October 31, 2006

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

That's how I feel today. Every time I think I'm getting somewhere, I get knocked back a couple steps. I feel like one of those blowup clowns that you knock down and they keep popping back up. I guess the good thing is that I keep popping back up, right?

Long story short... I woke up this morning around 8:00 and felt a strange peacefulness in my house. No kids were screaming and it just seemed too calm. I knew before I got out of bed that the new daycare kids did not come back. I got up, walked downstairs and asked my mom what happened. She said the mom called, they didn't like my contract so they weren't coming back. She wanted me to call her at work. So I did. She explained that they didn't think I should have paid holidays/time off etc. I didn't say anything and didn't defend it, I didn't feel like wasting my time. Then she said her husband would be over to pick up the check and bring me one for just yesterday and to get their things. I said "Ok, bye" and that was that. I'm pretty sure they also didn't like that fact that I asked them to have their kids dressed before they brought them in the mornings, but oh well.

Before I even walked downstairs I had this song in my head. I keep playing it over in my mind. I know He gives and takes away... but I will still choose to praise Him. Something good is coming my way. He's proven that too many times for me to worry!

Blessed Be Your Name
by Matt Redman
- - -
Blessed Be Your Name
In the land that is plentiful
Where Your streams of abundance flow
Blessed be Your name

Blessed Be Your name
When I'm found in the desert place
Though I walk through the wilderness
Blessed Be Your name

Every blessing You pour out
I'll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say

Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your name
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your glorious name

Blessed be Your name
When the sun's shining down on me
When the world's 'all as it should be'
Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name
On the road marked with suffering
Though there's pain in the offering
Blessed be Your name

Every blessing You pour out
I'll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say

Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your name
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your glorious name

You give and take away
You give and take away
My heart will choose to say
Lord, blessed be Your name

October 30, 2006

Devil's Night

Tonight is "devil's night", which doesn't mean much to us Hoosiers, but if you live anywhere near Detroit you know what happens on such a night as this. Nothing good! What is wrong with people? I've never been overly excited about Halloween, but if you take the fun/good part of it and only focus on that, it's not so bad.

So this morning I had a bright and early interview at 7:30 am. They came, interviewed, decided it was a go and left the kids. That was a first for me. I don't think I've ever had anyone do that in my almost 7 years of daycare. The parents seem real nice and the kids were good. The 18 month old was real good. He just played by himself all day. The 6 month old was a little unhappy about the whole thing, but I'm sure it was hard being in a new place. He cried a lot but hopefully we'll get him into a routine and he'll be adjusted and happy in no time. They are part-time so it shouldn't be bad. I have another interview on Wednesday for a 3 yr old. Of course a boy... I have ALL boys. Just like I've always had. I've had girls here and there, but always more boys. They're easier anyway!!

Taylor seems to be feeling better today. It was SO nice out that he played with the neighbor girl for a good 4 hours this afternoon. He's still outside in the backyard now. It will be hard to get him in tonight. It's been so long since we had nice weather and today was just beautiful. Now if it can be this nice tomorrow night for the kids. Actually it could just stay this nice all winter and I'm sure there wouldn't be any complaints. Except for maybe the kids who want snow.

Well, I am T.I.R.E.D. so I am going to go put my feet up and relax. I worked hard today!

PS- I have officially lost all hope for marriage... I can't believe Reese and Ryan are over. Say it isn't so!!!!

October 29, 2006

An Hour Earlier

It's such a honor to be among the other states that participate in Day Light Savings Time. After living here for 10 years I was kind of getting use to not having to set the clocks back each Fall and ahead each Spring... but as of last Spring we joined in. Cause who said Hoosiers can't party with the best of 'em.

