January 31, 2006


It's Tuesday, do you think I can actually post for a full week, each day? Well, that is my goal. Speaking of "goals" I've decided I need some. I have the normal every day goals of: keeping myself sane, keeping all the daycare kids alive until their parents can get them, be a good mom, good friend, take time out to read my bible and pray, homeschool my kids, and of course make sure I don't miss The Young and the Restless. lol Well, I'm not talking about every day goals...I'm talking about long term goals and right now, I have a couple. The obvious ones would be to raise my children to be good people and live happy lives. No, I'm talking more about specific goals...right now I have 2.

The first... (as silly as this sounds and I will probably deny ever saying this by Friday...) is that I would really like to find someone. Yes, someone as in a man, a boyfriend and eventually a husband. I think I've been alone along enough and although I find most men annoying, I think there may be a few out there that actually have a brain in their head and love in their heart. Now...where to find this male counterpart. Since I work from home, this is difficult. Although I did have 2 daycare kids once with a single father who asked me out. He wasn't my type. Nice, but not my type. Plus, his mom was menopausily crazy and there is NO way I could have handled her as a mother in law! So, back to where to find a man. Well, there's always friends...YA, no thanks! Those "set ups" almost never work! So where does that leave a single gal with a blog , hmmm right here on the net?! Oh yes, good ol' internet dating...I've been there and done that! I think it's great except for the fact that most people fill their personal ads with tons of lies! Not me, I am straight up honest...probably too honest...which is probably why I don't get hits! Well, that and the fact that my hp program isn't working right and I can't upload a picture. Anyway, I'm totally misguiding you on this goal...getting married is not my goal... dating at this point is not even my goal. And just how will you find your husband you ask...well, at this point I won't. I believe that God speaks to everyone every day...you just have to listen. As since I was brought up in a bible believing Christian home with a minister for a dad, I know this to be true. I believe that God is a jealous God and I know all about jealousy in relationships. At this point I really feel like God is telling me that He's jealous. He's jealous that most of my whole dating life I've spent trying to make bad relationships, that were going no where, work... when I should have been working on my relationship with Him and that would have gone beyond anywhere I could have imagined! I feel like if I want that perfect person, who is going to be my perfect mate sent from God (because he would never send less than perfect), that maybe , just maybe, I need to work on my relationship with Him first. So there you have it, my first goal...I really need to work on my relationship with the Lord, get into my Bible more, get more involved at my church and let Him take it from there. He knows all the desires of my heart anyway, He will send that perfect person when He knows I am ready and I don't think I would want anyone until that time anyway.

Ok, so my second goal...and one I am really really excited about...I am going back to school! I hope. I have sent in my application for a grant to IAEYC and Indiana T.E.A.C.H. to finish my Child Development Associates degree with an emphasis in Early Literacy. Plus, if I get this grant for this program that they are offering, it would also include a business course which would help with record keeping, contracts, marketing and things like that. Hopefully I can do this all online as I have no time to go OUT to attend classes and no where to leave my kids. Eventually I think I would like to get licensed again and hire someone, perhaps my mom to come and work with me. I've also thought up ideas as how to turn the whole first floor of my home into a whole daycare area. It would be big enough and I'm thinking of finishing the garage too, so that would make another big area for a separate preschool room.

Well, anyway, these are my goals for now. I'm really hoping I can get the grant for these classes. Wish me luck!

January 30, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Ok, so it's not raining today, but it IS Monday, and in all honestly, I'm not really down...so I guess you could strike that title! (Sorry, I like the Carpenters, have a headache and couldn't think of a better title that had anything to do with Monday.)

Guess what...after driving down to Indy, paying $10 for parking, and walking all the way through the Convention Center to the RCA Dome, we found out that they had sold out of tickets at 4pm. So...we went out looking for the guys who have the signs that say "I need tickets" lol, and sure enough they had tickets...for $50 each. WHAT? for a monster truck show? I think not! I mean the kids tickets were only $5. Paaaaleeeze! It was sad for the boys though! Grandpa felt bad too, so he told them he'd give them $30 each and they could go shopping. Of course that pleased T1. T2 was pretty disappointed and as we were walking back to the parking garage he heard one of the trucks rev it's engine. He just stopped and said "Mom, do you hear that?!" I about cried. We promised them next year for sure and that we would get tickets early! We ended up at Wendy's and made a quick stop at Walmart. We also hit Blockbuster but they didn't have anything good in. So, we were home early and in bed early. A friend of mine's husband went and she said he didn't get home until 12-12:30. Oh well, there's always next year!

