February 27, 2005

We're Back!

We're back from our weekend in Muncie.
It went so fast...I'm not ready to have to work tomorrow.
We went to the Children's Museum...
All I can say is that I'm glad we had a discount!
It was ok, but nothing like the Indy Children's Museum.
It took us only 40 minutes to get through the whole thing.
They had a section with differnt stores and things you could go in
and play. Of course the kids could have cared less but
I thought it was cute.
They had a house, a Marsh grocery store, a school room,
a resturant, a doctor's office, and a train station room.
They had a big train layout that was really neat.
I think the thing the kids liked best was the big
real semi they had that you could get up in.
It even had a bed in the back. It was pretty cool,
I even had to climb up and take a look.
After that we went around dowtown Muncie and went in
a few of the stores. Mom and I went into the glass factory outlet.
The factory part was closed so it was just the little store in the front
that was opened, but it was still fun to look around.
We took the boys to a comic book store that sold the action
figures they like. It was a small little store hidden away
back behind some other stores. If a guy from the church wouldn't
have told us about it, we never would have found it.
We also went to Best Buy.
Then we took the "guys" home and mom and I went to
Marsh to get dinner.
After dinner; me, Tyler and mom went to the mall.
I went in Old Navy but there wasn't really anything
I needed or liked.
As we were on our way out of the mall, we stopped at
Auntie Annes for a pretzel. I was so hungry for one.
I smelled them on the way in and had to have one.
But, since they were getting ready to close they wouldn't
make any more...geez, they had 10 minutes!
I don't know what it is about me and pretzel places
in malls...I never have good luck. lol
After that it was a pretty uneventful evening as we were all
pretty tired from all the walking we did.
We went to bed, got up, went to church, had a great turkey
dinner with tons of good stuff! YUM!
Then, the boys and I went to Deals and a kid's resale shop.
I got some real cute toys and 2 books for the daycare
and two curriculum books for homeschooling. One
was Math and the other was a language/reading book.
Now we are home and I need to start getting ready for
the work week. I have laundry to do, the downstairs to clean
and school work for the boys to get ready.
It's nice to go away for the weekend, but you always have
so much to do when you get back. ugh
We had a great time though!
~Have a Happy New Week!~

February 25, 2005

My day off!

I took today off work to spend some time with my kids. I think everyone should do that every now and then if they can. We really didn't get to sleep in, as the dogs know what time they're suppose to get up and go outside. But it was nice knowing I wasn't rushed to get ready for work. The kids got up and came in my room, got in my bed and we all cuddled and watched some tv. I decided we wouldn't do any school work today either so the kids were real happy about that. They played most of the morning and watched "Daddy Daycare" again. Tyler got that for his birthday so they'll probably watch it every day until they get sick of it. We went to McDonald's for lunch and took the scenic route back from Pendleton. Of course since we were going right by Grandma's work we had to stop in and say "hi". I was watching MSNBC news this afternoon and they reported that Terry Schiavo could have her feeding tube removed on March 18. I think that is absolutely terrible. They would never be allowed to do that to an animal, it would be considered inhumane, but they can starve a human to death?! I feel so sorry for her parents!
I think we all know her husband wants to remarry and can't wait to get his hands on her 1 million dollar life insurance! Her parents begged him years ago to divorce her and they would take care of her, but NO, he couldn't do that or he would lose that money. And this is someone who she married, for better or for worse. Makes me scared to ever get married!
Getting down off my soapbox now!
Have a great weekend!

February 24, 2005

This is going to be fun!

This blogging thing this going to be fun. Thanks to Celeste for showing me hers,
I just had to make one for myself. Today we went to our homeschool co-op. I help in Music - first hour and Gym- second hour. Then I have 3rd and 4th hour to myself. Today I went shopping for Tyler's birthday. Even though it was yesterday, with mom and dad being in Muncie, we had to postpone it to tonight. Although he did get to eat a piece of his cheesecake that he picked out for his birthday cake. He's got good taste for an 11 yr old boy! He got to pick out whatever kind of cake he wanted from the store Tuesday night and he picked a 12 piece cheesecake. YUM!! Tyler told me awhile ago that it wasn't fair that when it's Taylor's birthday I never have to work cause we're out on Christmas break, but I always have to work on his birthday. Well, I did have to work on his birthday, but just for him, I took tomorrow off so we could spend the whole day together. Then Saturday after Grandma gets off work, we are going to the Muncie Children's Museum. Then we'll stay in Muncie and go to Grandpa's church on Sunday. I think the kid is getting a pretty long birthday celebration this year!! Well, I have to go make a snack for the kids... We have to leave in about 40 minutes to go to our church for them to practice for their Easter program.
Hope you enjoyed my first blog!