April 30, 2007

Get It Together People

I can't say much... but I can say that people really need to get it together. I can't even tell you about the confusion that I've had to deal with today. Oh well, let's just do whatever we want and whenever we want. Schedules, throw them out!

I decided after talking with the woman last week who needed childcare and then talking to the daycare mom who referred her, that it would probably be in my best interest to cancel the interview I had for this afternoon. So that's what I did and I kid you not, the woman was irritated and questioned my motives. I told her that I just didn't have room for two more kids. She wanted to know why and how many kids I had now and why was I only taking 5 and would I have openings in the future... basically she wanted verbal proof that I really couldn't take her kids and that it wasn't all about her. (I don't even KNOW her!!) Then I explained that I didn't have 2 full time openings because I had just found out that I was going to have one of my current daycare girls all summer and that I had thought she was only going to be part-time because her mom is a teacher. Well, the mom is teaching summer school so the little girl will be here every day. Well, ironically this daycare mom is the person who referred this woman and she has her daughter in school. Well, she wanted to know every detail about that. Then she proceeds to tell me, "Well, *E* (daycare mom) IS teaching summer schooling, but she's not working every day, she's only working 3 weeks, then has a break, why are you taking her daughter full time?!" I was like "Well, because my current clients have priority over everyone else and because she asked for full time for the whole summer." I didn't think the woman was ever going to let me off the phone. But, I was calm.

My calmness lately, is alarming. I really feel like the Lord is giving me peace about many things, thus making me a calmer person. Which is good. I like being calm. However, in the past couple of days I have let a couple people hurt my feelings and I haven't stuck up for myself. Not sure how I feel about that, other than I kind of have a "don't give a poo" attitude toward them in general, so I'm not letting it bother me. However, for the record, if you continue to call my children names, I will probably end up going off on you!! Just expect it ok. And don't be surprised when it happens! And don't turn it into "all about you" when it happens either!!

Get this, I'm on the phone with Mr. R and he's walking into work, well when he gets far enough into the building he can't use his cell phone, so while I'm talking to him, I get a call... the number looks like crazyneedsprozac's number. I don't answer it cause Mr. R is almost to where he'll have to hang up. Sure enough when I hang up with Mr. R there's a message in my voice mail. It's HER! She wants to talk to me some more and I need to call her back. Whatever.

I warned daycare mom that "Crazy" will probably be coming after her next demanding an explaination. She laughed and said she wouldn't doubt it.

Then, this just happened....

"Crazy" might be coming to my house for the interview after all. My daycare mom just called and warned me that she just saw her SUV driving this way. Oh my gosh! I doubt she'll show up, but what if she does... Should I just leave a little jar of prozac out on the porch and close all the blinds?

April 27, 2007

My Day (So Far)

2:00 am - Chloe decides she needs to go outside to walk around the yard for 20 minutes trying to find just the right place to do her doggie doo doo. In the mean time, I call Mr. R. He has been trying to get me to go to bed early (like around 7pm) so I could get up at about 2am and he could come over and see me. (He doesn't get off work until 1:30.) He asked me earlier yesterday if I would think about it. I told him there was probably no way I could do that, but I'd think about it. (I'm not good at missing sleep.) Needless to say, he was all excited when he answered the phone, I was like "Sorry dude, you're not coming over, I'm just waiting for the dog to come back in.) Poor guy.

7:30 am - Alarm goes off. Have to get up and get ready to get Chloe to the groomers by 8:30.

8:25 am - Leave house.

8:30 am - Get to groomer to find out she's leaving to run errands, but will just leave Chloe there in a cage. Why 8:30 then? Why not 9:00? I could have had a 1/2 hour longer to get ready and would have changed the drop off time if I would have known that. I almost said I'd just take her back home with me and she could call me when she got back because I didn't want my poor baby staying there all alone. Oh well, she survived.

8:40 am - Run home and get my bank deposit ready.

8:45 am - Head out to my bank to make the deposit.

8:50 am - Head over to another bank to pay my car payment.

9:00 am - T1 and I stop at Higher Grounds for some yummy drinks. We grab something for T2 and head home.

9:15 am - Get back into town and my fuel gage thing-a-majigger goes off. Need gas.

9:20 am - Get gas. ($31.01 only filled my tank up 1/2 way. Whaaa!)

9:30 am - Finally back home. Make breakfast and go upstairs to watch the rest of Golden Girls and a little bit of Ellen.

10:30 - Time to work.

10:35 - Groomer calls, Chloe's done. Get my mom to watch the kids after just getting off work, get Andy up and trade dogs with groomer.

10:50 - Back home.

11:00 - Make kiddos lunch.

11:20 - Sit them down to eat.

11:40 - Everyone is done. Get them up and cleaned up and let them play for awhile.

12: 10 - Groomer calls, Andy's done. Get the daycare kids' diapers changed and lay them all down for nap.

12:20 - Have my mom watch the kids again, go get Andy, pay groomer and come back home.

12:25 - Back home, decide I might as well go tanning now and eat later.

12:35 - In the tanning bed, praying. I've found that I can get some good praying in while I'm alone in the bed. (It's the only time I'm ever really alone.)

12:55 - Back home, make my lunch, sit down and watch the last 1/2 hour of Y&R.

1:35 - Y&R over, time to start the laundry. (I want to get it all done today so I'll have one less thing to do this weekend.)

Now I'm just relaxing and I think I'm done being in my car today! My afternoon will be spent playing with the daycare kids until about 5:30, and then it's officially the weekend... yipeee!

How's your day been?