January 28, 2006

Just some nonsense

This isn't even anything really newsworthy...I was just watching a newer episode of Mtv's "Meet the Barkers" and I'm sorry Shanna, but I really don't think you're the inventor of the SMORE!! Good try though. lol
But hey, she just named her newborn daughter "Alabama" and they're calling her "Bama" for short...so we just have to bare with the fact that someone doesn't have all her pre pregnancy brain cells back. They should make some celebrity moms wait until all their hormones and pregnancy brain cells are back to normal before naming their kids...I can only imagine what Gwenneth's going to name this baby-to-be!!
Hmmm, what exactly goes with "Apple"?? Orange? Fritter? Pie?

Off to do my weekly grocery shopping then headed to the Monster Truck Jam. Is anyone jealous? I know you are!!! Hmm...Where did I leave that Confederate flag tank top??

January 27, 2006

What a fast week!

These are the weeks that I love...the ones that go real fast!! And this one did!!

I thought I would post real fast before my weekend begins, not that we're going to be super busy, but I have exactly 24 minutes to wait before my gas company calls me back. I like how they'll let you punch your number in and call you back instead of keeping you on hold for a long period of time. Anyway, my bill this month is over $300 and there is absolutely NO WAY that I can pay it. I am so poor right now. lol Plus, I just said good bye to 2 clients today, so the next few weeks are going to be rough. BUT...I have to give a shot out to *JC here, because I know He'll take care of us, He always does!! And yes, I do feel kind of like a lowlife asking for help, but hey, it's been a cold winter and they decided to raise the rates sky high, what do they expect. I've lived in the house almost 6 years and have paid my own heating bill for at least 8, and I've never had help, so I think I'm due...maybe? I still feel like I'm standing in line asking for government cheese, but oh well! I'll get over it... it's better than the alternative...which would be having to sell myself on the streets to pay the gas bill. Besides, I don't think this mom would make much on the streets...my goods aren't as "good" as they used to be. LOL
So...I'm waiting for my call back to see if I qualify for help. It's only a one time thing and I think it's for no more than $200 but at this point, anything will help.

So what is on the agenda for the Clay household this weekend...well, tonight we will just hang out, eat, watch tv, sleep, maybe play a game or two...nothing huge.
Tomorrow I have some shopping and cleaning to do and then....THEN....my dad is taking me and the boys to...............................................can you handle it.....do you really want to know............................are you sitting down.........The Monster Truck Show!!! I'm counting down the hours....not! lol I'm not thrilled with the whole thing, but I will go because my kids want me to. I actually thought maybe it would be a nice grandpa/grandson's night out thing...but nope, the boys have to take mom too!! Awww, and I wouldn't want it any other way!! We went in 2003 so I guess I can handle every 3 years. Anyone seen the forecast for Central Indiana? By any chance is a huge snowstorm suppose to be coming in tomorrow afternoon?? Any icy road conditions coming my way that I should be aware of?? Just kidding, of course I want to go...I mean, HELLO...would you give up a chance to see Grave Digger??? Heck NO!!! Ok, I will admit, last time was ok, maybe even kind of fun! I will go, I will enjoy myself...just the huge smile on Taylor's face that will be permanent for 3 hours will be worth it.

*JC -is Jesus Christ...if you didn't know! :o)

January 25, 2006

A New Look

So I got tired of my pink... it was time to change! And of course when you make that change, you lose your counter (which mine was at 403-for the record) and you have to start again at 1. So, if you're new here... I promise, people really DO read my blog. Trust me, I don't have time to keep hitting the refresh button!! Although with all my changes today I think I managed to put the first 15 hits on my counter! I should also add that I'm very html illiterate (but getting better) so I've only even had a counter for maybe a month or so....am I convincing anyone??