I should be getting ready for church right now. We were going to start going back to "our" church (the one that isn't my father's) last week but I was sick. Today I am on the schedule to greet but guess what... my son is sick. Yes, poor Taylor who woke up yesterday morning looking like he had been ran over by a truck, looked at me and said "Mom, I'm not doing so well today." Umm ya, I guess not. So needless to say I had to make a quick dash to CVS because although we had meds for colds and for fevers, we did not have meds for "colds AND fevers". He pretty much laid around the house all day. And of course because I'm such a MOM, my date night got delayed. We still went out, but only to Kohls- because by golly my kid wasn't on his death bed or anything!! There's always time for shopping!! And shopping we did do! We were only gone for a couple hours and Taylor called about a zillion times so really it was like I was there by his side the whole time. He only had one request and that was that we bring him back some gummy worms. Such an easy to please child! I took his temp before he went to bed and it was at 102. So ya, I think we should stay away from church today.

So... if for some reason aliens mess with my brain and I decide that marriage would be a good thing... I found a house, and it's one of God's. It's in a small town about 20 minutes from me and it's an old church. They only want $92,500 and it's about 7,000 sq feet. It's super cute! It's an old white country church with a steeple and stained glass windows. Wouldn't that be neat to make into a house? I think so. They have a place added on to the back with what looks like classrooms and I thought it would be a perfect place to have a daycare or a preschool. Of course if I ever get married, I won't be working. That is one of my stipulations. lol

Speaking of daycare... I guess I have two new kids starting on Monday? They were suppose to come over for an interview yesterday but the mom called and said the father wasn't home from work yet and that he wanted to come too, so she thought they would just forget the interview and she would just tell her boss she'd be a little late on Monday morning and just stay for a few minutes longer to talk when she drops them off. OoooKAY. Hmm, odd. Well, I guess because she's never had to have daycare before (family has always watched the kids) I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she has no idea how to go about finding daycare. On the other hand, this could be scary. I've never met her or her kids so I'm kind of taking them sight unseen, I don't usually do that. Although I guess I could look at it as being in my favor because she'll have to sign my contract before she can leave her kids and she won't really have time to disagree with any of my policies. lol I think I'll call her today and ask if we could at least have a phone interview. Hey, as long as she remembers the check (and it's good), I think we'll be ok. Unless of course her kids scream all day... then we will have issues.

Well, I think my sick child is up, so I better go see if he needs anything. Have a great Sunday!

October 27, 2006


Is it just me or did this week go super fast? Not complaining, just saying...

Yesterday was crazy, as is most Thursdays. I had to run errands in the morning and teach in the afternoon. The kids were actually really great. I was so impressed with them. I had my lesson all figured out but needed something else to fill my hour... as I was in the Dollar Store I prayed to God that He would help me figure something out. Just then I looked and saw a roll of packing paper. You know the brown paper you wrap boxes in. Well, it just popped into my head that we could use that to make a timeline. So I grabbed it along with some bribing tools (aka candy) and we were on our way. The kids LOVED the idea of making a timeline and I gave each of them their own date and what happened and had them write is out and draw pictures. The best thing was that they were actually working TOGETHER!! They decided they needed to make a line straight down the middle of the paper, so one boy got his ruler out and they took turns helping make the line. I couldn't believe how great they did. Of course one of our "active" kids wasn't there so I'm sure that helped.

After co-op Taylor wanted his friend Isaac to come home with us for the evening, so we brought him home. Of course after playing for a couple hours they decided it was too early for Isaac to go home and that he needed to spend the night. I don't think I slept all night. I couldn't get to sleep until they were asleep, then I got up to let Chloe out at 2:30 and looked in their room and both my boys were fast asleep but Isaac was up and watching tv. I asked him if he was ok and he said yes, so I just went back to bed. I saw the tv go off a few minutes after that so I hope he got some sleep. They got up late this morning and Isaac left around 10:30. Now both boys are upstairs napping. lol Oh the good ol days of sleepovers.

