March 31, 2006

Say It Isn't So

From yahoo...
Jessica Simpson May Want to Adopt Kids
Wednesday March 29 7:52 AM ET

Jessica Simpson has babies on the brain. The 25-year-old singer filed for divorce from Nick Lachey last December but her publicist says Simpson is looking at adoption.
"Nothing has been finalized yet" as to when and how Simpson will adopt, her publicist, Rob Shuter, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. But he added, "It is true that she's exploring options."
Oh my goodness...
The girl doesn't know tuna from chicken... she can't do her own laundry or clean up after herself... she thinks buffalo wings are made from buffalos... she can't say "platypus"... and has no idea what a bratwurst is... do I need to say more?
I thought they screened parents who were looking to adopt? Let's hope so! Oh well, I guess if Britney can do it - Why not Jessica!

Insert Tracking Device

I have anxiety issues and I'll be the first to admit it...part of those issues include me not being able to handle being told what to do or constantly "kept an eye on". Hello...I am 33 yrs old, I have been on my own pretty much my whole adult life and I've done what I've wanted, when I've wanted! And even though I've been in serious relationships during some of this time, I was never implanted with a tracking chip! (Or at least made to feel like I was.)

There is a guy that I have known for about 5 yrs. This guy is the most giving person I have ever met. And this guy makes some good money. AND...this guy would probably marry me today if I asked him. And my kids like this guy...which is a MUST with anyone. (But, that could be because he buys them everything under the sun.) OK anyway... I have tried once again to "start" something with this man. We are suppose to go out tonight. I don't want to. I will probably cancel. I just can't handle it. He called last night and this is how our conversation went:

Him: hey, whatcha doing?
Me: dishes.
Him: oh really, why?
Me: cause they need to be done.
Him: OH, what having you been doing?
Me: just got done with dinner.
Him: did you go anywhere today?
Me: Umm no...( know I work from 7:30-5:00 from home, with kids, and can't get out and go anywhere)
Him: OH, you didn't? You didn't go anywhere?
Me: (a little annoyed now) No, I had kids all day.
Him: oh I thought maybe you got out.
Me: nope.
Him: are you going anywhere?
Me: nope.
Him: so what did you do today?
Me: worked.
Him: so are we still on for tomorrow night?
Me: ya, i guess?
Him: so what are you going to do tonight?
Me: (it's about 8:15 on a Thursday I'm headed out for a big party -duh) Umm, I'm finishing up the dishes, then I'll go upstairs and watch CSI and then go to bed.
[I'm clearly annoyed at this point and I'm pretty sure he can tell]
Him: oh. well, do you want me to let you go so you can get ready to watch your show?
Me: ya, i guess.
Him: ok, I'll talk to you later.
Me: ok bye.
Him: bye.

And no... before you open your mouth... it's just not him being "interested" in my day or evening. Everytime I answer one of his MANY MANY questions, he replies with this "oh..." in this "uh are such a liar" tone. And the questions go on and on. There is just something that is not right there. I can't place my finger on it, but it's this strong vibe and annoyance that I get when this happens that make me say to myself "NO! Not the man for you! Move on! Let this one go!"

There are a couple other odd things that have happened, including a time when he had left a pool on my driveway for my kids while we were gone - for some random reason, (we weren't even talking during this time) and I was seeing someone else at the time...well, a few days later, he called and left a message on my voice mail that I better keep my "boyfriend" out of the pool that he bought my kids. Well, he wasn't a "boyfriend" but just someone I was sort of "seeing" (if you'd call it that) and he had never been in the pool. And then there was the time this same guy who I was "seeing", left my house one night and was followed by some guy who was sitting at the end of my street. The guy was in a truck and followed him until he got on the express way. Now I have no proof it was him, but it sure is a coincident.

OK....I'm not cool with that! Not at all! As a matter of fact, it really ticks me off! I sit here and wonder at times if my phone is tapped (because there are constant issues with the phone jack in my bedroom) or if my email is being hacked into. Not because I think I'm some hot chic that everyone WANTS!! lol I just feel like I'm constantly being watched when I start talking to him. There's just something odd there, and I've never felt it with anyone else. It's just weird. And the questions over and over again really get on my last nerve! Also, he'll ask these really off the wall questions about things that are very personal. Questions that I'm just not comfortable answering. He always tries to make a time line of the guys I have gone out with and when...and then he asks what I did with them. (as in physical) I think it's odd. I don't care about any of the women he's gone out with, and I sure don't want to know about what he did with them. yuck! It's just annoying and it puts my anxiety in overdrive. Maybe it's PMS...maybe it's intuition.

March 30, 2006

First Garage Sale of the Season

Spring is in the air...
And our weather today is beautiful! It is 68 degrees right now. It's so nice out, when the daycare kids get up from nap we are for sure going outside and blowing bubbles. One of my little 20 month olds is just crazy about bubbles.
I hit my first garage sale today...3 houses down from me. My mom was home, so the boys and I went after I layed the daycare kids down for their nap. They didn't really have much, but it was fun to get out, get some fresh air and take a little walk.
I will probably open up my windows this afternoon just to air the house out. That will be nice!

Other than that...there isn't much going on at The Clay Cottage today... it's just another happy Thursday.

March 29, 2006

For My Son...

For my son T1... who tagged me a few days ago... he wants to know what my dream pet would be. Well, I don't really have a "dream pet" but I do want a "Shorkie" some day. And if I would have held off on the 'snip snip' with my Yorkie Andy, we would have a whole litter by now I'm sure. I have a male Yorkie and a female Shih Tzu and I sure wish I would have waited and bred them. I know their puppies would have been so adorably cute. Oh well, what's done is done. I just think they're cute! Besides, I would probably have a house full of dogs now, because I don't think I would have had the heart to take their babies away from them. Maybe it's good I can't breed them!!