April 26, 2007

I Have A Plan

AI made me sick last night! The whole situation makes me sick! I feel sorry for those people, I truly do... but if we want to help, let's send over some birth control or do a little 'snip snip' on the men over there. Did you see the family with 13 kids? 13 kids!!! Most people in America can't afford 13 kids. It's ridiculous. There are poor underdeveloped countries, yes, there are... but why make more people suffer by having more people? It doesn't make sense and it's horrible. Can these people not control themselves? Is 13 kids really something that just "happens"? No, I don't think so. Oy! I couldn't even watch it all. Plus, I am not a trusting people... I wonder where all that money really goes and if it REALLY goes where they say?

Anyway, today was an ok day. On a scale of 1-10... a 5. Not great, not horrible, not complaining. I could have some complaints if I wanted but: 1. I'm trying hard to be positive and not complain too much, and 2. I have a feeling at least a couple of my daycare parents read this. (I have a site meter people.) So, from now on, I guess I'll keep my feelings regarding that to myself. (Or do what I always do, bore Mr. R, all my friends and my family members with it. Poor people.)

I haven't seen Mr. R this week... he's busy with work. They're on mandatory overtime right now so he goes in around 3:30pm and gets off about 1:30am. Kind of hard to see him when I work during the day and am pretty much far off in dreamland by the time he gets off work. Oh well, sometimes I think that's better. It gives us a chance to miss each other.

It's been raining and storming here off and on. I hope it's raining hard when I go to bed tonight. I love sleeping while it's raining.

The dogs go to get groomed tomorrow morning. They have to be there by 8:30. I'm sure they'll be mad at me when they come home, but they'll get over it. They're stinky and their hair is too long.

Well, I think my dinner is about done. It's taco night. Can't wait for CSI. I love these "miniture killer" episodes. Makes me want a dollhouse.

ta ta for now...

April 25, 2007

These Glutes are Made for Shakin

I only have 2 kiddos here today which is such a nice break considering yesterday was one of the worst days I've had in a long long time. One mom called me this morning to talk about it... she has a 1 yr old and wanted to know how bad he was. LOL I told her it was ALL of them. Today has been wonderful. Nice and calm and quiet. The way daycare should be. Ha! Kidding!

So, while the kids are playing I decided to turn "Ellen" on, to see if they were doing anything "AI", since she's hosting tonight. They gave away tickets but that's about it. Well, they had this chic on there who's video you can see HERE. Ok, I'm going to be nice and not judge, but she made me sick to my stomach. Not because of her "butt movements" but because for someone who does what she does, she looked horribly out of shape! But then again, my kids were just making fun of my arm flab the other night...

Speaking of out of shape people... Did you hear? Did you hear? Rosie is leaving "The View". Oh I can feel the love! I'm so watching it! I can't wait! I can't stand her and I want to make it known that it's not because she's gay... it's because she's just nasty! She can't keep her mouth closed and she's irritating!

BREAKING NEWS: It's on now... it's official, she's leaving, Yippee! Maybe I'll actually watch "The View" sometime next season. In the mean time, until the end of June, I'll be sticking to "The Price is Right". (Seriously, I'm kidding, I never really watch anything other than "Dora" or "Arthur" in the mornings! And at 11:00 I'm usually in the kitchen busy making lunch.)

And, since it's 11:00 now, I best be getting a couple little rugrats their lunch! Have a great day!

April 24, 2007

Jaw Clenching?

I may have figured out the cause of all these headaches, or at least a part of why I'm getting so many. I think I clench my jaw in my sleep. I've researched it a little and I think that may be part of the problem. I am going to try some of the mouth guards you can get at Walgreen's or CVS (although I've heard they're not as good as what you get from a dentist) and see if that will help any. My ears are also very sensitive and I read that that can go along with it. Whatever it is, it needs to stop. I am so tired of waking up with headaches every single morning. Although this doesn't explain why I get them when I sit for long periods of time or when I sit at the computer. Oh the medical mysteries of life. Always fun.

Yesterday was an ok day. Nothing huge to report. I went tanning and went in the stand up for the full time. Boy was I dark when I got out. My legs aren't getting as much as my arms and I think that's odd but whatever. Any color is good at this point.

Sunday I looked at wedding invitations. (see yesterday's post) So, yeah, I'm thinking about it again. I'll always be "thinking" about it. It's just doing it that's the huge step. Of course I've got people telling me to do it and how it's just the best thing in the world, then I've got other people telling me not to do it and how it will ruin my life. The people who are for it are happily married, and the people against it are divorced. Well, duh! That doesn't help me much! I'm not real excited about the 50/50 chance of it failing. If you had a 50 percent chance of failing at something would you do it? (The glass is always half empty here.) I guess I should look at it as having a 50 percent chance of it working. Right? Whatever I'm too tired to even think about it.

It was a very long day with the daycare kids today. I tried to get my mom to work the last two hours, but she was unexpectedly busy. Hmm, funny how that works. She hasn't worked in awhile, but she'll be back tomorrow morning. Yippee.

I ended up going to Walmart tonight. I didn't get half of what was on my very small list because they didn't have the things I needed. However, I still spent over $100 dollars. How is it that you go in with a list that probably totals $40 at most, and then end up spending over $60 more? Do they have some sort of subliminal messages in their music? I think so. Anyway... I'm old so I bought a basket for my bike. T1 is totally embarrassed and said he will never go on a bike ride with me again. I bought it for the main purpose of taking my little Shih tzu "Chloe" for bike rides. (Awww, it will be so cute!) But then I thought that it would be perfect to take to the store when I have to go up there for just a few items. T2 thought that would be fun, T1 rolled his eyes and said I was "crazy" and "old". Oh well, it's better than being "old and crazy"!