Tonight Rick's coming over and we'll probably just order pizza. He said he has a surprise for me... I'm sure it's jewelry. Later we'll carve our pumpkins with the boys and maybe watch a movie. We also need to make a trip to the Halloween store to get the rest of their costumes. I also need to get some goodies for the daycare party Tuesday. I think my parents are going to pass out candy this year. Last year they were both working nights and I had to take the boys out, so our house sat dark. I hate not passing out candy. I feel like if your kids go out someone should be at your house to pass out candy too. Give and take.

Tomorrow Rick and I have a date night. I'm not sure when the last time was that I actually went out with him and didn't have the boys. He said he'll make all the plans... that could be scary. We could end up in Vegas. I think I'll add my two cents and ask for dinner and shopping. I haven't been to Lord Ashley's for awhile. It's a small cozy, candlelit place with great food. Maybe we can go there and then to Kohls. I need a new outfit for Sunday. I am greeting at church and I need to look good. LOL

Here's to the weekend...

October 25, 2006

What's Up

Not much going on around here... yesterday the daycare kids were pretty crabby and tired. (Need I say more on how my day went.) But last night was better. As soon as the kids left, we all (my parents, my kids, Rick and I) went to Applebees for dinner. While there, we saw my preacher's wife and some local "celebrities" (The Burds) and had a really good time just eating and talking. Then me, Rick and the kids went to Walmart. Rick bought the kids tons of stuff (we really need to talk about the spoiling!!) and I had to get some things. I was SO excited... I found Gerber 2nd foods for 25 cents! I bought 48 jars (or rather Rick bought me 48 jars). Since I have 2 daycare babies that are on 2nd food, this was a steal. And since I use the Standard Food Allowance for my taxes and get $1.96 for lunch, paying only 25 cents is a major steal!! Then we came back and watched Nacho Libre. I have no comment on that movie... all I can say is I don't think I'd actually sit and watch it a second time, but it was ok the first time. The kids also got Monster House and watched that this morning.

I ran up to the library today and got two books that look very interesting. They are: 'Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World' by John Hagee (I like him) and 'Every Prophecy of the Bilble' by John F. Walvoord (never heard of him). I also got 'Little House On The Prairie' which is the second book in the series, but they didn't have 'Little House In The Big Woods'. Maybe I should wait and get that one first. I'd like to read them all to the kids this fall/winter. I know they are boys, but I just LOVE those books and since I get to be the teacher, I guess we'll read them. My grandma got me the whole set for Christmas one year when I was little but they've been packed away somewhere forever and I'll probably never find them. Maybe I should just go to Borders and get the whole set for myself.

Well, I did it... I signed up to be a foster parent... but not for a child, for animals. lol I know, WHAT AM I THINKING!?! There is an organization here in Indy called P.A.W.S. and I've wanted to work with them for a long time but every time they've had an opening, I have had something else planned for that date. They sent me an application to fill out yesterday and as soon as they get it back they'll call and set up a home study and soon after I'll get a foster puppy or dog. We can't do cats because of Taylor's allergies but then again, I wouldn't really want cats anyway. I also signed up for other small caged animals like hamsters or gerbils. I'm kind of thinking there won't be many of those though... I mean they're just hamsters! Anyway, my mom is freaking out... she says she can just picture me ending up with a whole house full of dogs, but that won't happen. It's like the daycare kids, you love them but you know they aren't yours. If the doggies are going to a good home, I'll be happy for them. I hope I get a little puppy that still needs bottle fed... awwwww!! And I hope my dogs aren't too jealous. I'm sure Andy will hate just about anything we keep, but Chloe will have a ball. I can just picture her playing the mommy role to any puppies we get. Plus Andy won't play with her and she really wants another puppy to play with. What's one more dog anyway?!

So, that's what's happening around here. I'm off to start one of my new books while the daycare kids are still sleeping.

October 23, 2006

Just Monday

Nothing big to report. Just Monday. Oh Oh wait... I do have something to report... it snowed today. Yay. Of course it didn't stick and it was just flurries, but still IT. WAS. SNOW. My kids were so excited.

