November 27, 2006

I'm So Sick of Snot!

Nice title, I know... but seriously I am SO sick of wiping noses. I'm so sick of having to tell parents, "You know, this "cold" has lasted a month now, you may want to take them to their doctor". All my daycare kids but 1 came back with runny noses. And here I had thought maybe that over the 4 day weekend they would get all better and come back all well and happy. LOL - I should never fool myself into such thinking! This has only been going on since September.... we're going on 2 months now. One of them I know is teething and that's different, but when they're constantly coughing and congested they arent' just teething. Oh well, at least I'm not the one having to get up with them in the middle of the night.

So this weekend was a busy one... we got our tree and outside decorations up, along with all the decorations inside the house. Went to Muncie yesterday and didn't get home until 8:00 last night. Didn't do much when we were there this time. I do know I will never use their Walgreens to get pictures developed again! I ended up have to make 3 trips there yesterday because they messed up my pics. And I have NO idea what kind of picture cd they gave us, we've used them before but this one make you download a bunch of stuff just to upload your pics. I think I'll take the cd to our Walgreens and see if they can fix it. We've never had to download anything to get them before.

Last night instead of having church we decorated and had snacks. It was fun. Yesterday morning in church we actually sang HYMNS! It was nice to sing songs that I grew up with. The new worship songs, choruses, etc. are nice and a good change at times, but there's nothing like the old hymns. 'The Old Rugged Cross' was one we sang yesterday and I have to say I got alittle teary while singing it. Those old hymns have so much history and meaning behind them, it's hard not to get a little emotional sometimes.

Our dogs need groomed SO bad. I have to call the groomers this week. They aren't going to be too happy with me, I've let them go for too long and they are quite matted. Poor things. Of course they got to "go to Grandma's" with us yesterday. It's funny when you ask them if they "want to go to Grandma's?", they just go crazy. They jump around and whine and make noise until you pick them up and get them in the car, then they're fine. They're such good traveling dogs.

Well, I'm off to get some lunch and watch Y&R before another baby decides it's time to get up. I've already had one wake up and he hasn't slept for more than 20 minutes yet. I just left him in his bed making noise and I'm pretty sure he went back to sleep. Anyway, have a great Monday my blogging friends!

November 24, 2006

Black Friday

Am I shopping today? Did I get up at the crack of dawn to fight the crowds? Heck no. I'll sit at my computer in my pjs and shop online where the lines are short thank you very much. Although I have a feeling that at some point today I will end up being dragged out into the den of terror. I really need to get my hair cut and so does my youngest, so... I'm sure at some point I'll have to venture out into the deep darkness of Black Friday.

We had a nice day yesterday. It was just us and my parents. My mom cooked more than enough and it was all good! I made green bean casserole. I used whole green beans instead of french style, but I think next time I'll use the french style.

Actually, my day yesterday was rather productive. I cleaned out the kids' closet. Took all the "too small" clothes and put them in a pile out in the hall for Goodwill, took T1's "too small" clothes and put them over on T2's side, cleaned and rearranged their dressers, and did tons of laundry including both the boys' bedding and comforters. Poor T1, there is a bad side to being the oldest... we counted up his winter shirts and he's got about 12... counted up T2's, he's got 44!! Yep, 44. More than me!! How sick is that? And the funny thing is that kid could care less what he's wearing, if it matches or if it's in style. T1 on the other hand is very picky about his clothes, but I have to say he's got good taste for a boy. He likes basically whatever is "in". Right now he loves Tony Hawk clothes. OH and of course Abercrombie and Fitch. (maybe that's why he's only got 12 shirts! lol)

Today I have to clean the bathroom upstairs and maybe think about working on my room. UGH... my room is gonna take days. Maybe I should wait to start that during the week I have off for Christmas.

Well, I've just been told that we ARE going to journey out into the crazy retail world today, so I better go get into my shower. Have a great Friday!

November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

November 22, 2006

Cure Cancer In Your Sleep

"You can cure cancer in your sleep!"