Today on the noon news, a "father" leaves his 1 yr old baby in his car alone, goes into a gas station to get himself a cup of coffee, probably pay, and I guess must have not only left the baby alone, but must have left the car unlocked, along with the keys....and I think you know where I'm going from here...Yep, the car was stolen, along with the baby in the back! You know, I have a hard time with compassion anyway, but things like this make it even HARDER!! I mean honestly, what are these idiots thinking?! WHY in the world would you leave your most prized possession on the face of the earth alone in an unlocked car, possibly one that was even running? He deserved it!! I'm glad it happened!!! And I can say that because they found the car not long after it was taken and the baby is A-OK!! I don't think I could say that if something horrible had happened. Of course they showed all the family members including the grandma all crying and hugging the baby...YA, well, they should have showed the father in cuffs and headed for jail! This is why you PAY AT THE PUMP people!! And go through Starbucks to get your coffee!! Or Mc Donald's Or Burger King or anywhere with a drive thru!

People annoy me! And the fact that this was considered NEWS WORTHY irritates me even more. Ya, I'm glad for your happy ending but what about the low level of parenting skills you have?? Let's talk about that, let's make that the new story, let's talk about the charges the police SHOULD bring up on you for being an unfit parent? Or perhaps some much need parenting classes that you should be court ordered to go to...ya, whatever... it will never happen. We have the perfect opportunity to make examples out of these situations, but we don't.

Well, there is one story where they did make an example .....A couple months ago, I think back in December, 2 young "women" go to a strip club and because trashy trampy mom (whose only agenda is to bump and grind and find her next baby's daddy) doesn't have a babysitter for her newborn, she decides to leave the car running with the baby inside. People pass by and notice, "HEY , there's a little baby in there" and call the police (Thank God!) and guess what...the two women got arrested....YIPPPEEEE!!! Yep, even the friend because she was aware of it! Good!! So, I guess that time two birds were killed with one stone, because you know they both would have came out trashed and then would have drove home drunk, possibly getting in a wreck, most likely forgetting the baby was even in the car and leaving it out in the cold all night, or taking the baby in the house but passing out til noon the next day leaving the starving baby to cry for food and attention.

Anyway, the baby should be taken away! One strike, you're out! I don't think people deserve second chances when it comes to their kids! At least not for things like this! They should be smart enough in the first place to realize that they are responsible for a human life! If you're going to have kids, take care of them. Period!!

OH...and I have to say this, how come there is more accountability for pet owners? Have you ever watched that show on Animal Planet (Animal Cops) where the ASPCA goes in -with guns- and takes animals away and arrests the owners for not taking caring of their pets? Great show! We should learn from it!

January 23, 2006

I had a thought...

I know, Tonja had a thought...and she's getting on her soapbox to share it with us...NO WAY!! lol
Hey, your Monday morning wouldn't be complete without me spouting off about something...LOL Right? Besides, I only have 2 kids here and they are laying down watching a Franklin dvd and I'm bored.

So last night I was flipping through channels and caught the ending of Desperate Housewives. I don't watch DH because I'm just not interested in the show, but I had watched the first few episodes so left it on for the last 10 minutes just to see what was happening. Well, Grey's Anatomy was on next, I had watched that show one time, so I decided I'd try again...it didn't hold my interest more than 5 minutes, but in the first scene two doctor's (or "interns") are sitting talking and the main girl is doing the "talking in her head but we can hear thing" and she is talking about honesty and lying...she said something about doctors always assume their patients are lying. I'm not exactly sure the exact words she used, but I know whatever it was that she said, really struck a nerve with me. And yes, I know, this is tv...but seriously, do you think that most doctors think their patients are lying to them??? I'm beginning to wonder...

I have always thought that about mine....like if I'm at my gyno for my annual check up and he wants to start talking about birth control and I tell him I don't need any...(a.k.a. I'm not having sex!!!) he will press the issue. For some reason, I guess telling your gyno that even though you are a single woman with two kids, you are a Christian and therefore not sleeping around, is still not a good enough explanation for why you don't need birth control! And of course, the fact that I have 2 kids works against me, I know that, but still....don't assume I'm lying about not having sex and not needing birth control!!

