us earlier because "we never go anywhere but walmart". So, we ended up there. Tyler didn't even get anything, but Taylor used his $15 ($10 for tomorrow instead of trick or treating and $5 for cleaning up the back yard). He got a John Deere dump truck and 2 bags of farm animals. LOL Yes, farm animals...and for only 88 cents per bag. You can't beat that. The only problem is the cows are smaller than the pigs. I picked up milk for the daycare and a 4-pack of Starbucks frappuccino for me. I need something to comfort me tomorrow and since I don't drink (at least not yet-lol) I'll stick to my Starbucks. Then we ran through Burger King (this is in a different town from my incident last weekend), rented "Herbie Fully Loaded" and came home.

Ok, so see if you're smart...play this game I found a couple days ago.
Here is the link: http://www.gamesloth.com/games/crimsonroom.html
It took me two days, but I figured it out. And just a hint...it's all about pointing and clicking!! I'll just start you out with this one, then we'll move on to harder games. Like Dr. Stanley's House...ok, how high of and IQ do you have to have to figure these games out??

Well, I'm off to get this house cleaned up before tomorrow.

~have a great new week~

October 28, 2005

Trying AGAIN....

Ok, so this is the 3rd time today that I have tried to post to this blog. The 2 prior are floating somewhere out in cyberspace. So...for the 3rd time, I will try to update anyone who reads this blog on what is going on with us.

I got another call for daycare kids and they are starting Monday. YAY! But...I'm having a hard time being too excited. The reason they need daycare is because the mom is too sick to care for them. The mom called on Monday, set up an interview for her husband and he came over Monday night. Things went well and he said he would call me. (She was too sick to come.) Well, Wednesday I got a call from him, mom had been admitted to the hospital and they needed daycare asap. So he stopped by and got all the forms and paid his enrollment fee and they will be coming Monday morning.
I guess the doctors can't figure out exactly what is wrong with the mom and she's had all kinds of tests. How very sad to not be able to take care of your own children. They are 2 yrs (boy) and 4 yrs (girl) and they are adorable! I feel so sorry for them. They have my heart already!! I'm sure they'll get a lot of extra attention here. I plan on visiting mom in the hospital next weekend if she's still there. I mean, wouldn't you want to meet the person who was caring for your children? I plan to take lots of pictures of her kids this week and have them do come crafts and coloring pages to give to her. And I'll probably take her some flowers or something. I just want to meet her and reassure her that I will take great care of her kids and her job is to just get better! It has to be breaking her heart to be laying in that hospital not being able to be with her kids and not knowing what's wrong with her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

I got another call for a 3 yo little boy and they need care 2 days a week from 1:30pm-10:30pm. I'm not too sure about this one. Only because of the hours. If they drop off at 1:30 that is right in the middle of our naptime and I'm sure with them having to come in the front door right by the daycare room, it will wake everyone up. That will make for some very grouchy kiddos in the afternoons. Then, I'll have him until 10:30 and I've been going to bed around 10:00 so, I'm not sure it this one will work or not. I'm suppose to meet mom on Sunday , so I'll at least talk to her and see what we can work out. I told her my normal rate, but I think I may raise it because of the hours. I guess I could do it until Christmas for some extra cash.

I have had the last two days off and it's been great!!! I took the daycare kids to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday and got them each a little pumpkin to take home. It was fun, but I was worn out by the time we got home. I'm not used to having to get little ones ready and going out with them. It's exhausting!! My boys can get their own shoes on, get in the car themselves, get buckled up themselves....easy!!!

Well, I broke down and cancelled Taylor appointment with the allergist! There are many reasons why I decided not to go that route, but mainly, I just don't think sitting for 3 hours, having pins stuck in his back and then having it itch like crazy was going to be something my son was going to be too happy about. Plus, even if they did find out what he was allergic to exactly, what are they going to do but send us home with more prescriptions?? And he doesn't need any more prescriptions, he has enough sitting up in the cupboard! So, I think we are going to go back to the lady at the health store and see what she can do. She can do a muscle test and give him something natural to take care of it. He's not on breathing treatments, nor has he ever had one. It was his pediatrician that said he had asthma and that was just at a routine office visit, he wasn't actually having one. Plus, it's never been bad enough that we've had to rush him to the hospital or anything like that, so I'm not real worried about it. He just gets coughing and wheezes. The lady at the Health store said she thinks he has a build up of yeast in his system and she has something natural that he could take a tsp. of daily and it would get rid of it. I guess we'll see what happens. I can always call the allergist back and reschedule. I would just rather take a more natural route and see if that clears it up first. I don't want my kids to be prescription junkies...I'm so against un-needed meds it's not funny. If people would eat right, exercise, take their vitamins and live a healthier life, most meds would not be needed. But then, the poor doctors wouldn't be making all that money! Awww, what a shame!
And I'm not bashing the medical profession...but excuse me, when pharmaceutical companies hand out trips and things for the most prescribed medication to the doctors who are prescribing it, I think at that point it's more of a selling point thing that has them prescribe that medication.
I didn't need zoloft, but I was prescribed it because it was an easy fix. So, I went on it for 18 mos., had my head in a fog the whole time, didn't really care what happened, wanted to sleep all the time and gained 30 pound that I still can't get off (not that I've tried real hard). When all I really needed was to get out of the bad relationship I was in, have a little support from friends and family, and start eating better and get some exercise. I could go on, but I won't bore you!!