So what's your dream pet??

Deadbeat Dads

I almost hate my children's father. I don't hate him, because I can't. And although I know the bible says to love and forgive him... I'm wondering if they take into account the maternal instincts God gave mothers!
Christopher Eric Hawkins is a deadbeat "dad". I cannot stand him and I wish nothing but the worst for him. For all the wrong reasons too! I hate him, because of selfish reasons, all circling around $money$! I want his money. I don't hate him because he hasn't spent time with his children or because we're no longer together (I left him!), I hate him because I want the child support that he owes me... (which by the way, now equals to well over $8,000.00 and that DOESN'T include back support that I'm too tired to even try and figure out.)
I should explain why I am happy he's never spent any time with his kids...because he's not fit to raise or be a role model to any child, let alone MINE. Should I have thought about that before...Yes. Am I glad I didn't...of course!! I wouldn't trade my kids for the world and in all honesty, I should be the one paying for such a wonderful gift!
He had the option at the end of last year to start paying or sit in jail. He paid two checks which were a little over $300. He ended up in jail anyway on another charge, but was let out early because some other inmate brought a contagious rash into the jail. (nice)
So, April 3. he has another court date. If he hasn't continued to pay support, he'll go to jail for no less than 180 days. He hasn't paid jack since he was released and it is now March. 29. So, on April 3., sometime in the afternoon, I will call the Livingston County jail and ask if they have an inmate by the name of Christopher Hawkins. Will I be happy if they say "Yes"? No. I don't want him in jail. I want him out and working, paying what he owes me, and leading a productive life. I want him to try for his kids. I want his kids to matter enough that he wants to work his fingers to the bone to help support them. I don't understand how he can have children he never talks to, or calls, or writes, or visits...that is something that I will never be able to understand in my lifetime.
I only hope to do better with my children. I only hope to teach them everything I can about love and responsibility. I only hope that in this whole unfair process, they have learned something too and that they will be better men because of it.
I almost feel sorry for him, because somewhere along the way, someone must not have loved him enough. That's sad. But it's not an excuse!

March 27, 2006

The Gate Is Locked

It's Monday...let the Dora games begin...this is what we are watching right now and there seems to be some upset because the gate is locked and Boots has to get past some crabs. I swear, I don't know how my little 3 yr old daycare girl can stand the excitement. I'm all jittery just thinking about it. Thank goodness for BackPack!!'s Monday. Again. How does this day of the week creep up on me so fast? I think everyone should work really hard Tuesday through Thursday and have Friday through Monday off! If I were President, I would pass that law! I mean seriously, wouldn't you rather work 3 really long hard days and have 4 off? I sure would!! Of course some people would still have to work on the weekends...the mall still needs to be open, and of course restaurants, movies, we'd still have to have church, etc...but for us Monday through Friday workers, I think the job could get done in 3 days! Are ya with me??

So, did I ever tell you I was "engaged" briefly about two years ago? Ya, I was. Kind of. Sort of. Ok, maybe not really...but I had the ring. I didn't actually get proposed to, but my bf at the time did give me a very nice ring as a leading in to him proposing thing! It was nice. And when I say nice, I mean rows and rows of rocks! The shiny kind! The "girl's best friend" kind! So, I have been missing that ring lately. (I gave it back when we broke up, like a good girl should...OK, so he had to ask for it and threaten legal action...I still gave it back though...eventually). So I ended up calling him last night. Not really with intentions of mentioning the ring, but it did come up in conversation. I just blurted out "How is my ring doing?" lol He was like "Oh, the ring huh...". I said I missed it. He told me to think about it, and if I wanted it back to let him know. Meaning, that I could have the ring back but we would have to get back together.

So, I'm thinking about it....

March 25, 2006

2008 Is ON

So I'm bored and I've been searching out things online today that normally I could really care less about. Not that I don't think the 2008 election is something to not care about, it is! I just wouldn't normally start doing "research" so early... I mean we do have 19 months to go! But, what else do I have to do on a boring Saturday. I already sat through the whole first and half of the second season of our "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" dvds today. Just listening to Jessica and all her intellect, puts me in the mood to find things out about our Presidential hopefuls and the direction of our fine country. She'll do that to ya!

One thing I found out today is that I'm not as big of a "Bush" supporter as I once was. And NO , I have not been shaving myself in secret areas... I mean Bush... as in George Dubya. I think Christians need to stop being fooled into voting for and supporting everyone who is Republican. Republican doesn't automatically mean Christian. Just because a Republican President doesn't believe in abortion (or claims he doesn't... let's consider his "party all the time" daughters, you really think if either of them were to get themself knocked up that Grandma Babs wouldn't happily drive them down to the clinic? PULEEZE!!) So ok all you strict conservatives, how about this... President Bush is against abortion, but yet in 2002 he signed the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act (BPCA), offering pharmaceutical companies six-month exclusivity in exchange for running clinical drug trials on children. This will of course increase the number of children used as human test subjects (
Hammer Breslow). Do you know what human testing is? If not, you need to find out! Here is a link:
And to do this on children is in my opinion, just as sinful as an abortion. There is no value on life , in the womb or outside of it years later. I'm not even getting into Iraq.