Just like the drinking thing, I always feel like they think I'm lying when I tell them I don't drink. They ask, I say I don't drink, they ask again "not just a glass of wine now and then??" NO, not just a glass of wine now and then!!! lol It's not that I think I'm going to hell if I have a glass of wine, or I think it's wrong, I just don't drink. Or very VERY rarely! (maybe at a wedding)

It also reminds me of the time that I had health insurance agents in my kitchen trying to get me to join their group of self employed "business people" and since they would be looking at my medical records, wanted to know about all prescriptions....well, a long time ago, before I took zoloft, my doctor prescribed xanax. I never took it. That is the 100% truth and anyone who knows of my wimpy nature when it comes to taking drugs, they know I did not take any xanax! lol Example of my "no drugs" nature...I woke up with a horrible headache today, but didn't take anything...I drank hot tea instead and hoped that it would help. ?? Where I am getting that theory is beyond me, but the headache's gone. Anyway... when I told these people that I had never taken any, they didn't believe me and kept asking and asking and asking, "Well, how many do you think you've taken in the last year?" ...So you know what I did...I LIED...I said I had taken it but only a couple of times. I LIED because they didn't believe me and they wouldn't except that I had never taken it. Grrrrr!

Ok, I don't like doctors anyway and I don't care for most of the medical field in general...only because it's a money maker...not a life saver!!! (in most cases-there are good doctors out there, I know this because I have had a few) Anyway...
I think anyone with a brain knows that they LET people die of cancer because of the money that it makes!!! Don't even get me started on my thoughts that they probably have, somewhere in some lab, a cure for cancer!!! But geez...think of the money they would lose if there were a cure! Or if doctors told us a way to live to insure us that we wouldn't get cancer! There are ways! Did you know that if your body is at a certain alkaline state there is no way that it's environment can produce cancer causing cells or disease? Did you know you can buy test strips at your local healthfood store and test your acid/alkaline each day at home? Did you know that just by eating certain foods you can ensure that the alkaline in your system doesn't turn into acid -which causes cancer and disease? (I'm sure I'll write a post about that someday, once I'm more educated!)

Anyway...to make my long story short...I have been convicted!! I think as a provider, I judge my daycare parents the same way. I figure they are all liars right from the start. And granted, most are (in some way or another), but still, I wonder if I would just give them a chance, maybe they would surprise me. Doubtful, but maybe worth a shot heh??

January 22, 2006

We're watching...

Coach Roy once was college basketball's top mastermind. But lately his attentions have been on his next endorsements, not on his next game. What¹s more, Roy's temper has run amuck, leading to his being banned from college ball until he can demonstrate compliance--in other words, not explode every time he walks onto the court. Roy waits ­ and waits ­ for a suitable coaching offer, but he receives only one: the Mount Vernon Junior HighSchool Smelters basketball squad.

January 21, 2006

Saturday Night

I'm just sitting here waiting for my mom to get home from work.

We went and had dinner with her tonight. We went to Wendy's so I blew my healthy eating again. I've decided that even though I DO want to start eating a more healthy/organic diet, I am going to ease into it and not just stop all the good stuff right away! lol Actually, I need to educate myself more on what it is I'm trying to do... I don't really need to have a title, like... I'm "Vegetarian" or I'm "Vegan" or anything like that...who cares! I just want to feed my kids and I more healthy meals. I would prefer that those meal be mainly organic food and little red meat, but I'm certainly not going to say I'll never eat red meat again. I think everything is ok in moderation! Besides, who can pass up a nice juicy steak and big baked potato every now and then? I don't want to be one of those crazy people who can't eat normal at a friend or relative's house. Talk about making everyone uncomfortable! I would be so upset if I invited someone over for dinner only to find out that they could not/would not eat anything I had fixed.

We went to the health food store today. I got 2 bars of soap and some organic shampoo and conditioner. Your skin is the biggest organ you have, so it's also important to be careful what you're putting on it every day. There are so many chemicals that are put in things like that, and whatever you're putting on your body is getting absorbed into your skin. I was looking at a new bottle of Bath and Body Works lotion I got for Christmas and I noticed that on the back it says
"This finished product is not tested on animals." Ok...well duh...I guess if it's finished, you wouldn't need to test it would you?! So, basically I take that statement as "Yes, we test on animals, just not after the product is finished and ready to send to the stores." NICE!!! I'm shocked we haven't seen something about this on 20/20!! I don't think I'll be shopping there much longer...not because I'm taking a strong stand against animal testing (although I don't like it, I still would rather something be tested on a mouse and find out early on that it may kill a human before it's put out on the market!!) no, I don't want to shop there just for the plain fact that they obviously think consumers are stupid enough not to be able to read between the lines! Please don't insult our intelligence!!!