Besides, it's Friday night, I'm hungry and we're heading out to meet my mom for dinner.

~have a great weekend~

October 21, 2005

Why Do I Go Out?!?

OK, so my kids and I had to run out to Blockbuster to take a movie back...we decide on the way home that we would run through Burger King real quick, so we pull in and the big menu is a few feet from the speaker so we stop and I'm looking at the menu. All of a sudden this guy in a black truck pulls up behind me, honking for me to move up. So, I move up. I have my window down to order so I can hear him cussing me out. I mean this guy was ticked...cussing and being all loud and it wasn't like I was just sitting there and not moving, he came driving up honking. So I'm just sitting there and couldn't even read the menu at this point because I'm wondering if this guy is going to get out of his truck and come up to my window. He was going off at me!
And in this drive thru, there is a curb thing that runs all the way along the side of it, so there was no way for me to drive away. So the guy inside asks for my order and I'm still sitting there wondering what the heck is going on and I'm trying to ask my kids what they want and the guy in the truck is yelling *f* this and *f* that...so by now, I'm starting to get a little annoyed myself and I stick my head out my window and look back to which he screams out "what the *f* are you looking at!" Ok...At this point anyone who knows me knows that I probably would have gone off, refused to move any further and probably most likely would have called 911 on my cell. This guy was not just ticked, he was furious (for what, I still have NO idea). But, there was something about him that actually had me pretty scared so I told him to just back up and let me out. He looked at me, shook his head no and said "*f* you". Oh my gosh...now I was stuck in this drive thru with no way out, there was probably at least 2 other cars in front of me and I had no way to leave and get away from this psyco. So, I just calmly put my head out the window and said "if you move back and let me out, you can get in front of me and then it will be your turn." At this point I was ready to start crying, I just wanted out of the line. Well, he looked at me again and I thought for sure I was in for more cussing and thought he may even get out of his truck. (This guy was mad about something, I mean furiously mad) but when I asked, he seemed to almost have some compassion for a second, he didn't say anything , just threw his truck in reverse and let me out. He probably knew I was about ready to start bawling.
I swear, I'm not usually a baby in these situations. I've had a few other "public incidents" and I'm not one to back down. Mainly because I'm never the one who starts these things and that really ticks me off. I mean, I've never gotten into a physical fight or had the cops called or anything, but when people get nasty with me, I've been known to let them know what I think about it. Not that that's a good thing, but anyway...we ended up going to Arby's across the street. I'm sure the food was a little healthier (maybe). The kids were saying they hoped they gave him the wrong order. LOL I was just glad to be away from him. I was literally shaking by then. So, that's my exciting news for the weekend. Some days it doens't pay to leave the house!

~be careful in drive-thrus!~

When did it get so cold?!

Brrrrr I am freezing! The weather channel says it's 46/feels like 41...I say it's 41/feels like 32!! Plus it's raining, so it's that wet cold, which feels even colder! I decided to break down and turn the heat on. Of course now I'm breathing in all the nasty dust from not using the furnace for almost 6 months. Guess I should get that cleaned out sometime huh. Hmm, I guess having a husband would be good for some things. lol

We have no plans this weekend, at least not any big exciting plans. Just church on Sunday and some shopping. Tomorrow I need to take the kids to Good Will to find some old flannel shirts and whatever else we can find to add to their Halloween costumes. They have their masks and now need to find the rest. Then I need to go to the bank and take out a loan to get all the candy we will need for trick or treaters. We always have tons! Of course we live in a huge kid-friendly subdivision and because of that, I think everyone in our town comes here to trick or treat! I just hope it's not too cold! The last few years we've been lucky, but we all know with Indiana weather, that can change at any time!