So anyway, I have decided I am NOT a Bush supporter. Dear Dad... if you're reading this... take some aspirin and call 911, you're having a heart attack. And please, don't let them take you to the "close" hospital, demand that they take you to the "heart" hospital... I will be there shortly with balloons and a plant!

Let's take a look at some of our 2008 hopefuls shall we...

On the Republican side we have:
-Bush... No not George, Jeb. (Just as bad though!)
-Elizabeth Dole... Ok, weren't we over them when her husband lost in 2000?
-Rudy Giuliani ... All I think about when I think of him, is SNL and all his appearances on there. Can we really take him seriously?
-John McCain... Not bad, has crossover appeal, but at time of election will be 72. Who will his VP be? (just in case...)
-Colin Powell ... Had enough of him!
-Condoleezza Rice ... Interesting... could possibly get my vote. I like her!!
-Arnold Schwarzenegger ... as far as our Constitution, this would not be allowed since he was not born in the U.S., but do we really go by that old thing anymore?! Anyway... let's hope this is just wishful thinking on his part. (or his wife's part) What a nightmare! Oh well, look where Ronald Regan started.
-I'm not even adding Dick Cheney... I think the health issues are a big strike against him. Or should be. (Not to be mean, just saying...)

On the Democrat side we have:
-The OBVIOUS... Hillary Clinton. Call me crazy, but I may just think about this one.
Any woman who can hold her composer with such grace during her husband's very public affair, deserves some respect! You have to admit it!! Plus, she is a "Go-getter"!
-Evan Bayh... Very popular Senator from my very own state... but I can't see it. Not enough money there.
-Al Gore... Monica, get ready for action. I can only see another "White House interm romp" with this guy. I mean, he had to have taken some notes!
-John Kerry... Ya, no thanks!
-Rev. Al Sharpton... Don't even want to think about it! Seriously!! Don't even want to think about it!

Of course there are more "possibilities" on both sides, but those are a few to wet your political whistle. Personally, I would love to see Clinton vs. Rice. But that's just me.

March 24, 2006

At 7:45 This Morning...

I was feeding bread to our ducks. And this pic, could be a real pic of the two I was feeding! We have a male and female that were around last year and I think they're back. So my thinking is, it has to be spring! Although when our neighborhood friends, "Mr. and Mrs. Duck" first made their apperance this year, it was last Sunday. The kids and I had gone to Wendy's to get dinner and when we drove in the drive way, there they were. So of course we had to share some fries. Well, then we got snow dumped on us Tuesday. Hopefully the fact that they're back is a good sign! I really want some nice weather!

So, what are your plans for the day? I only have 2 daycare kiddos today and one is leaving at 11:30, so I will probably take the other one along with my kids and go out for lunch, just to get out of the house. Other than that, I'll just be hanging out here and doing laundry. Maybe I can get most of it done and won't have to bother with it over the weekend. That would be nice! But...with two boys, there's always laundry. Not to mention one sweet little puppy (who will remain nameless) who likes to get in the mud everytime SHE goes outside. ugh! I am so sick of giving her a bath. OH! and our dryer is still broke...or clogged up with lint... or something. So, we either put one load in the dryer and have to run it about 6 times, or we have wet clothes hanging in every doorway and shower of the house. And then of course you have that wonderful hang dry crunchy feeling that the clothes take on when you air dry them. But, such is life I guess, I'm sure not going to could be so much worse!

Have a great weekend!

March 23, 2006

My "To Do" List for Thursday

I have to make this public so I can hold myself accountable. There are some important things I really need to make myself do, but after the start of this week, I've sort of become lazy know that, "I have no energy, I hate everything, I want to crawl in bed and live there" feeling...ya, it's back and I know what it's the big "D" word. I'll be ok. As soon as better weather hits, I'll be alright! No zoloft or prozac necessary! Maybe some St. John's Wort but I can't swallow pills! So...I need to make the things I HAVE to do public so a few of you can keep on my back. In a loving way of course... Nagging never works! (I agree with men on that one!) here is my list, starting with the most important to the least important:

- Call Tyler's doctor's office.
(I would explain, but he reads my blog)

- Get my grant application sent out so that I can get into classes asap!
(this should have been done last month - I'm sure I've missed spring classes now)

- Put another child care ad in the paper.

- Pay my phone bill.

- Email a good friend that I haven't talked to in forever.
(he called and wished me a happy b-day and gave me his email addy to keep in touch.)

- Go tanning!
(cause I've already spent my gift certificates, so why lose my tan now.)

One thing I did not drag my feet on was signing up and paying for Taylor to play baseball again this year! Yay!! I can't wait!! I hope he gets on a good team again. They were league champs last year. It was so much fun! This will be his 5th year playing for the Optimist Club. He's at the age where I had to decide if I still wanted him in coach pitch or move him on to kid pitch. Well, he was really nervous about kid pitch, so I kept him where he's been in coach pitch. I hope some of the same kids will still be around. Yippee...I get to be a baseball mom IS good!!

Ok, it's 5:10pm, I'm done with work and this is what I have accomplished so far:
I called Tyler's doctor...the "issue" is really not an issue and nothing
to worry about.
I went tanning...and I'm darker. yay
I emailed my friend Eric.
So, 3 outta 6 things got done...not bad for a Thursday.

March 22, 2006

I'm a Totalitarian? WHAT!

You are a

Social Conservative
(33% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(31% permissive)

You are best described as a:

You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.