Before we met my mom for dinner, I took the kids to EB Games to look around and as I was looking at dvds, I heard a woman on the phone, she was asking her son what PS2 games he wanted, then she was asking the clerks if they had what he was asking for...well, he was not just asking for one thing, he was asking for many things, some of the things asked for, they had to go to the back of the store to get...I was like "wow, what a nice mom!...what a rich mom!!" After she got off the phone, she thanked the clerks for helping her and that all the stuff she got was for her son, who was home sick....he has cancer. She said as long as God would keep him on the earth for her, she was going to make sure he had the best time he could have. How sad!! But still, I bet that woman spent at least $300, if not more!! So sad, and hearing things like that always makes you take a minute to thank God for all you have, especially healthy kids!

Oh...I watched a great movie today...we had rented it last night, but didn't have time to watch it, and because I had spent the money, and it was due back today by 6pm, I was bound and determined to sit down and watch it. (Did I mention I'm becoming frugal as well? lol) The movie was "Fever Pitch", and yes, I know, it's not new...but it was SO good!! I really liked it! Very cute movie! Makes you almost want to fall in love again....if there is such a thing!

I got a call today for child care, please pray that it will work out! I really need more kids, especially if my mom is going to start working with me! I got the message when I got home tonight, but it was too late for me to call her back so I will call tomorrow afternoon! I am losing 2 kids this Friday, so I really need to fill those spots! And, this woman has 2 kids!! Let's pray it's a great match!

Well, I am off to bed. We really need to get up and go to church tomorrow! We didn't go last week (I wasn't feeling real great) and I hate it when we miss! I love our church and really enjoy every service! It's so laid back and relaxed!

January 20, 2006

This is sad!

Please go to: http://www.savejacksonbortz.com to read more about this story.

January 18, 2006

Sick and Tired, but not really sick or tired....

Do you ever get sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired?!? I don't feel tired so much, as I always feel sick. Granted, I don't exercise (at least not by most standards...although I consider running around after 5 kiddos age 18mos-4yrs all day quite a workout), I don't eat well...I cave when we drive by fast food and I think about how much easier it will be to just drive thru, than go home and cook, and as far as getting enough sleep, well I'm at about 6.5 -7 hrs per night, so not that bad. But, I can tell you that I'm not at all ready to get out of bed in the morning. Although I think a lot of that is just plain winter depression. Who wouldn't want to stay in bed under warm blankets when is 10 degress out and feels like it's about 50 in your house. Not fun to think about getting out of those warm blanket only to get undressed and get in the shower, only to have to get back out all wet and cold. That's not my idea of an exciting way to wake up and start my day.

And let me tell you this..."mind over matter" can kiss my cold wet butt!! I woke up this morning and I knew that I had to get up earlier and get downstairs earlier because I had to go out into the cold to shovel the walks for my daycare parents.
So, I tried to fool my mind, I stretched a little and told myself it was going to be a great day and how wonderful I felt and how I just couldn't wait to start the day. Well, LOL, let me tell you....my mind is SMARTER than that!!!!! Seriously, have you ever tried to fool yourself into thinking something's wonderful that really isn't. It doesn't work. Well, I guess if you're an idiot or some ditzy prozac taking trophy wife you may. But any smart person cannot fool their own minds into thinking that something dreadful is going to be Grrrrrreat!!!!!!!! Maybe that's why I never made any of my past relationships work...I mean, I tried, but when your boyfriend always has some lame excuse why he can't go out on Friday night and then accidentally leaves his cell phone off all evening, it's pretty hard to convince yourself that he's not cheating!! DUH!! God gave women a 6th sense about that kind of stuff...but that's a WHOLE other story!!!!