April 23, 2007

I Am...

Consistent at being inconsistent. That's something right?!

April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day!

I wanted to share THIS link that I got from my friend Celeste, so you could plant your own virtural flower and have Sephora (or rather Cargo) make a donation to Conservation International. OH, and buy some cool lipstick while you're at it! $2 for every one you buy will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Wow, two great ways to help!

Here's more about this eco friendly lipstick:
It's an amazing innovation: a compostable lipstick case made from corn. (Yes, corn) This revolutionary bio-plastic is not only made from a renewable resource, it's also greenhouse-gas-neutral, which helps us fight global warming. Even the box the lipstick comes in is eco-friendly. It's embedded with seeds. Just moisten and plant to grow your own wildflowers.

It's fun being green!

April 21, 2007

Finally It's Saturday

I've waited all week for this day so that I could sleep in. I ended up going to bed early, like at 9:30... I was SO tired I was falling asleep doing things. It was a little scary. I was changing channels and I only changed two channels and I literally passed out. T1 was like "MOM! what are you doing? Are we going watch this?" It was on BET, I'm not sure what show was on, but anyway... yeah, it was kind of scary because I couldn't keep myself awake for anything. I was seriously passing out. Do you ever have those kinds of nights? Well, I did work 50 hours this week so it doesn't surprise me. I slept all night until about 8:30 this morning, then I woke up and it's a good thing, because as I was laying there thinking about just going back to sleep, I remembered I had to get up and get T2 breakfast so he could have his prednisone. He has to take it before 9:00am. So, I got up and got him up. Then we were pretty much not tired anymore so I had the bright idea that we'd go get Krispy Kremes and go find garage sales. That was a waste of time. There were a couple garage sales, but nothing I wanted to stop at. Then I thought about how I probably didn't really need to get any more junk to put in my already crowded house anyway, so we just came home.

My mom went back to the doctor yesterday. She has asthmatic bronchitis, not just the regular bronchitis. So, she came home with prednisone, an inhaler, more pills and some kind of vicodin syrup. I think the woman's set now. Of course when I told her that the new cough syrup has vicodin in it, she said she wouldn't take it.
Oh well, more for me. Just kidding. I think. Anyway, so that is that, and hopefully now she'll be on the road to recovery.

I'm in the mood to buy something big today. Like a patio set or something outdoorsy. Or clothes... I feel like buying clothes. Summer clothes. Except for the last time I did that, the temps went down to the 30's. I still have a new outfit from Kohls sitting in my closet that I haven't even tried on yet. I bought it when it was nice and then it got cold again. It's too nice to wear to work, maybe I'll wear it to church tomorrow.

Unfortunately we have to go grocery shopping today... I haven't gone in 2 weeks other than just up to our little store here to get milk and bread and stuff. Do you know that I do not like grocery shopping? I will do almost anything to get out of it. Anyone want to go for me?

April 19, 2007

It Was A No Make-Up Day, OK

Me and Chloe just hangin out tonight.

Emotionally Void

I think it's just because I'm so tired, but I'm feeling nothing at this point. I'm usually a very emotional person but lately...eh. not so much. Odd is what it is I tell ya.

I didn't cry last night when Sanjaya got voted off. I liked him. Sure I was on the side of those who wanted him gone at first, but then I got to know him and his background a little and I felt bad for him. Really, does anyone stop to think that there's more to people than just the cover? Go a little deeper and there's so much more.

As for the Virginia Tech story... not feeling it either. No, I'm not bitter, I think we've just all been so desensitized as a country that the more things like this happen, the less shocking it is. Ya know. I was trying to explain to T1 that he should stop and watch some of what was happening on Monday because this is a part of history. He asked why and I said, "because this is the biggest mass of people that have been killed at one time." You know what he said? "Yeah, until next time." WOW! This is our countries youth people! Wake up!! It's not that my son has no emotions or that he doesn't care, it's just that things like this are the norm for him. He's been around and old enough to understand things like this. In his short 13 years he's been witness to: the war in Iraq, 9/11, Columbine, and this. Tragic is what it is.

And for heaven's sakes... quit showing the guy! Focus on the families, on the victims. I don't give a crap what he was doing those 2 hours between killings. I have purposely avoided his name in all media because I don't even want to know who he is. He doesn't deserve it. If anyone were to ask me his name, I couldn't tell them because I don't know and I don't want to know. I'd rather know the names and backgrounds of the teachers and students. The real victims. And shame on you NBC for playing it out just because he sent you the package. Why just NBC? Of course they are showing it all nonstop for what else...ratings. SICK!!

Anyway, I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday, cause I'm so ready for the weekend. I'm ready for rest, rest, and a little more rest.

T2 took his prednisone today and so far so good. PTL!! I sure hope we can get this all under control soon. Poor thing.

On a brighter front... my home daycare days may be over sooner than I thought. Very exciting things are happening. And no aunt Gail, I'm not getting married! Although it was fun to think about for a couple weeks... yeah, that's not gonna happen. I'm just too independent. (For now.)

April 18, 2007

Doctor Doctor

My dad ended up with the afternoon off and took T2 to the doctor for me. Thanks Dad! The doctor said T2 has a lot of inflammation in his lungs so he gave us a prescription for prednisone. I know that's the only thing that will help, but I sure wish he didn't have to take it. He's never had it before so we'll see how he does. I've heard some kids get mean and hyper, I sure hope that doesn't happen with him. He also got a refill on his inhaler (albuterol) and a prescription for Claritin. The doctor said he'd call us when he got us in with an allergist and a pediatric pulmonologist. So... that's that. I'm so happy he got to go and has something now that will hopefully offset the middle of the night flare ups. My aunt is so sweet... she said she'd come up and go to the allergy testing with T2. She just had to go through it and T2 said if he had to do it, he wanted her to go with him. If you don't know, my aunt lives in West Virginia and we live in Indiana... this isn't just a quick trip over and back, but she doesn't care. Aww, how nice is she!