Link: The Politics Test

Code Twelve

Code Twelve in cop talk means - "I've left the scene and I'm back in service". So...Mr. Officer Paul, here's your Code Twelve! lol I have left your scene and I am now back in dating service. lol I mean did he really think I was going to wait around while he was trying to figure out if he liked this other girl? Don't think so. I'm not that desperate. Close, but not that close! (yet) So we did the whole email "goodbye" thing. He claims it was just bad timing and he met her first and that we can still stay in touch and maybe it won't work out with them and I'll get my chance. Oh well, I only saw him twice and both times he was on duty... it's not like I spent any real time with him, or even went on a date with him. I don't hate him, and I'm not angry about anything, I just don't feel like I should be his "back-up" plan. So... onward I go. You know it's just hard to find a good man!! A good Christian man!! Men are easy to find... and easy to get... it's just the good ones that are hard to come by! Anyone know any good single men in Indy?? *wink*

I'm off to make lunch for the kiddos and then it's nap time (for them - homeschooling time for me and my kids). This day is going fast. Yippee!

So, that's my news for Wednesday. I know you all envy my life and I don't blame you! It's fab U lous being me, darlings!!

March 21, 2006

Almost a Heart Attack, but Not Quite

So last night I went shopping... didn't leave until about 8:00. I didn't think I needed to go out but then remember that today is my dad's birthday and I didn't even have a card let alone the gift. So we went, shopped fast and came home. We were suppose to get snow dumped on us overnight and we did...ugh! so, I was thinking that perhaps I would have a lovely Tuesday morning to sleep in. My one daycare mom is a teacher and I was hopin and wishin that her school would at least have a 2 hour delay and my other morning daycare child was sick yesterday and had to go to the doctor. Of course the mom told me she'd call and let me know what happened, but she must have been busy cause when we got home at 9:30 last night, there was no message for me telling me if he was coming or not. Grrr. So, anyway, on to my dream of sleeping in...I thought if the one school was on a 2 hour delay and the sick kiddo didn't come, I wouldn't have to get up until 9:00. Ya, I should know by now that my hopes and dreams rarely come true. The school HAD school (even though all the rest in surrounding counties are closed) and didn't even get a about hard core superintendents!!! And my sick kid is here and YES, he's still sick. He came in coughing his little head off. I had to ask mom about the doctor's appointment as she never volunteers any helpful information to me about her child. She just said they said it wasn't in his chest. Well, it's somewhere cause he's coughing up a lung. And these parents will not let him have OTC meds. WELL, at least not here. I wonder if they drug him up at home for themselves but bring him here miserable for me? Who knows?! I have a everstanding gripe with most daycare parents anyway...I could go on...but I won't. I will just say this...don't get mad at me because YOU choose to work and decided to have a child!! You just can't do both. It's not natural...if that were so, we wouldn't be having these working mommy vs. stay at home mommy debates all the time! Mommies are suppose to be at home with their babies. Work after they get in school! And whatever you do...QUIT BLAMING YOUR DAYCARE PROVIDER BECAUSE YOU CAN'T BE WITH YOUR CHILD!! It wasn't my decision...I'm just making money off your poor ones! OK ok... I better be careful, I may end up like Heather over at and lose my job because of my blog. I don't know who reads this thing and I'm not smart enough to get one of those thingys to track who's reading your blog. Can anyone tell me how to do that? I would love you forever....*wink*

OH heart attack...Well, every so often stress takes over my life. Ok, so everyday stress takes over my life, but some days it's worse. Like this morning. Just the issues I had to deal with stressed me out beyond belief. Maybe I need to go back on zoloft? OK, I know I do, but I won't. Ever. Cause I'm finally losing all the 30 pounds I gained while on it. Anyway, I've noticed that when I start to let myself get to a certain point of this stress that I have, I start having major chest pains. Heart attack style. And it scares me. So, this started happening this morning. I had to have a little conversation with myself and God and beg for this not to happen today. Did I mention that we got a ton of snow dumped on us. That could make a trip to the ER a little scary. Plus, I'm sure all the ambulances were busy with all the people who just FORGOT how to drive on snow covered roads. (Even though we were warned over and over again yesterday about this incoming snow! -People still drive like it was totally unexpected.) Anyway, I did manage to get myself calmed down. Without the use of drugs or alcohol...which in this house would mean...without the use of advil (drugs) or nyquil (alcohol).

Anyhoo...not much else it going on around here. Today is my dad's b-day and so we will be having another family dinner together tonight. My mom is off work and has her yummy roast in the slow cooker as I type. Yum!

I am reading an awesome book to/with my kids right now. It's called "The Power of A Praying Kid" by Stormie Omartian. If you know this author, you know she has many books on "Praying", "Prayer" and the power behind it. I have another one of her books that I'm getting ready to start called "The Prayer That Changes Everything". I will start that one after the kids and I finish theirs. Their book is great even for adults. It puts everything at such an easy, understandable level. It's such a great reminder of how important children are to God and how very important children are to the church. I think I'm enjoying it just as much as my kids. Plus, it's teaching them some very valuable lessons on Prayer. It's a great book! I recommend anyone reading it. It's really good!

March 19, 2006

Things You Will Always Find In My House

I just realized as I got some shredded cheese out for my kids' salad that there are odd things that you will always find in my home. Things that really aren't needed, and yet you could come to my door 2 months from now and I guarantee we will probably have these items on hand. Here are some items we always have: (just in case you're a neighbor and need one or more of these items at 3am)

(As stated above) Shredded Cheese...we always have cheddar and colby jack shredded cheese. Always! Why? Don't know...but we have it. I wouldn't consider that a staple food like milk, bread and eggs...and it's not like cheese can't make a sandwich out of shredded cheese, you really can't do much with it other than sprinkle it on top of stuff.

