January 29, 2009

Hello, Mr. Hicks

Ahhh, lovely little things called Braxton Hicks contractions. I've had them since 7:00 this morning. At first I thought it was a little too early to be having them because I didn't remember getting them this early with the other two pregnancies but the book says they can start as early as 20 weeks.

The baby also didn't move much yesterday or today, so with that and the B-Hicks combined, I thought it would be ok to call the doctor's office.

A nurse called back and confirmed that yes, it was Braxton making his appearance and unless they totally take my breath away, or if I can time them 2-5 minutes apart, or if there's any bleeding, I shouldn't worry about it.

As for the baby not moving around, I can drink something with caffeine and lay down on my left side and that should work and should get him moving. Hmmm, maybe that's why he's so active between 2 and 3 am every night??

I'm so glad we have a doppler here. Of course I had to get that out and check his heartbeat. Still high and going strong so that eased my mind.

I think I'm just overly worried because EVERYONE I know who has been pregnant in the last few months has delivered early. Thankfully all their babies seem to be doing fine but it's still scary!

In unrelated news... we got between 9 and 12 inches of snow Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. The dogs didn't know what to do and wouldn't even go out until the boys shoveled a path out the back door and into the yard. Mr. R came over last night and he and the boys shoveled out the driveway. They were covered with snow when they came in.

After dinner we watched Fireproof and Taken. Don't ask me how someone in Mr. R's family got a dvd of Taken, but they did and we borrowed it and it was GOOD!

I am actually tired tonight! I worked today and naptime was a nightmare. For some reason my little almost 2 yr old did not want to nap. Very unlike her. She kept waking her brother up and the poor thing was so tired she really did want to sleep but just wouldn't let herself. She finally gave in and went to sleep but only got about a half hour nap in. She was fine the rest of the day and was happy when her mom got here so it must not have bothered her too much. It's so cute because she can't say my name, so she calls me "Honey". She tells her mom she wants to go to Honey's house. Anytime she wants or needs something she'll come looking for me saying "Honey... Honey... Honey...". So cute!

January 27, 2009

What's Up

We had another OB appointment yesterday. Mr. R was there acting like the paparazzi with his camera. He took a pic of me on the scale. I have gained 7 pounds in the last month. At first, I was like "Oh now hold on there nursey nurse... I've got Uggs on... those HAVE to count for at least 3 pounds." She wrote down what the scale said anyway.

We got to meet the new doctor. I loved her from the moment she walked in. See, I had that little colposcopy thing scheduled with the other doctor for last Friday... 2nd time it was schedule and 2nd time it got cancelled... well, I thought the new doctor would mention it. And she did. BUT... she totally agreed with me that there was no way this needed to be done right now. That my test didn't show anything close to it being cancer and that I shouldn't even worry about it and they'll just do a repeat pap after the baby's born. I love her, I tell you. We also talked about my iron levels and she was all... "I wouldn't do anything unless it was under 10." And, because it's at 11.4... good bye iron pills that make doing some things very hard to do. (If you've never taken iron pills, you have no idea what that means, if you have... you get it and you're high fiving me that I can throw those pills away.)

Then I mentioned that "OH MY GOSH I'VE GAINED 7 POUNDS!!" and she was all like "Girl, you've got Uggs AND jeans on. You've probably only gained about 4 or 5 pounds!" Then she looked at the chart and said "Ummm, you've only gained 9 pounds total and you're 21 weeks - this is nothing to worry about!" And then Mr. R had to gloat about how he's been making sure I do not eat much fast food. Do you think sneaking to McDonald's would be considered cheating if your fiance forbid it?

Anyway, I really like this doctor! And not just because her and Mr.R talked more about a past Guns N' Roses concert more than they talked about MY BABY, she seemed like she really knew what she was doing. We talked about whether I should have a c-sec or try another VBAC. She said she'd be happy to try a VBAC and that I should... but if I, or the baby even looked cross-eyed at her, she'd have us in the OR in a flash. I also found out that they will not take a baby early for a c-sec. You can schedule it, but not 2 weeks in advance anymore, only 1. So, this baby will be a June baby no matter what, unless HE decides differently.

After our appointment we went to Red Lobster for lunch, then more baby shopping. We got a stroller, bouncy seat and more clothes. The clothes thing is out of control!! When I get a chance, I'll get everything out and take a pic.

January 20, 2009

Funny Stuff

Just a couple of interesting/funny things I thought I'd share.