My mom didn't want to go back to the doctor. Oh well, what can ya do? She's a big girl and she can make her own decisions but personally I would have liked for her to go back and get a chest x-ray. Stubborn thing!

Well, I'm off to pick up T2's meds. Have a great night!

PS - Happy 30th Gwen!!! I'm so happy you're in my age group again!!LOL Now you can't tease me about still being in your twenties!! Welcome to the 30's... where things start heading south at rapid speed! Yikes! :o)

Short Changed

I'm not sure why I woke up thinking it was Friday already, but for some reason I did. I occurred to me just moments after that it was in fact only Wednesday and I had 3 more days to go. Talk about want to hide under the covers.

T2 was up again a couple times. I just feel so sorry for him. I have to find a way to get him to the doctor. I really need to do more research on this. Last time they sent us home with about 5 prescriptions. Ya, that's not gonna happen. I'm so sick of conventional doctors just throwing prescriptions in your hands and sending you out the door. I was trying to search natural remedies for asthma, but didn't really come up with anything. I would like for him to get the allergy testing though. At least we would know what is causing all these problems. I have to say I really think the dogs are one of the things he's allergic to. We know he's very allergic to cats. And his eczema is coming back pretty bad too. Of course this would be the son who has to deal with this. While I don't want either of my sons to go through this, I think about how T1 is such an indoor person while T2 LIVES outside and I wonder why this had to happen to him. Not that I would want it to happen to T1! It's just not fair. T2 asked me last night what would happen if he ended up being allergic to the dogs. I told him we'd just have to make sure they were groomed and bathed more and that we'd have to wash their bedding more often. I think he thought we'd have to give them away. Well, if they were the absolute only cause of his problem and if there was nothing we could do to lessen it, of course I'd have to find other homes for them, but I don't think that's going to be the case. Hopefully next week we can get this figured out. In the mean time, I'm still not against something natural and not against the whole muscle testing vs. the skin testing. We'll see.

I'm not sure if my mom's new prescription she got worked last night, or if I just didn't hear her coughing because I had the fan on in my room. Either way I did get a tad more sleep last night. Just a tad though. I promised myself I was going to be in bed by 10:00 last night, but then I made the mistake of calling a friend and was on the phone with her until after 11. My fault, so I won't complain about being tired today.

T2 and I took a bike ride last night and the buffalo were out. It cracks me up that there are buffalo right down the street from me. Anyway, we came back home to get the camera so T2 could put pictures on his blog, but the time we got back they were further back in the field so we couldn't get any. I think we need to carry the camera around more. Last Friday I took the boys to DQ and as I was pulling on to the main road, I saw flashing lights down by another intersection. I knew it was some sort of car wreck, but the closer we got I realized that one of the cars was literally standing up against the telephone pole. Like on it's back bumper. The car was straight up against the pole. I don't know HOW in the world that happened, but you sure don't see something like that every day. I wish I would have had a camera. Although I'm sure it will be in our paper tomorrow. Cause you know, we only get one paper a week here in our small town.

I guess I should go get busy doing something with the daycare kids. I only have 2 right now and I'm not sure where the 3rd one is. Probably on his way. I'm noticing that my older ones who should be using manners, aren't. We're working on the "please" and "thank you" thing. They're starting to get better at lunch. If they want more of something, they'll usually say "Miss. T give me more milk!" and I'll tell them I think they need to ask again using their big boy or big girl manners. A couple of them have started to understand this a little better and they're doing pretty good. I just can't stand it when kids don't have manners and I don't think it's ever to early to start teaching them.

Thank you for reading my blog today. Please come back!

April 17, 2007

The Post In Which I...

Have everyone shaking their heads and saying "Dang girl, quit whining!"

I am going to whine. Actually I'm going to whine alot so if you have a problem with that, you may want to visit some rather un-whiny blogs to your left. (Chloe and Andy's blog is pretty good. I mean, what do they have to whine about?)

Here I go... I have had no sleep for days now. I'm very late. (And no, I'm not pregnant!) I'm grouchy. I have had PMS for about 2 weeks straight and I've contained it quite well. I'm not sure how much longer that's going to last. I feel like I'm getting the stomach flu. And, I'm almost to that point where "better days" are unimaginable. Seriously. You know that point... where you or someone else in your household has been sick for so long you're ready to scream. Please don't get me wrong... the people in my house who are sick are much worse off than I am, I know this. However, when you're up all night right along with them, but still have to get up early while they stay in bed all day, it's a little draining. Rest is good and is probably the best thing these people can do right now, but still... it makes you a little jealous! And very tired.

For about the 6th night in a row now I've been up practically the whole night either listening to my mom cough and choke herself to the brink of passing out and then waiting to make sure she's still breathing, or I've been up with T2 who although has be diagnosed with "activity induced" asthma continues to have his coughing/wheezing attacks in the middle of the night and then again in the wee hours of the morning. Hmm, what the heck is he doing exactly while he's sleeping? What kind of activity is going on there?

Anyway, again, I KNOW I'm the lucky one who (so far) is healthy... but I'm TIRED!!!!!!!! I am not good without sleep. I never have been. It's me and it's the way my body works. No sleep = declined health. (Both physical and mental!!) When I was little and my parents would let me stay up for New Years Eve, I'd be puking by 12:05. I just can't do it, I need my sleep and I like my sleep. I do not know how I ever managed when my kids were little. I must have been running on some major oblivious new mommy hormones or something.