OH, but I do have to share this one with you....this was good.....(off topic, but just go with it...)
So I started talking to a guy I had dated on and off for the last couple years...never really liked him, not attracted to him at all, but he was really nice. So a couple weeks ago he calls and we talked for a while, then he started calling every day for the last couple weeks. Well, we sort of talked about maybe trying a dating relationship again, but I said I didn't know....not real interested, but...hey, what else do I have going on right now. Oh and I should tell you that there is something about this guy that my mom and I don't get...like there's something we don't trust about him, but can't really pinpoint what it is exactly. So...we talk every day last week and although we didn't really have set plans for last weekend, we kind of hinted around that we may do something together. Well...lol, he didn't call me Friday morning, so I figured we weren't doing anything Friday night, so I went ahead and went shopping and out to eat with my kids. Well, he called and left a message on my home phone around 8ish pm and said THIS..., (in a half way whispered voice)..." Hi Tonja, it's me, ****...I just wanted to let you know that something is wrong with my home phone, so don't call it tonight...if you call me, make sure to call my cell phone, don't call my home phone. I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but it's not working so make sure you don't call my home phone, but you can call my cell. Ok, thanks, bye."

You know, it's not that I didn't have the guts to call his home phone, cause I would have in a heartbeat!!! It's that I didn't give a crap! I listened to that message and thought to myself, "Ok ****, have fun with your floozie"...LOLOL
I mean do guys REALLY think we believe this crap? And are there really stupid women who actually fall for this kind of stuff??? PAAA LEAZE!!!!!!

Anyway, if you're interested, I haven't called him since. He did call me Saturday morning...FROM HIS HOME PHONE!!!!!!!! lol I didn't answer. He called again Sunday and I decided to be nice and answered. I kept it short and sweet. He asked why I didn't call him back Friday night and I told him because he had told me not to call him...then he made up some story about how when it rains sometimes his phone goes out and that people can call him, but he can't hear them...So, I said I noticed on my caller id that he had called from his home phone early Saturday morning and he said that the phone company had came out right away Saturday morning and fixed it....LOL ya right!!!! OH OH OH and THEN he said he had the receipt to prove it. HEY BUDDY.....YOU CAN'T PLAY A PLAYER!!!! I know all the tricks...cause they were either used on me, or I used them myself!!!!!! And I have found in my almost 33 yrs of life, that when men offer up TOO much information, without us asking question after question...they're lying!!!

Anyway...back to my real discussion...I'm just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired...SO, we're trying to make some changes. We only ate out once this week and that was last night because I had to go grocery shopping and it was snowing and the roads were getting icy and I was starving and we had a 20 minute ride back home, not including the time it takes to carry all the groceries in the house and then put them away....and if I would have waited and cooked something after that, it would have been 9:00 before we would have had dinner , then I would have had dishes to do and AMERICAN IDOL was on last night!!!!!!! But, we are going to try really hard the rest of the week!! We're taking baby steps ok!! Plus, I am researching organic and healthy foods online and with the help of some other bloggers...I will be happy to share what I find. I've already decided that I will NEVER drink milk again...here's a link as to why: www.milksucks.com Read that and tell me if you want a big nice glass of that nasty stuff now!! Especially the "Got...Pus" section. Ewww!! Not too mention all the nasty hormones!

January 11, 2006

Yippee, I made the list....

5 Random Mom Blogs
Parents Afterall
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The Clay Cottage
Spookiez Spot

Yay, I made the "Random Mom Blogs" list at The Mom Salon.
Check them out: www.themomsalon.com

VBAC and EMTALA laws

I know a lot of blogs I frequent are those of young children/babies and also pregnancy blogs. The best times of my life were when I was pregnant and when my kids were infants/toddlers. Don't get me wrong, I love the nice independant age they are now, but having a baby is just so exciting and I like to read other's experiences. Anyway, just incase anyone reading my blog is pregnant and worried about the hospital not doing what YOU want, or respecting YOUR wishes, PLEASE READ BELOW...especially if your next child will be VBAC, like my 2nd child was.