I didn't get to church yesterday like I wanted. I didn't get anywhere yesterday. I woke up with a horrible backache and pretty much stayed in bed all day. I decided that if I woke up today and my back still hurt that I would either go to the doctor or to the chiropractor. Luckily when I woke up today I was all better. (At least for now.) I really need to go to the chiropractor. Something is really wrong with my right shoulder. I blame that on lifting kids all day. I guess I'll just wait until I absolutely can not stand the pain... that's how I am.

Well, that's about it for today... the kids decided tonight is game night so I better go get ready to play 'The Game of Life - The SpongeBob' edition. lol Fun! Fun!

October 21, 2006

Who Is Bored Enough To Do This?

Ok, remember when you were young (or even at someone's house last weekend) and they laughed so hard whatever they were drinking came out of their nose? The best was when someone at your lunch table would do that with milk! Well, that was/is hilarious. THIS, not so hilarious.

OH and just so no one calls DFS on me... we got our pumkins today. Can someone tell me why you go to the cash machine prior to getting the pumpkins and get $40 out because you just know $20 won't be enough. And then you get there and you're still using money you already had plus the money from the ATM? Is there something extra special about pumpkins that I do not know about? Do they have other qualities that I am unaware of?

PS- I know you love my new header!! Go ahead touch it and feel it and kiss it, I won't look. (Thanks Ty!! xoxo)

October 20, 2006

Another Boring Weekend Ahead

I'm still not feeling good, still have no voice and still can't wait to be healthy again. I'm not complaing though, I feel so sorry for people who are going through real health issues! What I prayed wouldn't happen, did. My poor father came home early last night from work... with the lovely stomach flu. I thought for sure we were clear of it since my mom had it last weekend, but I guess we could still get it. Especially now that it's been reintroduced to our environment. Happy Happy Joy Joy. I'm still thinking positive and praying we slide right under the radar. We're spraying Lysol everywhere, using hand sanitizer like we have OCD and are running 2 air purifiers. Yep, there's a little war on germs going on in this house.

I think we will be playing it by ear this weekend as far as going out. If I get one little weird feeling in my stomach, I'm not stepping foot out my front door. Tonight we're renting "The Break Up" and staying in. Rick is leaving to help his uncle winterize his trailer down south somewhere. He actually called me up and asked if that would be ok. LOL I had to laugh. Seriously, are you asking if you can leave for the weekend? HECK YA! Trust me, that will never be a problem with me. I am not one of those "can't live a weekend without a man" types. Yes, please go away. lol I think it's good for people to be able to miss each other. Why would you want to be with another person 24/7? I'm with my kids 24/7... that's enough.

We do need to get to the pumpkin patch this weekend though. We may do that tomorrow. My poor neglected kids don't have their pumpkins yet. How awful is that? Are you feeling sorry for them yet? I'm not. And trust me, they're not feeling sorry for themselves. I don't think they really care. I'm sure once Halloween gets closer they'll want them. It's always fun to carve them and roast the seeds. YUM! I can remember the first time I ever had pumpkin seeds, it was when I was in Kindergarten. Our teacher brought her electric skillet in and we all watched as she added the butter and salt and turned them. The smell was wonderful. Then we let them cool and had them later for snack. I thought they were the best thing I had ever eaten. I love fall!

I was laying in bed this morning awake (cause I never sleep anymore) and I was having those thoughts you have when your mind is clear and the house is quiet. I was thinking about how angry I get at some of my daycare parents because they refuse to go by my policies in the handbook and how much easier things would be for all of us if only they did. Then I couldn't help but think about how God must feel the same exact way. He's given us a handbook with his policies and things would go so much more smoothly in all our lives if we would just follow them. I was thinking about how I get so irritated at having to remind these people of the same things over and over and how I feel like I'm babysitting them a lot of time and how they are adults and should act like adults and take some responsibility... yep, I can only imagine how God feels. He must be a loving God, because if I were Him, I would have zapped the world up long ago.