So, until my mom gets better, I'm doing the daycare alone, which means that from 7:30am -5:30pm I am busy, can't leave the house, can't get out. This makes taking my mom back to her doctor and T2 to his doctor very hard. The poor boy was saying this to me at 4:30 this morning: "Mom, I thought you said you were going to take me to the doctor? I need to go to the doctor! I'm taking two puffs and I'm still wheezing! When are you going to take me to the doctor, mom?" I haven't felt so unworthy of being a mom in a long time.

My mom really needs to go back to her doctor and she needs a chest x-ray. She also needs something that will help her sleep at night as the cough suppressant with codeine is NOT working. But... she can't drive right now, I have to work all week, and my dad doesn't have a day off this week until Sunday. Oy!

So, we're back to square one. How is my son going to get to the doctor? How is my mom going to get to the doctor? How am I going to survive the week? Why can't I have a normal job where I can just call in and get the day off? I'm sure God will work it out, but it's hard to deal with at the moment.

And I know there are more important issues going on in the world. And I know you're sitting there judging me. Well, it's your own fault, I told you to leave at the beginning of this post. {smile}

April 16, 2007

Monday Misc.

Today should be interesting. I got absolutely no sleep last night. Between my mom and T2, I was up most of the night. T2 had his usual asthma issues and my mom was up coughing from her bronchitis. This is about the 5th night in a row that this has happened. I'm wondering if anyone in my household will ever sleep again. Anyway, I don't think I mentioned on here that my mom was so sick on Thursday that I had to call all my daycare parents to come and get their kids early so I could take her to the doctor. She was coughing so badly she could hardly breathe and kept losing her breath. I got her into her doctor's office (which was better than having to take her to the hospital here) and although her own doctor wasn't in, she got another doctor who would see her. This doctor said it was just bronchitis, but I'm not so sure. She's not any better after a week, she's not able to stop coughing and she still has a temp. Oh ya, and we found out yesterday online that bronchitis is contagious. Yay. I think I'm going to make her go back to the doctor today. If for anything, to get a better cough suppressant so she can at least sleep at night. The one they gave her does not work very well. I'd also like her to get a chest x-ray, which is what I wanted to happen on Thursday when I took her in, but they thought she didn't need one. Oh well, who am I? I just hope that T2 doesn't get this. I don't think he could handle it with his asthma the way it is right now. I know I need to get him into the doctor but right now my mom isn't working for me, so I can't leave the daycare to take him. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

I have 2 air purifiers going right now and I sprayed the downstairs real good with Lysol. I don't want my daycare kids getting this because there's no way I could watch them if they did. Too much coughing and none of them know how to cover their mouths yet. It would spread like wildfire and we don't need that. The good thing is 3 of them have been on antibiotics in the last couple of weeks so hopefully their immune systems are up to speed.

We decided yesterday that we're going to go to Disney World in November. This trip has been in the planning process for about 4 years but things just kept coming up. I told my dad we had to go soon because my kids weren't getting any younger. Of course it's Disney World... you're never too old for Disney World, right?! I went when I was 13 and although it was fun, it would have been better if I would have had someone else there my age. I'm not sure if we'll fly or drive, that's up in the air right now. We did decided that we're going to the beach the first day we're there. The kids have never been and it will be relaxing for the first day after traveling. I'll have to ask a friend who lives down there where the closest one is. I think my aunt and uncle and cousins should go with us!! (Hint Hint Aunt Gail!!)

Well, I really need to get some breakfast so I have some energy to make it through the morning. I wish you all (whoever you may be) a happy week!

April 15, 2007

They're Baaaaack.

Old guys in old beat up trucks, like vultures circling the neighborhood and their prey. Their prey being people's trash. It's "HTP" here this week. (Heavy Trash Pick-up.) One man's trash is another man's treasure. I guess.

It's hilarious to watch. I live in a pretty nice neighborhood so we've got these trash pickers all over the place. T2 and I put out our old mattresses first (thank goodness those are still here!!), then we set out our old grill. Within 10 minutes it was gone. Next we put out an old sandbox. 5 minutes later... Gone!

Why do people want other people's trash? If it's in such bad condition that I don't want it, why would they? And what are they doing with all this junk?

Oh well, to each his own. I will admit I did take a brief look around the neighborhood as we were going out today, but I didn't see any flat screen tvs or brand new patio furniture, so I just kept driving. Maybe next time.

April 13, 2007

This About Sums It Up

Your PMS Disaster Level: EXTREME!

You're PMS is horrific and totally freaky.
You should be locked away once a month... with a ton of chocolate cake!

What More Could I Want

I have awesome kids!

T1 is making me a new template for this here thing. It's SO cool. I just got a sneak peek and it's purdy! Of course since I'm hogging the computer right now, it's making it hard for him to get it done... oh well, you'll see it soon enough.

T2 in all his wisdom had this conversation with me a couple nights ago. I swear this old soul of a child is going to do the Lord's work in a big way! The jist of this conversation started with him stating that I really needed to marry Mr. R. I shared some concerns I had, one being that I wasn't sure he was a Christian. Here's the solution:

T2: Mom, I think you should marry Mr. R, now!

Me: Well, I'm not sure just yet.

T2: Why?

Me: Well, because I want the perfect daddy for you and your brother and I want to make sure that he would be someone who will be able to be the head of our household the way that the Bible says they should. I want to make sure any father I choose for you is a true man of God.

T2: Well mom, it's like the old white house. If we bought it, we'd need to fix it up. Then it would be good. We could marry Mr. R, buy him a Bible, take him to church and it would be ok.