October 19, 2005

Wednesday's Website

Ok, so I forgot last week...forgive me. So, this is the game plan...I pick a site or blog and rate it for you, my adoring fans.

Today I am picking a blog, and it comes to us all the way from Fairmont, West Virgina from my cousin and yours...Jeremy M. He LOVES Reba and has a Reba Blog. Here is the link... http://spaces.msn.com/members/rebaworld/

Of course I am giving this blog an "A+"!! And not just because it is owned by cousin, but because it really deserves an "A+". I know he spends a lot of time on this blog, and not just because he has no life (just kiddin) but because he truly wants to make it a great blog with as much information about Reba as possible. Plus he changes it and updates it frequently. If you visit this wonderful blog, please go to the map and mark it for him. He would appreciate it.

October 17, 2005

Is It Monday Again?!

I dislike Mondays! Especially cold Mondays! Especially when Taylor gets me up at 4:30am and I can't get back to sleep until 6:15 and then my alarm goes off at 6:30. I don't consider myself a lazy person, but I sure wish I could still be laying in my warm bed right now!

Speaking of Taylor getting me up. I am considering cancelling the appointment with the allergist. The more I've heard, the more I just can't see making my son go through 3 hours of allergy testing only for them to hand me more prescriptions. Plus my mom heard from two woman at work that it does hurt to get poked with the needles. But, I have a friend who has had it done and she says it doesn't really hurt and her 2 yo son has had it done and although he didn't like being held down, it didn't seem to really hurt him. I guess it all depends on your pain tolerance. The woman at the health food store can do muscle testing and tell me the same thing in only an hour. Plus, she can give us something natural to solve the problem. I'm going to do some research online about both today and see what I come up with. I may call the lady at The Nature Shop and ask her more about the muscle testing and see how much it costs.

Yesterday my mom, the boys and I went up to my Aunt Lanette's new farm house in Michigan for a little family get together. It is beautiful. When they bought it, it was just a pile of junk with the windows broke out and the inside was a disaster. Her and her boyfriend are fixing it up and it's looking real good!! There ended up being 17 people there. Half of which I didn't really know, but it was fun to get to know them better. My mom's aunts where there. They are so sweet. Her Aunt Betty, who is 83, still likes to dress young. It's cute. She had this huge ring with all these diamonds that wrapped all the way around the band and when we were sitting outside on the deck, the sun would hit it and it would literally blind you, lol...we kept calling her Betty Bling Bling. LOL My mom's other aunt, Aunt Margaret was there too. She's real sweet! She's 73 and her and her husband still go out on their motorcycle. LOL She told us yesterday that they've made it into a tri-cycle now because she's been thrown off too many times. lol My aunt's boyfriend took Taylor out on his tractor and let him steer...Taylor was in heaven. That's all he could talk about the rest of the day and trip home. I can't wait to get the pictures! It was a very enjoyable day! We don't have extended family get togethers very often, so it was nice to see family I never get to see. We will be going back up there for Christmas with just my mom's family. That will be fun! And it only took us 2 hrs and 15 minutes to get there, so it's a very easy trip.

Kyle has IMed me a couple times, so I guess he wasn't totally repulsed by me. lol
I just didn't get a feel that he was really that into me, so I guess we'll see what happens. He was just kind of quiet and didn't seem too excited to be there. I felt bad because there wasn't really anything to do where I live and we didn't have a lot of time. So now his IMs are very quick and then he always has to go.

That's pretty much it for today so far! The daycare kids are here and I've already given them breakfast. My boys should be getting up soon and I'll have to do breakfast again. And people wonder why I hate being in the kitchen so much! I'm in there ALL the time. Cooking, cleaning up, cooking again, cleaning up again....that's all I do ALL day. UGH I wish Alice would move back in, I guess she likes it better over at that house with all those kids...especially the youngest one in curls...LOL! When I was little, I used to wish I was Cindy Brady and I lived in the Brady Bunch house with a bunch of brothers and sisters, I guess that's because I am an only child!