I think we all should thank Him for His patience with us today.

October 19, 2006

A Boyfriend? For Me???

Hmm... I guess I have a boyfriend. I was talking with Rick last night and he mentioned that he was telling someone about me and that he was talking about how "his girlfriend this..." and "his girlfriend that...".
I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm a little "guylike" when it comes to relationships... I don't like to feel that trapped feeling of commitment and I sure don't need/want someone else telling me what to do. (Not that Rick would, I'm just saying...) Considering I've known Rick for 5 years, I'd say now is the time to either dive in or break it off for good.
Although I have to say that the way he's been helping me out this week while I've been sick is definately earning him some major points. I've just never met anyone as giving as him. He drove over here yesterday afternoon and surprised me with lunch (soup for my cold). He didn't want to bother me, so he just dropped it off , got a quick hug and left. Today he is coming to pick up my dryer and take it to get it fixed. He's such a great guy. What's been wrong with me for the last 5 years??? Oh and did I mention he's a sucker for nice purses... Thanks to him I have a Louis Vuitton, a Dooney and Bourke and just a couple months ago, got my first Coach. Could this be a keeper?

October 18, 2006

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

I understand that, and I live by that. However, I also believe in something called respect. To get respect, you need to give it and therefore it is given in return. Everyone deserves respect, but it also is something to be earned.

I have decided today, that if and when I ever get to quit daycare (which I hope is SOON), I will not give my daycare parents notice. I will hand them a letter on a Friday afternoon and tell them they no longer have daycare. Adios!!

I know it seems that by doing that I would be taking myself down to their level, but I look at it as more of a respect thing than a "do unto others thing". I have had some major respect issues in the last few months from many of my daycare parents. I can only think of one family who I would consider to be a respectable daycare family. The others have a long way to go! And it's not about personality conflicts, I don't see them enough to not be able to get along with them. It's the fact that I have a contract, with policies and those policies are broken on a daily basis! After they have signed and agreed to them, they break them. Constantly. And I'm tired of sending reminders home. I'm tired of holding their hands. I'm just tired of it.

I have always looked down on other providers who have just up and quit. I thought they were horrible for doing that to the people whose children they cared for. Now I have to say that I understand why they would do such a thing. I used to think it was just plain unprofessional of them to not give the parents notice. Now I understand how they could feel like "just one more day" would literally drive them insane! I understand now how they could just say good-bye and close their doors at a moments notice.

So to those providers... I hear ya! I'm there for ya! I got your back!
And as much as I'd like to say "I'll be joinin ya!", I know myself and even though I'm so irritated at the whole situation, I probably wouldn't be able to do that.

October 17, 2006

Cat Got Your Tongue?

No, but something's got my voice. I'm sure my family is loving it, but I'm not. I sound like an 80 yr old - 3 pack a day - little old lady. Not sexy! (There goes my chances of making some extra Christmas money doing the whole 976 operator thing.) I blame this on my trip to Walmart yesterday. I should have stayed in.

Ahhh yesterday.... wonderful day!! No daycare kids. And today I only have 1. I feel bad though as all of them but 1 are sick, but not too bad considering they all brought it to my mom and I. I am however thankful that my own kids haven't gotten anything. (Yet - knocking on wood.) And my dad... I just PRAY that he doesn't get anything. He's working way too much and way too many hours as it is. And of course he wouldn't take time off if he was sick, he'd still push himself to work. I am really praying that they get some other people hired. This working 7 days straight is not good!

Well, I'm going to go get into my shower. I missed Young and the Restless yesterday so today I HAVE to catch up!! I think for lunch I'm going up to the Chinese place and getting some Hot and Sour soup. It doesn't sound good AT ALL, but people tell me it's great for stuffy heads. I'll try anything at this point.

I just want my voice back.