What's in Olive Garden's Alfredo Sauce...
When Mr. R and I went to Olive Garden last Friday night, we had a male waiter who was probably in his late 30's early 40's... as we were ordering, Mr. R asked him for a big bowl of alfredo sauce to go with our bread sticks (he loves the stuff)... well, the waiter brings it out and they are discussing it and how good it is and blah blah blah... so Mr. R says something to the effect of how good it is and how much he likes it and the waiter says "Yep, just like mother's milk!". We both looked at each other like "Did he really just say that?!" I mean, what do you say back to a statement like that? Should he have said "Yeah... in a few more months she'll have her own, want us to come back and share?!" lol (gross) It was just funny and kind of odd, but whatever. Perhaps that waiter could get a job with Ben and Jerry's? :)

Pregnancy Brain...
Last night I was not in the mood to cook dinner so I decided I'd take the kids to Burger King since we've been so good and not had any fast food in the last week. Well, since we live in such a small town, we had to go to the next town over. It's only about 3 miles once you get on the highway. So we go, get our food and we're coming back home... I'm just driving along, not paying any attention and all of a sudden I hear T1 in the back say "Mom, where are we going?". I totally missed my exit and was just driving along in la la land. I have no idea where my mind was. I'm starting to get really scatterbrained and it's scary. It only took us about 30 minutes to get home when it should have taken about 10.

January 19, 2009

Not Even In Office Yet...

...and spending OUR money like crazy. And for a ONE day event?!

Thank Bush, for declaring a "federal emergency" so that Obama's Inauguration can be as big and bling bling as he wants it. What's the cost up to now? $150 MILLION?


Funny, only a mere $15 million is needed for security and that's for FOUR days of it!

Hmmm, how about this custom Cadillac limo he needs to ride in? I can't find a cost, but I'm sure it's not cheap. And the balloons... wonder how much those are costing us?

In recent years, new Presidents RAISED FUNDS for this event (or at least had a committee to do it). OK OK we'll give some credit to Prez O... he DID raise $41 million. However, that's not even a third of the cost.

Are ya'll sure he was the best choice? Really?

BTW... I'd be saying the same thing if it were McCain using this money UNwisely!

January 17, 2009

It's A Boy!

We had our ultra sound yesterday and it's pretty much 100% that it's a boy. His little hoohaa was sticking right up to show us what he was. This picture isn't very good, but you should be able to tell it's a boy. I'll have more pics once I get the card from Mr. R's camera.

January 15, 2009

One More Day

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon we'll know what we're having. Neither one of us really care, but it will be fun to find out. Mr. R wants to go shopping this weekend and get EVERYTHING. That's nice, but what will we do for the next 5 months? I have a feeling that we're going to get really impatient towards the end.

We finally got snow yesterday. I wasn't really holding my breath but it happened. Not only did it snow, but the temps dropped too. It's -4 degrees right now. Brr!

Here's T2 doing what he does best... working outside. That child hates being trapped indoors and shoveling to him isn't work, it's fun. Why can't we adults think like that about more things in life?!

January 7, 2009

Goin To The Birds

I worked for the first time in three weeks yesterday. It was fun. I love the kids I have and it makes having to work a lot easier when you have good daycare kiddos. My 4 yr old daycare boy was so excited to tell me what he got for Christmas. It was so cute to hear him so excited about his new toys.

Last night me, Mr. R and the boys went to the movies. We saw "Yes Man". It was ok. Not hilarious, but not boring either. I really want to see "Mall Cop" when it comes out. I like Kevin James, he is so funny.

After the movies we stopped at Walmart and then ate at Arby's since everything else was closed or getting ready to close. We didn't get home until after 11:30 and I was ready for bed.

We got a little scare this morning. Mr. R had left around 12:30 and after he left I listened to the messages I had gotten on my home phone. One was from my OB's office and it said they had some results from my blood tests and needed me to call them back. Well, we all know that they don't call if everything is ok, they just tell you it's ok at your next appointment. Well, since I had just had my Quad Test on Friday, I started to get a little nervous. So I called Mr. R and he turned around and came back. I couldn't call them back until 1:00 because they close for lunch and let me tell you, that 30 minutes felt like 30 hours. Of course we were preparing ourselves for the worst (or I was - Mr. R is always positive) and we were just saying that whatever it was, we would be ok with it and we'd deal with it.

When I did call, I got put on hold a bunch of times but finally the nurse answered and told me they got some of my first tests back and it was showing that I am borderline anemic. Then she gave me the name of some iron pills that I needed to get (Slow Fe) and to take them for 60 days. We were SO relieved that that was all it was!! I can handle having to take some iron pills. Thank you Lord!

Of course Mr. R ran up to CVS right away and got them. I took one earlier and so far, so good. I've taken iron before and it's always upset my stomach so I'm hoping this kind of "slow release" iron will work better. (Although I can deal with an upset stomach for 60 days. It's better than having something major wrong!)