Diaper Wipes... ok, I guess that's understandable since I have the daycare and everything, but kids are 9 and 12.

Contact Paper...I blame my mom for this, but the boys are now addicted to "laminating" everything.

Overdue Library Books...thank goodness our library charges only 5 cents a day!

Candy...meaning leftover candy from the previous holiday or the past 2 or 3 previous holidays...Yep, I think somewhere we still have some Halloween candy hiding. I know we have little packs of leftover Halloween Teddy Grahams, cause I just gave some to my friend's daughter last week when they were visiting. Oh well, she ate them... and as far as I know, she's still around. lol

Green and Black Olives...again, my mother's doing...if we ever have a big dinner, (or just a little family dinner) you will always see 2 little bowls of olives on the table. And no, we're not lushes who love olives with our evening martinis.

(Side story....growing up as a preacher's kid, I was never around alcohol... but as you know, kids learn about things fast. Well, whenever we'd have people over for a big dinner my mom would always make sure we had olives...when I was about 9, I became fascinated by martinis for some reason. I always wanted to taste one and always wished my parents made them for guests...(I blame this on my dad's James Bond addiction) Anyway...after these big dinners with guests, we would usually always have the green olives left over. So a couple days later I would get the olives out, get some Sprite or 7-up, one of my mom's best wine glasses, some toothpicks and head up to my room for a "Martini PAR TAY"!! I loved dunking my olives in Sprite and then sliding them off the toothpick with my mouth...I felt so grown grown up that I would also have to have a cut in half straw along with it. NO....not to drink it with silly...the straws where my cigarettes. lol)

Note: Just to let you know...
Still to this day I have never tasted a martini...I don't even drink. And, I also don't smoke. So, let that be a lesson to all you Christian parents who catch your children pretending they're doing bad things...don't make a fuss over it...just keep bringing them up right...they won't stray from what they're taught. Besides, wouldn't you rather them try smoking at home with straws and drinking 7-up martinis!! :o)

March 17, 2006

33 Years And Still Kickin'

So happy birthday to myself. lol I am now 33 yrs old. Geez, when I look back at when I was a little girl, I sure thought my life would have been a little different at this age. Of course back then things were so much easier and so simple. You get married, you have a girl, then a boy, and you sing in the church choir on Sunday mornings. Easy Cheesy. Well, I have 2 boys, I've never been married and our church doesn't have a
choir. We have a Praise Band. And I can't play an instrument or sing... But...hey, I'm not complaining! My life is good! Better than I deserve I'm sure! 33, I still have NOTHING to complain about! My body is holding up gray huge wrinkles...I'm not overweight (although I could stand to get in shape - but Jenny and I are working on that!)...I still like most of the music my kids like...and I can still work it on the dance floor (or if not, I'll find out tonight - ok, this may be embarrassing!! - maybe we'll go to the movies instead!). My love life is non existent...but I have lots of love in other ways! Probably a truer love anyway!! Men stink! I won't bore you with the details. But seriously...SO over internet dating!! So's a great day...I'm 33 and proud! My kids are awesome...this morning I had homemade cards, balloons and big birthday banner waiting for me downstairs. What great kids!!

So let's figure it out here:
Dinner with the family at Applebees..... $62.54
One of my presents - New spring capris..... $19.96
Candles for the cake..... $.97
Getting carded tonight (will be)..... Priceless


March 15, 2006


Take a look at this sweet ride and just picture it cherry red!! Grrroowwlllll!!! LOL
Thanks Christine Welcome To My Brain for tagging me!! You were my first! lol
I've never been tagged before but now that I have...I LIKE it!! hee hee
Anyway...what is this all about, you ask? get in our "game" need to blog a pic of your very first car.
Technically this wasn't MY first car, it was the first car my parents let me drive. My first car that was MY car was this... A Ford EXP...Only black. Hey, I thought it was cute at the time... it looked like a little tiny Mustang. Or at least I thought so. Oh the memories!

March 12, 2006

Beautiful Sunday

It is absolutely Bea U tiful here today! Still muddy from all our buckets of rain, but beautiful with our 63 degrees and high of 69 today. I sat outside with T2 for awhile while he played with his trucks on our back patio. I told the kids if it wasn't so wet we could have went to the park. I can only imagine how muddy it is there.

Hey Jer...remember that time we went to the park and that kid totally wiped out on his bike! Yikes!!

Sadly, we didn't go to church this morning...but not because I wasn't up and didn't want to! Today started our new 4 week series and I was really looking forward to going, but I just could not get my kids moving. T1 was begging to stay home and when I went to wake him up he was all sweaty and hot. I felt his face and he was a little warm so I decided maybe we shouldn't go. Plus they have both had late bed times the last couple nights and I can tell it's wearing on them. We will have our own bible study today though. They're not getting out of it that easily. I wish our church had night services, but they have youth group on Sunday nights. I think I will try to push T1 to go next year. They start with 6th grade, but I think that's still kind of young and I don't think T1 is ready yet. So, we'll wait and start that next fall.

T2 is giving me fits about signing him up for baseball. He says he just doesn't want to do it this year. I think I am going to sign him up anyway. He can go through the practices and the first couple games and if he really doesn't want to do it, I will see then if I should let him quit or just make him finish the year and not sign him up again unless he wants to. They also have a basketball league that I wanted him to sign up for last year, but he said no. I think he would be great in basketball. He is really good at making baskets when we play over in Muncie. The only thing he may have trouble with would be taking the ball away from the opposing team. He just starting really trying to get people out in baseball last year. He is so tender hearted that he just hates tagging people. What a sweetie!!