Let's do a little FAMILY TV TRIVIA... Which most describes your family?
A. The Brady Bunch (mixed family)
B. Roseanne (blue collar family)
C. Family Ties (hippy parents)
D. Reba (divorced family with annoying new wife)
E. Eight is Enough (huge family)
F. 7th Heaven (religious family)
G. The Cosby Show (well to do, but fun family)
Can you think of any others? Leave a comment and let me know! :o)

~have a great week~

October 15, 2005

Date Night

So I had my date with Kyle (the farmer) last night. It was a rushed thing because he already had plans with his friends. We just wanted to meet since we had spent the whole week talking on the phone and online. So we knew we didn't have a lot of time, but I think that almost made it easier because neither of us were committed to a long first date. We went up to a coffee shop called Jammin Java. We sat at a table outside. It was nice out, but a little chilly. They usually have live bands up there but because of the highschool football games, they've stopped doing it on Friday nights. I may take the kids up there tonight to hear whoever they have playing. It will give us something to do. Back to Kyle...well, I can't say that sparks flew and that I fell instantly in love...but he is nice and has manners. He opened his truck door for me both times I got in. I haven't had that done in a long time. I like that! Oh ya, the truck...BIG ford diesel. The boys heard him pull up and ran to the window. Taylor went crazy. (Taylor is obsessed with trucks, tractors, any kind of farm equipment , etc.) Of course that's the first thing they (the boys) wanted to know about when I got home..."What was the truck like"...and that followed with "Did you kiss?!" Well, the truck was cool...and NO we did not kiss! lol It's so fun dating when you have 8 and 11 yr old boys. :o)
So anyway...I like him and would probably go out with him again but like I said, it wasn't love at first sight. lol I guess we'll see what he thought if he calls me today!
Oh, did I mention I was home by 9:30...Darn! I missed Reba!

October 11, 2005

These Boots are Made for Walking....

I LOVE these!!!
Ohhhhh Santa......

Muffins Anyone?

Here is a not so great pic of Tyler and I, but it works...I'm still learning this whole uploading thing. It's a miracle I was able to get this pic up. I really need a new digital camera...mine is not working well at all and half my pictures don't even turn out. There is also something wrong with the battery. It won't stay charged.

Anyway...also letting you know that I did not meet the farmer last night. It just wasn't going to work out for me to leave and I really didn't have anything to do with my kids. So, maybe Friday...that is what we're shooting for.

Going to make chocolate chip muffins now! It's cold here and I need something warm and chocolatey!!!

~have a great tuesday!~

October 10, 2005


I'm thanking God it's Monday, because it's one more day I have here on earth...but wishing it was Friday!! Why do weekends fly by so fast? And why can't I sleep in on Saturdays? Why am I always wide awake and ready to get up, but then on Sunday mornings when I have to get up for church, my bed is so comfortable and I'm in just the right position for perfect sleep!? Is that a joke? Or is it just one of God's way to help make us stronger by making ourselves get up and go to church like good people? Could be...have you ever noticed that on the days you stay in bed, you usually feel worse and end up wasting the whole day but when you get up and go to church, you usually feel better because you went?!

Ok...so I now have met 2 more guys that I am talking to...one lives about 1 hr away and the other lives only about 20 minutes away. The one works, but I don't know where and the other is a farmer... OMGosh I always wanted a farmer! Seriously!! I told my mom that a couple years ago and she laughed and told me if I was a farmers wife, I better learn how to cook and learn how to cook big meals... for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The one that lives far away...not the farmer....has 2 kids, age 3 and 4. Hmmmm, that's something to think about! Would I really want kids that age? Probably not. OH and another tidbit...the farmer...is only 27. I know- I know- I know. Robbing the cradle! But, honestly he seems so much more mature than the other one who is 31 and has children. Besides, with all my requirements that they have to meet just to even get the first date with me...I don't think I can write off 5 years difference. lol So, we are suppose to meet tonight for dinner. (me and the farmer) We'll see. I'm nervous, excited, hoping that I make it back home alive...OK I just had deja vu like I already wrote that. Do you think that means something? I hope not. I'm always scared I'll end up meeting a total freak who tries to kidnap me or something. Slipping the pepper spay in my purse and hoping to remember it's NOT hairspray!!

Well, it's 3:00 and time to get my nappers up so they will be all bright eyed and bushy tailed for their mommies and daddies in a couple hours. Is it 5:00 yet?