October 15, 2006


Ok, just a little warning... be careful when you use pics off yahoo images. I apologize for anyone who saw that nasty pic under the innocent can of tomato soup! I guess when losers have nothing else to do on a Saturday night they mess with people's blogs. I've deleted the whole post, so for the sickos who are desperately looking for the can of soup, sorry it's gone! And to the person who did it, I forgive you and so does my Jesus! And SHAME ON YOU!

October 14, 2006

This Sickness Can Leave The Building Now!

Thank goodness for this stuff:

Oh my gosh, I'm so sick. Last night around 7ish I started getting those body aches that you get before you come down with the flu. My legs were hurting so bad. Everything on my body was hurting. Not too long after that my throat started hurting and then came the headache. Yep, it's the flu. I had a horrible night and of course with kids it's not like you can lay in bed all day. I thought I would have my mom to help me today, oh no... she was busy all night throwing up. Ahhh, it's so wonderful when daycare parents bring sick kids into your home and share the germs so freely. So nice... so very nice. I'll tell ya what, if we aren't feeling good enough by Sunday night, I will not feel the least bit bad for closing daycare on Monday. Because if people could keep their sick kids home, we probably wouldn't be going through this. So anyway, I got up and got in the shower and headed out to the store to get my mom some sprite, lime jello and chicken and rice soup. YUCK! But, that's what she wanted and since she IS technically more sick than I, I thought I'd be nice and make the trip out. Plus we have no food in the house and my kids needed lunch. A trip through Subway drive thru fixed that. Now to get through the rest of the day. And if you're reading this Jenny, this should explain why we weren't at your dear daughter's birthday party. I didn't think you'd appreciate the germs we'd be bringing to your house. Hope she had a fun party! We'll have to stop over sometime soon!

Well, now that I've been up for a couple hours, I think I must get back into bed. My temp is gone but I'm still weak and freezing. I need to be under my blankets.

Keep well everyone and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

October 13, 2006

Me...On Dr.Phil?

I was gone yesterday when I got the phone call from Paramount Pictures, but they were nice enough to leave a message to tell me to check my email... so I did and this is what I got:

Hi Tonja, I want to thank you for your e-mail regarding your dating situation. What you wrote caught my attention and I'm interested in hearing more details about your struggles to find a decent guy. Can you give me some details about cases where you felt like you were manipulated or used? What specific questions do you have for Dr. Phil? The key here is details and examples, so don't think you're writing too much!
As it is our standard procedure will you please e-mail me a recent (within the last 3 months) photo of you for our files? JPG format works best for my computer and it is ok if you have to send separate photos just please be sure to indicate who everyone is. If you aren't able to send photos from your computer, sometimes I ask people to drop into a nearby Kinko's where they can do it for you.

Things move really fast around here and you are currently being considered for an upcoming show taping. So if you're really interested in being considered for the show I need to get your photos by today or tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks again!

How hilarious is that!

October 9, 2006

Banning Kelly Ripa

I had a dream last night that I was suppose to speak in front of a bunch of women at church. I was suppose to have some sort of devotion or something profound for them. This is what I did: I took a Tide To Go pen and used it to talk about God's forgiveness and how he wipes our sins clean. I also remember I had a white dress shirt on and took fresh blueberries. I was about to rub the blueberries on my clean white shirt when all of them started talking about how great the Tide To Go pen was, but that it probably wouldn't take blueberries out. Then someone stopped me in the middle of my presentation and asked me why I would do that and tried convincing me that my shirt was already clean so why would I go and do something I didn't need to do.
I answered in one word: Faith.
(I guess I had faith that the stain would come out??)

I have no idea what that meant, but maybe someone is trying to tell me something. Either that or I've seen too many commercials.

Na Na Na Na.. Na na na naaaa.. Hey Hey Hey.. Good-Bye!