Last night I did not see SWATboy (although he asked) and I did not see Rick (which I felt bad about)...instead, I saw Jenny! YaY! lol I haven't seen her in a long time. We just went to walmart and came back to my house and hung out for awhile. It was fun!

The kids and I MAY go see a movie today. If not, we are for sure going to rent one. I still haven't seen "Walk the Line" so that's probably what we'll get. I may ask Rick if he wants to come over and watch it with us but I don't know. We'll see.

I HAVE to dust today!! I've got tons of bunnies and it's not even close to Easter yet!
I also need to do more cleaning in my room. I don't think it's ever going to be done.

Well, I hope you've all had a great weekend! Monday is almost here again!

Here's a comforting verse for you:
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. John 16:33

March 11, 2006

I'm a Wild Girl!

I didn't go to bed until 3 this morning. Do you know the last time I went to bed that late? Ya me either. It was probably a time when one of my kids were up sick. I am not a night person. I like to be in bed at 9 on a good night...10 on a party night. lol I'm not a morning person either, however I have noticed that if given the choice I'd rather be up earlier than go to bed later. I feel better when I get up early. Ok, so that doesn't mean I won't find my way back to my bed during the day on the weekends, but that's just me. I have taken lessons from 'Shanna Barker', although I could never be the "Sleep Queen" that she is! She rules in that area!

I started to clean my room today. And then I got depressed and frustrated. So I got into bed. I layed there for a moment and decided I WAS going to get up and clean and jumped back out. I got some stuff together. I still have my Christmas presents from our family Christmas in Michigan, in a bag sitting in my closet. I think the only things that had been taken out of that bag were some Bath n Body lotions. Hey, just the fact that I still don't have my Christmas tree up is a miracle. Thank goodness I run my business out of my home!! I can only imagine what the downstairs would look like if I didn't have people coming in and out every day!

I skipped tanning today. Which was stupid because now I won't be able to go until Monday. It was also stupid because in the midst of the mess that was on top of my dresser, I found some tanning lotion that worked awesome last summer and I probably could have used it today and looked about twice as dark as I do now. This is good stuff. Rick gave it to me last year and it's got a bronzer in it that makes you tan real fast. I can only imagine how much darker I would look now, if I would have used this from the beginning. But oh well.

Speaking of Rick...let me tell you about him...I have known Rick for 5 years (maybe a little more or less-I can't remember when we met exactly, but he has it written down somewhere). Rick is nice guy! Very nice guy! One of those guys that girls like me can't stand because they are everything most women would want in a man... but girls like me don't think they deserve that I guess? I don't know what the deal is. You know "us girls" who only like bad boys who will treat us like dirt. Well, thank goodness since I've had kids, that's been something I've given up, but still...the whole "nice guy" thing is hard to accept. This guy is one of those guys who is all about paying tons of attention to his girlfriend. Wants to take you out all the time. Surprises you with shopping trips. Orders things online and has them shipped to your door. Leaves a go cart for your kids on your driveway while you're gone. When he gives you flowers, it's 25 dozen roses at a time. Ok, before you all tell me I need to get a CAT scan. I already know this!! I don't know what's wrong with me. I think I'm scared he's too good to be true and one day I will find out this horrible haunting secret about him and I'll be crushed. I don't know. What I do know is that he had me laughing so much last night on the phone that my stomach muscles are hurting today. I also realized that I love to hear him laugh. It was just a nice fun phone call. It was a needed phone call.

As far as SWATboy...Well, he didn't call, which gave me plenty of time to think about this issues at hand. I think I'm letting this one go. As fun as it would be to hold on and watch this other girl drive him away, I really don't have the time and I honestly don't think he'll end up being worth the effort. I don't like wimpy guys. And I don't mean in the physical sense...I mean in the emotional department! If this guy is letting some chic talk him into ending all communication with anyone of the opposite sex other than his mother on the 3rd date, maybe I wouldn't want to be with someone like that!! I want someone who can stick up for what he wants and isn't persuaded easily. I mean, I would want my boyfriend/husband to be able stick up to another woman who was trying to take him away from me! I would want him to say "NO! I am with her, I love her and I don't have any interest in you!". But not because I told him to say that!! There are tons of trampy women out there, most of which seem to only be interested in already taken/married men. Why? I have no clue...but still they are out there!

So anyway, I got an email last seems he stayed out with her until about midnight then didn't want to call since it was so late. He didn't say much. I emailed him back, (hence the not going to sleep until 3am) and pretty much told him what I thought of him and of her. I called her "needy" and said how unfair it was that she was trying to keep him from talking to me, when I wasn't doing that to her. I'm sure she came out looking bad in my email and I apologized to him for that, but hello... Miss. Pushy Pants...give the guy a chance! Let him make up his own mind without all the force. Maybe he's a guy that likes to be told what to do? If so, I sure don't want him! Anyway, he IMed me today. Asked if I wanted to come out and ride with him for a couple hours tonight and said he wasn't "committed" yet. But he did say "she REALLY likes me". Ya, I bet she does!! And that's fine! If you know that you really like someone after only 3 dates and you feel you need to push commitment, then you go for it hon!! I'm just too old for this game playing! So, I'm not sure what I'll do tonight. Part of me wants to go see him, just to tell him what I think is going on and see his reaction face to face, but part of me wants to just tell him to go be with her and end it.

I don't know what to do. I could aways go out with Rick. We could take the kids to a movie, or go out to eat, or he could just come over and hang out. ???