Oh sweet innocent one... if it were only that easy... if it were only that easy!!

Also, how do you explain to a child that when they pray for God's help with something, sometimes you don't get the answer right away or the answer you want? T2 prayed so hard last night that God would help his asthma. It broke my heart because he went to sleep just knowing that he wouldn't have to wake up in the night and use his inhaler. Guess what, he woke up and had to use his inhaler. I haven't addressed this yet today. I'm not sure how.

In 1 hour I will be sitting at H&R Block and I'm scared. Not scared to get my taxes done, but scared at how much it may cost. I've heard from a couple people now that H&R Block is expensive. I'm use to paying less than $150 to get them done and that's by certified CPAs. My dad told me to tell them the forms that I need and get a price when I first walk in. I think I'll do that. There's no way I'm paying $200 or more to get my taxes done there! Well, unless they can get me a huge refund... then I'll think about it!

Update... My tax appointment went great! I'm getting back from both the federal and state! (first time I've ever gotten back from the state!) This wonderful daycare grandma really knew what she was doing. Not that I didn't have faith in her. She did a wonderful job. I walked away very pleased and the price was excellent. I think I'll go back next year.

OH... and don't you just LOVE this new blog look? Thanks again kiddo... you did great!

April 11, 2007

It's Wednesday...

Didn't care for AI last night, although JLo seemed like she'd be nice to work with.

I got an appointment to get my taxes done on Friday. I'm having one of my daycare kiddo's grandma do them. I'm sure she'll do a great job as she does a lot of other small businesses.

I did not get an appointment for T2 yet. I got the phone book out yesterday to call the Health Shop to see about the muscle testing and of course I got busy and forgot.

I haven't had a phone for 2 days... I found out yesterday that people had been calling but my phone was not ringing and it also wasn't showing that I had voice mails. We had someone come out this moring and guess what... it's not the phone line... it's the PHONE! Beware of Motorola cordless phones! They stink!

I got a call yesterday from a grandmother who was in dire need of child care, but because my phones weren't working, I missed it. I did however call back today. She wasn't there so I left a message I hope she calls back... very sad story, her son's wife just left him over the weekend and they have 3 small children. What is wrong with these women? It seems like it's the women leaving their families more than the men these days. How horrible for these poor babies! I hope they can come here so we can love 'em to pieces!

I'm keeping up with my tanning schedule. I went today and I'll go again Friday. I've actually got color now and I'm not burning! I'm going nice and slow so I won't burn. Today I only went in the stand up for 6 minutes. It felt nice though... it's so cold and rainy here. Brrr.

Well, time to get the kids up from nap. This day has gone fast!

Happy Hump Day!

April 10, 2007

Money Money Money Mon-Ney

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

1 Timothy 6:6-10

Money scares me. It really does. It changes people and takes away more than it gives. I don't want to be rich, but I wouldn't mind being comfortable. Mr. R is not "rich", but he has money. I'm not sure I want that. I would hope that I would be the kind of person that if I did have a lot of money, I would use it wisely and help others.

My parents just walked in and woke up two of my sleeping kiddos. I hate it when that happens. I think some of these daycare parents must keep their homes completely void of any noise while their kids are sleeping. From the time I brought T1 and T2 home from the hospital we always made the normal amount of noise while they were sleeping. Kids need to learn to sleep with noise, it's too hard to have to tiptoe around all the time. Who wants to do that?

We ended up going to our SuperTarget last night. T1 found a very nice Samsung camera and it was marked over $100 off it's regular price. I'm jealous! If he wouldn't have gotten the last one, I would have gotten one. T2 got a PS2 game he's been wanting. I got all the normal mom stuff... water, food, a new dog bowl for Chloe... fun! When Mr. R and I got home I said "Hey, how come we didn't get any fun stuff?" We did get Starbucks. Our order took a little longer than normal and the guy working gave me a coupon for a free drink next time I go. I thought that was nice. I have to say though, it wasn't as good as Higher Grounds! I'm really hooked on that place.

So... who do you think is the father of ANS's baby? Personally, I think it would be hilarious if they all came back as NOT the father. What would happen then? Just think how much longer this whole waste of tv time could go on. I almost feel sorry for these people. Definitely feel sorry for this poor baby though, what a sad shame!

Well, I'm off to finish up the daycare menu for the week. It's hard to plan an easy menu when I have a couple of daycare parents who are picky about what they eat. It's bad enough that when I go to get the drinks for lunch, I'm taking out 3 different cartons of milk. It's ok to be concerned with what your child is eating, I'm very much ok with that - but some things have gotten a little out of hand lately.

Happy Tuesday!

April 9, 2007

Another Day Another Dollar

I don't get paid enough to do what I do. Period. And I'll leave it at that. Except for I will say that I despise Linda Hirshman!! I wish all moms would/could stay at home with their kids, especially when they're sick!! They don't want me, they want YOU! I can't take care of them like you could. I can't put them in their own bed and I can't sit and cuddle them all day like they need. And frankly, I'm getting irritated at having to try and take your place during such times! It's impossible and it makes me feel like a failure on some level and on another it makes me feel quite mean because honestly, I don't want your sick kid coughing in my face, sneezing all over my house and vomiting on my new rug! But, we'll deal... because we always do.

(Not linking a site to Linda Hirshman cause frankly, she doesn't deserve it. If you don't know who she is, she's a silly feminist who thinks every mother should drop their newborns off at a local daycare on their way home from the hospital and go back to work immediately because GOD FORBID, they're going to lose who they really are if they spend any time, effort or emotion on caring for another human being other than themselves!)