October 8, 2006

Dragging My Feet

Why am I so comfortable where I am? Is that a good thing? I think so, but others think it's not so good. I probably should try harder to find a man, but I'm happy by myself. I want more kids and I have a way to get more, but I'm not sure how that would work out. (And no, it doesn't include kidnapping of any kind!) I do want the big happy family with lots of kids, a hardworking husband and the whole white pickett fence thing, but I'm not willing to settle. What's wrong with that?
Am I seriously just watching my whole life pass before my eyes?

I'm stuck! I'm always stuck. I know what I want and what I want to do, it's just figuring out a plan on how to get there and then getting that plan started. Yes, I'm lazy. But I'm also poor. (Or at least I'm not rich by any means.) If I had about $20,000 in the bank I'd be good to go.

There's a lesson here, I know there is. Now just to sit back with my feet up and wait for it to transpire. See, I AM lazy.

Anyway, check out my homeschool blog if you'd like a more mentally stable post.

On another note... My oldest has/had some sort of bug the past couple days. It started Friday with a headache and temps of 100.3 -100.8. Yesterday he still had the headache and then had temps of 101.5 - 101.8. We were just giving him Advil. Then last night I went to CVS and bought Tylenol and more motrin so that we could switch off between the two. Well, I gave him a dose of Tylenol at about 7:30 pm and figured he'd be waking me up in the middle of the night for motrin, but he never did. He woke up today and he's fine. Odd.

October 6, 2006

Who's Got The WHAT?

I almost made a huge fool of myself in Walmart last night (well, ok, maybe I did, but just a little and it was for a good cause!).

After a hard day of child care AND teaching 4th graders, I ventured out with my mom and children to do some grocery shopping at Aldi's. After that, we then decided to hit Wally world real fast, just to pick up a few things we couldn't get at Aldi's. Well, the second I walked in I noticed a guy with a tee shirt that had a saying on it. I always like to read tee shirts so I glanced over and I ABOUT BLEW A GASKET! This jerk offs shirt said, and I quote:

"I've got the dick, therefore I make the rules!"

WHAT??!! Oh. My. Gosh. I don't think so, ya freak! I looked straight at him and said "NOT IN MY HOUSE BUDDY!!!" Grrrrrrrrr I was so livid that someone would even wear anything like that!

He then proceeded to get on one of the riding shopping carts. Ya, I can only imagine if I were to have said something about that... I probably would have been told "Ya, it's so big I can't walk around with it.", so I decided not to even mention that. Instead I blurted out statements such as:
"Only someone with a SMALL dick would wear a shirt like that!" and "I'd like to scratch your eyes out!"

Of course my mom and oldest son were totally embarrassed but I was totally ticked! I don't care IF I don't know him. If he's going to wear a statement on his shirt that says something so stupid, he should expect to get comments made to him. I can only hope that someone talked their husband or boyfriend in to beating the crap out of him for wearing something like that!

And seriously... we all know that it's the exact opposite in life anyway. I mean if he really wants to make the rules, he needs to think about surgery. And fast!

October 4, 2006

Ugh and Gross

I hate it when other bloggers turn their comments off... especially when you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to leave a comment because you just HAVE to tell them how seriously sick their post was. Or to tell them that what they just posted REALLY should stay "in the family" and not be posted for the whole world to see. I mean, I'm only guessing, but I can imagine the reason WHY the comments are off is because they don't want all the judgements that would pour forth. Ok, hint... if you don't want to be judged, don't post stuff like that. And YUCK to you, you yucky blogger person!

I'm talking about a mommy blogger (a very well know blogger, in fact) taking a bath with her toddler daughter, meanwhile, WITH CHILD IN BATH, daddy is totally "washing" mommy's front upper area...gross!

And YUCK AGAIN!! Keep that stuff to yourself people!! ewwww

October 3, 2006

Good Enough

Sometimes I look at other Christian's blogs and I can't help but wonder what's wrong with me. They are always giving praise to God for this and that... Always sharing a story about what the Lord's done for them... Quoting bible verses every day and just plain making people like me wonder if we're good enough.