Ok, I need help here. Delurkers...delurk yourselves and leave a comment. Tell me what you would do! What I should do! Karin if you're out's your chance!

March 10, 2006

Friday Night Fever

Or is that Saturday Night

So I have no life. I know this. It doesn't bother me. I could have a life. I'm sure I could have called Jenny and lured her out, or called Rick and lured him over. I'm just tired on Friday nights! I work all week! I want to eat and then sleep and possibly blog.

Exciting friend Celeste is having a baby. Maybe this weekend, but if not, then she is being induced on Tuesday. AND...she said I could come up to the hospital. Yay!! I didn't know, because I wasn't sure if she would want people there, but she said she'd let me know where she was and I could come visit her while she's in labor. Maybe seeing her in labor will take my baby fever away. Well, until the baby arrives and is all cute and sweet...that may make it worse! Anyway, be thinking good thoughts on Tuesday for baby Andrew and mama Celeste!!!

SWATboy instant messaged me today. He was suppose to call last night, but didn't. I knew why. He was out with her. He's out with her tonight too. Do I care, maybe (not sure yet). Am I worried, no! He had already told me about "her" from the beginning, but yet kept me from her until last night. Last night she decided to ask if he was seeing anyone else. And because he's honest he told her about me. Well, it seems like she did not like that and couldn't handle it, unlike I, who was like "hey, ok, you have someone!". So Miss. Thang decided to tell him last night, on their 3rd date, that she thinks they should be exclusive. Is she wanting to ruin any chance with him?! On the 3rd date people!!!! She's asking for a full fledge commitment on the 3rd date! That is dating suicide if you ask me. I mean men have enough problems with commitment and I don't think it's going to go over too well to try and get one to commit on the 3rd date!! Plus, it's always a turn off to be needy and she is definitely needy. I mean they're out again tonight. They just went out last I'm thinking that after she found out about me, she made SURE that they had plans for tonight considering it's his last night off. He has Thursday and Friday nights off work. He starts his new week tomorrow night. Oh well...I'm just going to sit back and watch this unfold!! It's not going to be pretty! Men don't like pysco women, they like fun women and I'm just being fun! He was worried that I would be all mad...nope I'm not mad. First off, I would hardly let a guy I don't even really know yet get me upset. Come on!! Secondly, he's a guy...what she's doing is going to hit him in a couple weeks and he's going to be running scared! Away from her, right to me! I'm just going to be the "other girl"...the "fun girl"... and watch some desperate woman ruin yet another relationship she could have had, all because of jealousy. When will women learn that men are like wild have to hold the food out in your hand and let them come to you. If you go after them, they run! But, you also have to know how to get them to your hand too! And asking for a commitment on the 3rd date is NOT the way sista!! Even if I don't end up liking him, this is going to be fun! Am I acting cocky? Cause I don't mean to be! I told him tonight that if he really wants an exclusive relationship with her and if he thinks he likes her that much, I will walk away and I will wish him the best. And I will. I don't want someone who is thinking about someone else all the time. I'm better than that! He said he didn't want that and asked if I would come and sit with him tomorrow night. And of course I will...cause I have to. lol It's all part of my plan. LOL Just kidding!!! Seriously, I would like to get to know him better and so of course I would want to go talk to him face to face. Even if we only end up as friends, that's cool. I'm not in a rush to get married. I mean, I'm almost 33, I've been engaged 3 times...never even came close to the altar! I'm happy single for the most part, although being married certainly would have it's advantages!! (wink wink) lol just kidding! Ok, so I'm not.'s almost 11:00 and no call, so maybe someone IS falling for that commitment thing after all! Wuss!!! lol And you call yourself a cop!

March 8, 2006

OK THIS IS FREAKY - In a good way!!

Ok, do you see this??? Do you remember this from Sunday School? It's the "Jesus said, Let the little children come unto me." picture.
OK well, as my daycare kids were napping this afternoon and since my computer was running slow and giving me fits, I just decided to sit in my chair and stare at the bricks of my fireplace. This is the image I saw. I only have the little boy looking up (the one that's on his lap) and the baby that he's holding in his left hand - or standing at his left side, but it's there!!! SERIOUSLY , I SWEAR!!!!! I have this picture in my bricks!!!!! I have never seen this picture before (the one here), but was raised in church and I know the picture of Jesus with the little children very well. So, as I'm gazing into the bricks, deciding what I should do about "SWAT boy", I look and there it is. At first it didn't really hit me but then I was like OH MY GOSH....LOOK WHAT'S IN MY BRICKS!!!! I so wish my digital camera was working!!!! I can't wait until some daycare parents get here...I am making them take a look (and of course charging $5 to see it). Oh and one word...EBAY!!!!

And of course, this is the only practical verse:

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Matthew 19:14

March 6, 2006

MMM Monday

So it's Monday, day after Sunday, yet before Tuesday. Gotta love Monday. Or hate it, whatever.

I had a very whiny daycare girl today and although her mom emailed me and asked me to tell her about her day, when I tried at pick-up, she totally ignored me. She is known for this. I start talking to her and she will immediately start talking to her daughter saying things that make no sense like "Hey goose, do you want to drive home tonight?" Ok seriously, I love this daycare mom, she is one of my absolute favorites, but I have noticed that if you're about to tell her something she may not want to hear, she ignores it and starts talking to one of the kids.

Church was great yesterday. I woke up at 6:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep, so I woke the kids up and decided we'd go to early service. We came home and did nothing. I made a very thrown together lunch of things that didn't really go some corn and poptarts. wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good either. Oh well, the kids are still alive and I've been known to let them have ice cream for dinner on occasion. (When I'm too lazy to get up and put a Kid's Cuisine dinner in the microwave.)