Anyway, my weekend was very nice! My aunt came up and we had a great time. We ate too much, stayed up too late and spent too much time playing UNO Attack. But hey, isn't that what you're suppose to do when family gets together?

I was so good this morning... I got up early to see my aunt off, then had breakfast, got my shower and went tanning. I'm actually getting color now. Mr. R gave me some lotion that has a bronzer that's suppose to be 3 times more than most lotions, of course who knows if that's true, all I know is whatever it has in it, it's working. Yay!

I've got a question... how come African Americans can call each other "hos" but when an old barely breathing white man does it, it becomes a huge deal? Just wondering. Really. Just wondering. Not saying who's wrong or who's right here, I'm honestly just curious. And how come African Americans can say the "N" word, but a Caucasian person can't? Does EVERYTHING have to end up being a huge debate? Do we not have freedom of speech in this country? No? I didn't think so. Sad. What else will they take from us?
Sticks and stones people... sticks and stones!!

I have two appointments that MUST be made this week. One would be to get my taxes done. I mean, I do have 5 days! What's the rush, right? My old CPA quit to be a stay-at-home mom and that's good for two reasons, 1. she's staying home with her kids and 2. she sucked as a CPA and my parents are much nicer than me cause I would have sued her tail off for messing up my taxes as bad as she did theirs!

My main concern this week is getting T2 into the doctor or having him get muscle testing done by the holistic whateveryouwanttocallher lady at our health store. Just not sure which I want to do. The doctor will send us home with tons of prescriptions that I'll never fill, but do I trust in the muscle testing? I've heard it's legit. I guess we can always try it. Of course insurance doesn't cover that, but in the end I think it will be worth it if he doesn't have to spend his summer all tired and spacey from the drugs his doctor wants to put him on.

Well, I'm off to enjoy whatever is left of nap time. I've already had one kiddo wake up twice already. Let's hope he sleeps a little longer so I can get the boys working on schoolwork. Although with all the UNO and Scrabble we played this weekend, I'm pretty sure they got some learning in already. After nap I promised the kids we'd watch Charlotte's Web. I may cry. I hear Charlotte dies. I didn't know that and I remember my teacher reading it to us in 4th grade. I guess I wasn't as sentimental back then. After daycare we're going out with Mr. R. I need to go to Target and we'll probably get something to eat. He has the night off work. Must be nice!

Have a great Monday, Hos!

April 6, 2007


I started tanning today. Yippee!
My aunt is here. Another Yippee!
No daycare today. Triple Yippee!
My hair should be highlighted sometime this weekend. Yay!
It's about time I start paying some attention to myself.

April 4, 2007

At 4:30 This Morning...

I was having a conversation that went a little something like this:

T2: MOM!
Me: (half asleep) Whaaat
T2: I can't sleep, can I sleep in your bed?
Me: Sure, get in.
Me: It's really windy, huh.
T2: Yeah. I'm kind of scared.
Me: (just to see what he would say) Would you feel better if Mr. R was here?
T2: No!, I would feel better if GOD was here.

At around 5:30 am, we had this conversation:

Me: T2, aren't you asleep yet?
T2: Nope, I've been staring at that door for an hour now.
Me: Why hon?
T2: Grandma is up, she's walking around, she went downstairs and she's in her room on her laptop.
Me: Are you sure?
T2: Yes, I'm sure. Who else would it be?!

(We found out this morning she was not walking around or on her laptop at all.)

Then at about 6:00 am:

Me: What are you doing now?
T2: Listening to that wind.
Me: Is it scaring you?
T2: Yes.
Me: Have you tried praying for God to help you to not be scared.
T2: No, I just prayed he'd put his angels around our house.
Me: Well, then I'm sure he did.
T2: I need to get a flashlight.
Me: Why?
T2: I need to check in the backyard to see if the grill got knocked over.
Me: Ok... whatever will help you get back to sleep.
Me: Do you need some Benedryl honey? I'll get go it. It's not a problem.
T2: No, I'm ok.
Me: (in my head) Darn!

About 15 minutes after that:

T2: (kind of angry) Mom! Do you hear that?!
Me: Yes sweetie, it's just some trashcans.
T2: I know!... it's knocking over S********'s trashcans. They're probably rolling around in the road!!
(S******** is our neighbor across the street.)
Me: It's ok.
T2: NO, it's not!!! She doesn't use trash bags. She just throws her trash into the garbage cans. Do you KNOW what kind of mess that's going to make in front of our house!!!!!
Me: It's ok... the trashman will pick it up. Now can we go to sleep?
T2: (sits up in bed) Ohhh YES! Full House is on.

Needless to say it's been a long day. Plus, it's windy and a very cold 30 degrees.
And we were just wearing shorts yesterday! Crazy Indiana weather!

April 3, 2007

I *Heart* Older People

I love sitting and listening to the stories my grandparents tell. Always have.
Here's a great blog where you can get a little story every day. He's so cute!! http://www.xanga.com/NVRSAD_DAY

On a side note... we think the "plantation" has already been sold. Mr. R's realtor hasn't gotten back with him yet, but he called the realty company selling the house and they said they thought it was sold as someone has put in an offer. I told him, "Well, just because they put an offer in doesn't mean they'll get it." We'll have to wait and see.

I was up bright and early today. I had to give T2 Benedryl at 7:30 because he woke up having a real hard time with his allergies. Then I jumped in the shower and by the time I got out, ready, and went back down stairs, he had fallen asleep on the couch. Poor thing! T1 and I left and went to Kroger. Then I came home just in time to grab a quick breakfast and start preschool. I had a daycare mom come in today carrying her daughter's underwear. "Here, she didn't want to put them on for me." she said. Lord have mercy!