I have a lot of praise in my heart. I thank God daily for everything he's given me and I KNOW what I've been given. I try not to complain because frankly I know that there are so many more people who have it so much worse than I ever will! I guess I just want to know how they do it... Every. Day.

Maybe I let other "stuff" I blog about get in the way of my praising and quoting?

A couple days ago I found a blog ring of some people who I use to go to church with and was reading through them. Lots of praising, lots of quoting, lot of goodness. I think the thing that bothered me the most was that a few of these people had children (teens) who had blogs and wrote the same way. I think about my own kids and how I'm obviously not working hard enough to teach them about the wonderful relationship you can have with Jesus Christ. I mean I think they "know" about it, but they're just not overly excited about it. (Except for my youngest... you put a plate of food down in front of him and before you can take your hand away he's bowing his head and giving thanks.) How do you get your kids excited about God?

Maybe I've let all the other stuff I've got going on in my head take over. It's not that I don't have all that to give... it's just I have other stuff to blog about. So, do hardcore Christians have boring lives? lol (just kidding!)

I think it's just not my personality to be *happy happy joy joy* all the time. I mean seriously... I'm gagging a little just thinking about it!

There is a lady like that who writes a column in our weekly paper. I knew it wouldn't be too long before someone sent in their two cents on her and her perfect life. And it happened, last week. Another lady sent in her thoughts on the columnist and her perfect church going, home educating, wonderful marriage making, big family having, bread baking, garden growing, natural lifestyle living, ways. And it wasn't nice. I felt sorry for this lady but in the same thought I was like "you know what, she's right... I'm sick of hearing about it too!" It's almost to sickening sweet! What was even funnier was that this columinsts post that week was about her having her 6th child at home. And of course... How great it was! lol

I'm confused.

October 1, 2006


Ok, so my mom can not go away for 4 days again. My dad was seriously missing her last night. Or he was tired. I'd say he was 70% tired and 30% missing my mom. He came home and just couldn't figure out what he wanted for dinner so he just went to bed. Poor guy! I fixed him a big bowl of ice cream with lots of chocolate syrup on top and that seemed to make him a little happier. There's your proof, men really never grow up do they? lol (Sorry dad.)

Anyhoo... I SHOULD be in Muncie right now. My dad goes every Sunday morning so I told him last night we would go. My mom and aunt are meeting him there for the day and wanted us to come to so we could all go out to dinner and go to the mall and stuff like that. So last night I asked my dad what time he was leaving and he said at 8:00am. Then he asked if I would drive us there, I said I would. Well, I wasn't planning on getting up at the crack of dawn (remember, I had to babysit until late last night) so I set my alarm for 7:00, hit snooze a couple of times and then got up at 7:30. We always get ready at the house there, so there wasn't a need to jump in the shower here. I figured a half hour was plenty of time to throw some clothes on, put my hair up and get my kids up. We always stop somewhere for breakfast so I didn't have to worry about that either. So I get up and go into the hall and notice my parent's door open... my dad usually leaves it open when he leaves for work so I peek in and don't see him. I go into T1 and T2's bedroom and look out the front window and his car is gone!! I'm thinking "Where the heck did he go this early?!" So I call him and ask where he is and he says he's almost half way to Muncie. I said "Why did you leave us?" and he said "No one was up, so I thought you weren't going". I said "Well, we just got up and had plenty of time." He says "Ok, well, I'll see you there in awhile then." And I said "I'm not driving there by myself." (It's a 45 minute drive and although I've done it millions of times, I hate expressway driving!!) Then he says "Ok, well I guess I'll see ya when I see ya." So, here we are, left to do nothing fun today. I guess I could have gone but I decided to go back to bed instead. My kids were still sleeping so I didn't really want to wake them up anyway. Oh well, guess we weren't suppose to go.

Now I'm off to fix us some lunch. I'm thinking BLTs (love those!) and maybe some fries.