This is taken from the Winter 2006 - Number 76 issue of Midwifery Today:

"The federal Emergency Treatment and Advanced Labor Act (EMTALA) requires hopsitals to admit women in active labor and to abide by their treatment wishes until the baby and placenta are delivered. The act was originally passed to prevent hospitals from "dumping" patients who can't pay, but its since been applied in all sorts of other ways and includes specific provisions that apply to laboring women. The attorneys we've consulted on the VBAC ban issue have told us that hosptials are much more afraid of being found in violation of EMTALA than they are of malpractice suits because the act is routinely enforced and each violation subjects them to fines between $50,000 and $100,000. I can't emphasize enough the importance to individuals who may find themselves in this situation of memorizing phrases such as "It's a violation of my rights under EMTALA to force me to undergo a cesarean," or "I'm invoking my right under EMTALA to refuse a, b, c." Whether the hospital in question says it bans VBACs is unimportant; according to EMTALA, you have the right to be admitted to a hospital once you're in active labor and, once admitted, you have the right to refuse any recommended treatment. You can also remind them that VBAC isn't a tratement, it's the natural culmination of a normal physiological process. Cesareans are the treatment. Also, it's helpful to know that EMTALA begins to apply once you are anywhere within 250 feet of a hosptial; you don't have to be in the emergency room. You can be standing in the hospital parking lot, and if they so much as touch you against your express consent, they are in violation of EMTALA. For anyone interested in reading more, we've compiled a legal primer on the rights of pregnant women at: <http://www.birthpolicy.org/.
Editor's Note: To learn more about this important subject, go to
<http://www.emtala.com/>www.emtala.com. There you will find frequently asked questions, as well as links to the statue and case law."

January 10, 2006

I *heart* Escalades

This is my dream car....I love these suvs!
I doubt I will ever have one, at least not a new one, but it's nice to dream right?!

January 7, 2006

Yay! It's Saturday

I'm so happy it's the weekend!

This past week was hard...it shouldn't have been, work should have been easy considering I only had 2-3 kids each day, but Thursday was horrible and I was ready to close up the daycare for good! Thursday would have been great, if a parent would have remember her child's pacifier. I just don't understand why they can't leave one here. I mean, they're $2.76 for 2 at Walmart...give me a break!
Next week I will be back to my full load...I'm not sure I can do it. I'm trying to talk my mom into working with me...she's thinking about it but doesn't want to take money away from me...well, if I don't get someone to help, I'm going to go insane, so I'd be happy to pay her whatever she wants. It would also be nice to have someone by February so that I could take the kids back to the homeschool co-op. We really liked it last year and I think it would be good for them to go back. It would be nice for me too...I miss my Thursdays of getting out of the house.

We were up early today. I had to have both dogs at the groomer by 9:00. Then we
ran to Home Depot with my mom to buy an attic ladder kit. We have a guy coming to install it Monday so we can finally get up in our attic over the garage. Hopefully we can get the garage cleaned out enough now to actually get a car in it. As much as I hate the thoughts of it, I'm thinking 'garage sale' this spring.

We saw Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and loved it!! It was as good as the first and is on our dvd "to buy" list when it comes out. I love movies that the whole family can watch!

Well, I'm off to go start laundry and think about the daycare menu for next week.

~Have a nice Saturday!~

January 3, 2006

Tuesday, Tofu and Twins

So, it's Tuesday...first day back to work after SO long. Only 2 kiddos, so I can't complain, but I know I'm truly suppose to be a stay at home wife/mom...just need the wife title and we're all set.
Oh, and need the man!! (with the good paying job)!!

We had tofu for the first time tonight. I bought some last night along with a frozen bag of snap pea stir fry. I was looking all over online this afternoon on how to cook it. It was easy, but it didn't have a taste. I know it's suppose to take on the taste of whatever you're cooking, and I guess it kind of does, but my question is, if it tastes just like the other stuff you're eating, why have it?? I think what disappointed me was that it looked like little cubed chicken so I was thinking that I would taste some nice yummy chicken in each bite and then was quickly reminded that nope, it was just tofu. This healthy eating is going to take some getting used to. My vegetarian son was quite pleased! He hugged me after dinner and said that "dinner was great!!". Awww, now I know why moms cook!! I'm sure we'll have it again, I'll just have to do more searching for other things to put it in and maybe talk to a friend of mine who uses it a lot.