I'm a little surprised that I'm anemic because I do not have any of the signs. As a matter of fact, I've had more energy since I've been pregnant than I normally do. I haven't felt dizzy or had any of the other symptoms of anemia. Oh well, a little extra iron isn't going to hurt anything anyway.

Now I need to go try to find something to make with hamburger. I have a pound in my fridge that needs fixed before it goes bad. I'm really hungry for pasta with alfredo sauce... hmmm, wonder how hamburger would taste in alfredo? Maybe I'll make spaghetti instead and use it for that.

The picture below was taken by T1 (who by the way is an AWESOME photographer! The boy really has talent!) This is what we woke up to this morning in our backyard. Wonder where they all came from?!

January 5, 2009

Fun Weekend

Friday we had another OB appointment. I was a little nervous because it was with a doctor I'd never seen before and he had ordered the colposcopy. I didn't think it needed to be done, we discussed it and as long as he isn't doing biopsies, I guess I'll do it in a few weeks. He was really nice though and spent a good amount of time with us, answering some questions that we had and making sure that I understood everything. A big concern of mine is trying another VBAC. I guess we'll just see how big the baby is towards the end and go from there.

I only gained two pounds. Yippee! I'm surprised that's all I've gained considering I've been eating everything in sight.

We have another ultra sound set for Friday, Jan. 16. This one will tell us if it's a boy or girl. (Hopefully!) Everyone I've talked to thinks it's a girl. The doctor said if old wives tales are true, the fast heartbeat says it's a girl. I'm a little freaked out about that... I've got boys and that's all I know. We'll be happy with either though.

After the doctor's appt I had some last minute shopping to do. Then after that I went to my parents' house for dinner. My kids were already there and my uncle, aunt and two cousins came in from West Virginia. We had a yummy dinner, then me, the boys and my cousins all went to my house for the night.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early (6am) to go to Michigan to have Christmas with my mom's side of the family. We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast and got up there around 11:45. We had a great time with our family and getting another Christmas was pretty fun.

Later in the afternoon I went to Biggby Coffee with one of my aunts . I got a Mocha Mocha (Big Chill, I think?). It was pretty good. No Starbucks, but it wasn't horrible.

We got back to my grandma's and decided to go visit my grandpa's grave. It's hard to believe he's been gone for over a month.

We left around 5:30. My parents and uncle and aunt drove in their car and me, my kids and cousins drove in mine. My cousin Jer drove for me. That made me happy because I didn't want to drive. He also filled up my tank on the way up and back. Awww, what a great guy. (And single.... email me, ladies!) We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way home. We were all so exhausted we pretty much went straight to bed when we got back to my house.

Sunday morning we got up early again, drove through Burger King for breakfast and headed to Muncie to go to church. After church we went to Damon's for lunch. Mmmmm, if you've never been to Damon's and there's one near you, GO! They have yummy yummy ribs and it's just a fun place to eat. They have huge screens up and you can play trivia games against other tables. We were actually in first place at one point. We took our two last names and put them together. (ClaMar)

After lunch the parents went home and me, the boys and my cousins went shopping. We went to Kohl's and I got 2 pairs of maternity pants and 4 maternity shirts. I am really starting to pop out, so I really needed them. My grandma gave me a Kohl's gift card for Christmas and Mr. R had given me money for clothes, so I was all set. I also had $20 in Kolh's Cash but they had expired on the 3rd. However, as I was leaving the lady behind me tried using hers and the cashier let her. So, I asked if she would let me use mine and she did. How nice!

After that we went to the mall and walked around. My cousin Steph road the "roller coaster", T2 took a bunch of stuff to Game Stop and my cousin Jer and the boys got pretzels from Auntie Anne's. I was stuffed from lunch but took a little piece off T2's pretzel.

After we were tired from shopping, we went back to my parents' house, played games, my aunt cut my hair, got Pizza Hut for dinner, played more games, got ice cream and then the boys and I headed home around 9pm. My uncle and aunt needed to leave early this morning so my cousins stayed there.

The boys came home and pretty much went straight to bed. They both fell asleep watching tv on their beds, so I just turned their lights out and set the timer on their tvs. I headed to bed pretty early too and tried to get some extra sleep to make up for what I lost getting up so early on Saturday and Sunday.

Today I did laundry, cleaned my bathroom, cleaned up the downstairs and went grocery shopping. I have to work tomorrow (first time in 3 weeks) so I'll probably try and get to bed early tonight too.

Hope your weekend was just as fun and enjoyable as mine! :)