~later...have a good monday~

October 5, 2005

Happy Wednesday

I am so tired! My poor son, once again had me up at 4am with a major asthma attack. I can't wait until Oct. 27 when we finally go to the allergist. This is something that should have been done a couple years ago, but...how would my doctor have made more money if they would have sent me there in the first place to find out the exact cause. We wouldn't have been back so many times. I do not think peds should be able to prescribe any kind of allergy medication or any kind of asthma medication. A child with those issues should be sent directly to a specialist to find out the exact cause and what meds are needed or not needed. My child has been suffering for 2 years with "activity induced" asthma. Oh ya, did I tell you about all the "activity" that goes on around here at 4am. grrrrrr

So, tonight I will be studying -Handbells- and getting ready to start the first ever "New Life Christian Fellowship Children's Handbell Choir" practice tomorrow night. I'm nervous! I went and picked up the bells Monday night and got the sheet music/song books and background cds and tried to play around with them for a little bit, it's confusing. More so than I thought. It looks easy, there is background music and cards you hold up for different timing for each color/note but you have to get the timing down and get the kids to play at just the right time. This is the jist of it....I give each child a colored handbell, when I hold up that color/note, they ring. But, there is background music so they HAVE to follow along at just the right timing. I will be holding the cards and counting that timing. I just know on our first performance I will drop those cards or I will mess up the timing. Why did I agree to this?! lol Actually, I'm excited, I think it will be fun and I think that it will be something fun for the church. If we're good enough, we may do our first song in November. Ok, that is NOT next month right?!

I think I'm going to start a new thing on my blog...it's going to be "Website Wednesday"
I will pick a website or blog, share it and rate it, just for you...my faithful blog followers!!

Ok...here is today's:
This site will tell you EVERYTHING you want to know about Hot Dogs. Seriously, I'm not even joking. I was sitting here and said to myself "Water Lilly, (cause that's what I like to call myself sometimes) (if you're not a Golden Girls fan, you will not understand nor find humor in that statement) Anway, I said to myself "Water Lilly, what would my blogger fans want to know about?"...my first reaction was 'Cheese' and I did look that up first, but that website is not finished and I wanted a website chalked full of info...so I looked further down and low and behold, there was a site dedicated to Hot Dogs! So there you go...everything you have ever wanted to know about Hot Dogs is now yours at a click of the link above.
I know, I know...I make life so much easier on you!!! I'm just trying to do my job.

My rating on this site: I will give it a 'B'. Although I do like the information, I wish there were pictures. But, I have to say...the question that has probably been keeping most of you up late at night, is answered on here. You know the question...why do buns come in packages of 8 and hotdogs come in packages of 10. That's answered!!! I honestly thought there were 10 for people , like me, who have 2 puppies so that when you grilled your hot dogs, your puppies could have one too. Although I highly recommend NOT dropping them down to your puppies right off the grill!!! Talk about a HOT dog!!! hee hee! I am so the comic today! I think some of that wacky Joey Gladstone humor from Full House rubbed off on me as I was up watching it at 4am this morning!!!

Ok, well I have 15 minutes before my nappers are up and I need to grab something to eat.
And NO, it won't be a hot dog!

~See ya!~

October 1, 2005

My List Of *little* things I hate/love

These are the little things that I ~hate~ and ~love~ in life:
*hangers - because they get all twisted up in your closet and when you go to take them out, they fall all over the place, plus they are odd shaped.
*dust - it's everywhere! I just took down some curtains and they are so grossly filled with dust it makes me sick - actually it makes me sneeze...(oh that's on my love list).
*rude fast food workers - Ok, I know you hate your job, so why don't you do something different, this is the land of opportunity! Get out and do what you want or at least have a nicer attitude, or "super size this!"
*cracked heels - I know it's fall and getting colder because my skin is getting dry and my heels are cracked. Looks gross and feels horrible! Putting my sandals aways now!
*clothes left in the washer overnight - they stink!!! And I hate when people go ahead and put them in the dryer and they dry in that nasty smell....then you wear something that's been dried that way and you smell it all day.
*pms - because it ruins people's lives and seriously, it's uncontrollable.
*mean walmart associates on 3rd shift - who better leave my mom alone! And just because my mom's skin color is of the minority in that store, they think they can bully her. And yet they would play the race card in a second and DO! (my mom is white by the way)
*big screen tvs that suck - you know, ones that guys give you to either try to impress you or just get rid of the piece of crap so they don't have to keep it around.
*sneezing - I love a good sneeze, it just feels good.
*when my mom brings me starbucks as a surprise - she did that yesterday.
*good mannered children in public - or at least parents who do something to control the unmannered ones, instead of letting them scream like spoiled brats.
*my crunchy momma ways - I just figures this out this week and I'm excited.
*zoloft - although I'm not on it any longer and will never take it again, the 18 mos I did, were the best! Do you think they have a natural/herbal zoloft?!
*mums - they mean fall is here, I got a beautiful one last night for only $5.99.
***More will follow, so check back often, I will update this post frequently I'm sure***