It's a ....boy!! And....a girl!!! It's TWINS!!!!!! One of my daycare moms had an ultra sound today and found out she's having a boy and a girl. WOW! Better her than me!!! lol This is one of my favorite families and I SO hope that they stay here after the babies are born. It wouldn't surprise me if they hired a nanny, but I sure hope they bring the babies here!! I really like this family and their son (who I've had since he was 7 or 8 weeks old and is 18 mos old now), is just like one of my own.
He's so adorable!! We just love him to pieces.

~Have a great evening~

January 1, 2006

Happy 2006!

Yippeee, we made it to 2006. Can you believe it's 2006?
Well, I started the year off right today...I woke up at 7:15 -because my back and legs were hurting so bad from riding in the car all day yesterday- and I decided since I was up early enough and in too much pain to lay back down, to just stay up and go to 1st service at our church. So, we did and it was wonderful! We walked in and they had arranged the seats in a circle type arrangement and it was very nice and quaint. Our pastor did not speak from up on the stage but rather down in the middle part in between all the chairs. I really liked it that way. It was so much more personal. He had a very good message and we're going to start a new program this year that is going to be great! He (our pastor) is really on fire about not making our church "numbers" grow, but the church *members* grow in their walk with Christ. It's exciting and I can't wait to get started! It's going to be a great year at our church and I wish everyone I know, who doesn't have a church, would come and try it. Yes, Jenny!! That means you!!! lol (I know you read my blog, so thought I would just give you a little shout out there!) :o) I just know you would love it if you tried it!! :o)

We made our journey to Michigan yesterday. The trip went well... weather was alright-some snow, but nothing making driving conditions bad-and as far as traffic, NONE!! We left at 8:30am and got home around 9:30pm. I can't go into all my thoughts (for fear that family will visit my blog)... but the day was ok. We met my aunt's new man-who she says she is going to marry...and had a interesting moment of anger with another aunt... but hey, what's a family get-together without excitement right?! All in all it was a nice day. The food was great, but because I'm such a horrible traveler, I couldn't eat much. Eating and riding make me sick! I got my "Aunt Betty Bling Bling" ring from my grandma!! (It's too hard to explain...let's just say 3 rows of diamonds, all the way around, stacked on top of each other) I bet it was blinding my pastor this morning. LOL Oh Ya, and it's fake!! But still beautiful!!!!!!! And super BLINGY!!! lol

My big New Year's Eve:
We were on I69 for most of it...One exit from ours has a Burger King so finally, since we were so close to home, I had my appeitite back and was hungry, so we stopped and went through the drive thru, got home, ate, checked my email, watched my dad (who couldn't go) open his gifts, watched some tv downstairs and finally crashed in bed at about 11:50 - just in time to watch the ball drop. After that I was pretty much out, until about 12:05 when Taylor got me up saying he was going to puke. So...we sat in the bathroom for awhile with his head hanging over the toilet, but nothing. I think he was just overly tired and since I was exhausted, I decided to let him get in my bed and keep the light on until he fell asleep. For some reason, he goes to sleep better if he thinks I'm still up. And it worked last night because he was asleep within minutes.
When I woke him up this morning for church he was saying his stomach still hurt. I told him I thought he could manage going to church and if he was feeling worse, we could leave. He seems fine now, but I still think I'm going to try and get him to take a nap this afternoon. If this doesn't stop with the next week, I'll probably take him to the doctor, he seems to be having a lot of stomach issues lately and he seems tired all the time. If he doesn't snap out of it by the end of this week, we're going to have to get it checked out.

And NO, sorry, I'm not posting any New Year's Resolutions! I've never been big on that...I think it's too much pressure to write out goals for the next 365 days...just making it day to day and week to week is a great success to me!! Besides, why set yourself up for failure. Yes, I would like to exercise more, eat better, find the man of my dreams and go back to school for the rest of my associates degree in child development... but I'm not going to pressure myself. I don't do well with pressure. So, I'm just going to put them out there as attainable goals/options.

My main goals/resolutions are current and ongoing year to year...they are:
-To put God first in our lives
-Be the best mom I can be

After that, I think everything else just falls into place.

~Happy New Year~