Well, wouldn't you know it, right as naptime is about over, it's getting dark and ready to storm. Guess we won't be going outside today. Time for a movie!

April 2, 2007

Weekend Recap

So far, today has been pretty good. I woke up late. I actually woke up at about 5:30 but thought to myself "this is WAY too early for a Monday morning! Go back to bed!" And so I did. I closed my door, turned the fan on and slept very late. Too late to mention. Embarrassingly late. And the sad thing is, I was in bed by 12. I got way too much sleep. I'm dragging my feet today.

Our weekend was interesting. Interesting in the fact that I almost bought a wedding dress. There is a princess-y dress at David's Bridal and they happen to be having a sale right now. Today is the last day of the sale. Mr. R wanted me to get it and just keep it for when I needed it. Ya, well I guess that makes sense considering now it will be about $300 more. But, I need to really think about it more. I'm not in a rush.

We also looked at the property of what I call "The Plantation". It's huge. Mr. R is having his realtor call and find out more about it today. He is very excited at the thought of getting this property. My kids are excited as well. Of course, that would mean that Mr. R and I would be together and married and well, that would be that. No turning back.

Anyway, this property is so awesome and yet so scary! Scary in the fact that no one has lived there in the last 4 or 5 years and it's really got some cleaning up to be done around it, plus it's just all so huge. There is a main house, that looks like an old Kentucky mansion... with the huge pillars, long porch on the second level and, AND the whole winding staircase outside on the side of the porch. It's got white fencing all around the front out by the road and a big circle drive. Then of course there is a guest house which looks bigger than my house. It's 2 stories with a 3 car garage. There's an in the ground pool with a huge pool house, tennis courts with lights and a basketball court. And a cute little white gazebo in the front yard. There are also about 4 or 5 barns and storage buildings. One of the barns looks like it was used for drying tobacco and the big barn looks like it's in great condition. We got out and looked in some of the windows and in the front rooms there is hardwood flooring that looks in good condition. Around the side of the house, there's a huge fireplace that goes along a whole wall. It's nice, that's for sure. It needs a lot of work on the inside and out, you can tell the people who lived there before just let it go. That's a shame too because it's SO nice! They're asking a fair price for it, but since there's so much work that would need to be done, we're going to make a much lower offer. It's definitely a dream house.

Friday night we didn't do much. Tried to rent a movie but got up there too late and all the good ones were already taken. We got chinese for dinner and pretty much just hung out. Mr. R had to work (he works nights) so the kids and I watched tv and went to bed pretty early.

Saturday we did some cleaning and laundry. T2 and my mom are cleaning out a bunch of stuff we just don't use and don't need and we'll be taking it all to Goodwill. It was nice out so we took a bike ride, then we decided we'd take a car ride. Well, since the dogs hadn't been anywhere in awhile, we took them too. We ended up out in the country by a cow farm. I stopped along the side of the road with the intention that my kids would like to see all the cows and new baby calves, but they weren't half as interested as Andy (our yorkie). It was hilarious. He was so excited about those cows. He just looked and looked and would make little whining noises like "Hey mom, let me out!! I want to play!" It was very cute. And yes, I realize we have no lives and that our dog looking at cows seems lame, but it truly was cute! Chloe on the other hand wanted nothing to do with them. She looked up a couple times and would growl but other than that, she was content to lay and sleep in the backseat with the boys.

Saturday night Mr. R had to work again (overtime) so the kids and I basically did the same thing we did Friday night.

Yesterday we had every intention of going to church but got up late. (Well, too late to go my parents church.) I guess we could have went to our church but we haven't been in so long it's going to be hard to get back in the habit. I know we have to though. I think it will be easier if Mr. R starts going with us. I was joking with a friend that we're starting to be those Christmas and Easter church goers. That's horrible! I'm ashamed of myself! But, I do have to say that although we're not in church, my kids and I still have church of our own. We read the bible and make out our prayer list for the week. They know that Sunday is a special day of rest too. T2 wanted to use our new weed eater outside but was concerned that it was "The Lord's Day" and maybe he shouldn't be working. I told him I thought it was probably ok if he wanted to play around with it outside. He got his safety glasses on and that's exactly what he did. He loves to do yard work.

Last night Mr. R came over. He always has to bring a bunch of stuff when he comes. He brought me the earrings and my ring. I took it out of the box and said "Aww, you're back with mama now." I had forgotten how beautiful it was. He also brought me 2 bottles of tanning lotion. Hmm, do you think that's a hint? I am so far behind. I HAVE to make myself go tanning today! He also brought vent covers for all of our vents in the house. He said this year will be horrible for allergies and he knows how T2 and I suffer, so wanted us to have them. (he's so sweet!) He also brought T2 2 extra inhalers. He gets tons of stuff like that from his doctor somehow and just puts it back in case someone he knows needs it. He's very thoughtful! His mama raised him well.

We went and looked at the property, then went and got food. We let T2 pick and he picked Subway. Probably not our first choice, but it was ok. We got there right as they were closing so we had to bring it home. After that we watched Animal Planet for awhile with the kids and then he left. He had brought the Jag with him and I asked him when I was going to get a ride in it and he said "Come on, you can drive it." Now I know why his mom asks to use it all the time, it's nice. I think I could drive that around. Although it's too low. Once you've driven an SUV it's kind of hard to be so low to the ground. I like to be up where I can see stuff.

After he left, I cleaned the downstairs up a little and went to bed. That's our weekend... Nothing too overly exciting, but it was a busy weekend.

Well, I'm off to get a drink and get the kids up. Happy Monday!