So I met "swat boy" last night. I don't have anything good or bad to say about it. I feel blah about it. Especially since he was suppose to call today and hasn't and probably won't because now he's working and I go to bed before he gets off work. So...whatever. Can you tell I'm in a whatever mood today? Ya, I think it's PMS.

I finally put up all the "March" wall items in my daycare room today. Yep, on the 6th day. I figured that on the 7th, God says to rest, so I needed to get it done today. I mean the kids don't know that March has already been here for 6 days. I could put up the Christmas tree and get them all excited that Santa was coming and they'd never know...OH, speaking of cruel things...take a look at this and tell me that this isn't total child abuse. -click on verse below-
(OK...I have no idea what I did and I'm too tired to figure it out...just do it and stop whining! I've heard enough of that today! Click the Bible verse and watch the child abuse!)

Here's Your Verse...(which so reminds me of "Here's Your Sign" -Bill Engvall)
A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. Proverbs 15:13

March 3, 2006

I Could Have Went All Day Without The Drama!!

At a little after 10 this morning my 3 yo daycare girl decided to push my 19 mo daycare boy into the bricks of my fireplace. He hit his head. Hard. So I rush over (he was 2 ft from me) and scoop him up. Run to the kitchen for ice and look to check for blood...none, whew! Got ice and a towel and got back into the livingroom to sit down and take a better look and WHOA...a HUGE blue mark was popping out on the left side of his forehead, along with a cut line in the middle that was about an inch long.
So to make a long story short, I called his mom, she called the doctor, she called me back, came and picked child up, by then it looked 90% better than it did right after he hit it, plus he was talking and playing and she said "I think he's ok!" Their doctor said he may need to go to the ER and have a cat scan, so I was really freaked out. His mom was real nice and calm about it...I think I was more upset than her! She said they'd probably just go home and I told her if she thought he was ok and if she needed to go back to work that she could bring him back and she said that they would just enjoy their afternoon off and rest. She's 6 months pregnant with twins, so I'm sure she could use the rest. Poor thing! I will call them later tonight and check up on him.

I had another Kirby visitor today... This time it was another company, with no free gifts. BUT, they will clean a whole room for free...not just spots here and there like the last one. Anyway...I'm talking to this guy and I ask him if he is associated with that Ackerman Associates (the ones who gave me my free cleaning wipes and then took them away because I wouldn't let them give me their sales pitch)...he said no, they were from another company and gave me this flyer about them. Well, I asked him if he had heard of the other company and he said yes. I said "Hmmm, could you get me their owners name and number?" and he said "I can call my boss and try..." Well, he did and he got the name and number and gave it to me. Now for me to decide if I want to call and complain. On one hand I do, but on another hand, it's like "who cares!" I think I really need to go get that 'No Soliciting' sign tonight!

Day 3 of tanning...up to 10 minutes. (which is the highest you can go in the stand up bed) My face and chest are red but I'm started to get a little glow on my arms and legs.
I know...I know...wrinkles! lol I got your message 'C'!! I would love to use the sunless tanner but it always leaves streaks and turns things places that shouldn't be inbetween your toes and fingers and on your elbows and ankles. And that is just not attractive. LOL Any advice or good sunless tanning product names would be much appreciated!

Well, it's the weekend! Yippeee. I'm off work for 2 days and looking forward to it!
I have no big plans because I have no money, lol. We may rent "Walk the Line". Last weekend we went to Michigan for 2 days. I felt sick the whole time and really should have just stayed at home but it was fun. It was my grandpa's 83rd birthday so I'm glad I went. Even if he didn't know we were there. He's got dementia and Alzheimer's. Sad! Very sad! I miss the him I once knew!

Here is your verse for the day:
"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him" 1 John 5:14-15

March 1, 2006

Tanning Season Is Here

I started tanning today...whohoo. It's about time I got off my lazy booty and did something for myself! Plus I had $55 worth of gift certificates to use. So I went in the stand up tanning thingy (cause I refuse to lay in someone else's nasty sweat in a bed...GROSS!!!) and found out that the lady at the desk had set it for 10 minutes. WHAT?! Are you trying to roast me? I turned it off after 7 minutes. I've found it's better to go slow or you peel, and that's worse than burning!! Ya, I love the look of peeling white marks all over a newly tanned body. Yaaaa, that looks great!! So today starts my journey into my yearly tanning sessions. Hopefully by Easter I'll be lookin mighty fine!! OH, plus I told the new guy I met that we couldn't meet in person until I got a tad bit of a tan...I told him to give me a week.

My new guy...hmmm, should I talk about him? I'm not sure. I don't want to jinx it! I will tell you this, he's a Christian...(which is great!)... he's a K9/Swat police officer... and at the moment, he is seeing someone. Kind of. He's only went out with her once, but I guess they're still talking. Am I worried? Heck no! I thrive on competition. And if I like him when I meet him, then all I can say to K**** is, "It's ON!!" lol j/k And yes, I know her name. He did tell me about her. I guess he gets points for that. I mean he didn't have to. Or maybe he likes it like that?? Maybe he likes girls competing for his time/attention? Hmm, that's a thought. Nooo, I don't think he's like that...really, I don't. He's too sweet. Really! I wish I could explain, but that would be jinxing it. Besides, this old chic has been with too many players in her lifetime, I can see them coming from a mile away!

I will leave you with a verse...cause it's always good to read God's word every day...

Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. Such wisdom does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, of the devil. For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice. James 3: 13-16