In fact, such a claim is not at all outrageous. It's not even extraordinary. I have cured cancer thousands of times in my own lifetime, and so have you, if you're still alive. Every living human being cures themselves of cancer over and over again as their immune system locates and deals with cancerous cells in the body. Your immune system already knows how to cure cancer, and it has done so for decades.

The U.S. medical establishment claims there's no such thing as a "cure" for cancer, and yet every person alive today is a walking cancer curing machine. I suppose next,
the FDA will arrest people for exercising healthy immune system function because, to them, curing cancer is considered some sort of crime.

The only time cancer gets diagnosed in your body is when your immune system is unable to do the job it already knows how to do. And the way your immune system fails is if you don't give it the tools it needs: if you're suffering from nutritional deficiencies or
chronic dehydration, for example. It could also mean that you are poisoning your body with cancer-causing substances such as sodium nitrite (see related ebook on sodium nitrite) or chemical sweeteners, artificial colors, refined carbohydrates and environmental toxins such as the toxic chemicals found around your home. Common antibacterial soaps, for example, contain a chemical ingredient known as triclosan that, when combined with chlorine in tap water, generates highly carcinogenic fumes. Merely eating processed meats, recent studies show, boosts your risk of pancreatic cancer by 7600%!

*Read more here: http://www.allvita. net/news. htm

November 21, 2006

It's Party Time Here

Gobble Gobble...

We are having a Par-Tay here today. I have a little guy who seems to always miss out on all the fun because he is part-time and all the holidays (or days that we celebrate them here), tend to fall on the days he doesn't come. This year I decided we'd celebrate Thanksgiving on Tuesday instead of Wednesday so he could join us. We had our "Thanksgiving Feast" lunch, which included: Turkey, mashed potatoes, peas and macaroni and cheese. We read a Thanksgiving book before naptime and as soon as everyone is awake we're going to make and decorate Turkey Cookies. We will also be making Native American headbands with construction paper feathers and Turkey Handprints (only we're making our handprints with brown paint). We have another Thanksgiving story to read and then we'll watch A Rugrats Thanksgiving movie until the parents get here. Sound like a fun afternoon? Come join us!

November 20, 2006

No Milk or OJ For Me, Thank You!

Well yay for the women who just HAD to make it known to everyone in Vermont that they can breastfeed. Good heavens ladies, are you so bored at home that you just feel the need to keep doing this? What's the big deal? A woman was asked to cover herself up on the airplane, that's just common courtesy to others around you. Again... I think it's great that women can nurse their babies, but do we all have to know about it? It's still a boob people, whether a baby's (or should I say a TODDLER'S) attached to it or not. Show some respect to those around you, and then maybe you'll get some back! I mean, this child was 22 MONTHS OLD!! Almost 2 years old!! This was not a newborn who needed to be nursed! This child was PLENTY old enough to have a sippy cup!! Cut the cord people!! At that point it wasn't even about nutrition or the fact that this child HAD to be nursed. I think we need to draw a line somewhere! And sorry, but I don't know too many 2 year olds who know the meaning of "discreet" and that's what you need to be if you're going to nurse in public. Again, respect of others around you, ladies!

As for OJ - I seriously hope that someone just takes him out! One part of me wants to boycott his interview and his "confession" of a book, but another part of me (a very sick part) wants to hear what he has to say and read his confession. I'm hoping that my Fox station will just decide not to air it. That would make it easy. And I probably wouldn't actually buy the book, but if my library had it, I may feel the need to check it out. I have read "Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted" quite a few times. I just feel so sorry for the kids!

On the daycare front... it's been a Monday, that's for sure. We have one who still has a runny nose and another who is teething and just miserable. Not a fun morning. Especially when you were up until 4am. ugh Well, I was up until 2am sanatizing toys and then it took 2 more hours for me to finally fall asleep. I washed down every toy and everything else in the daycare room. I took all the toys in the kitchen, filled one side of the sink with water and bleach and the other with just water, took a toy, dipped it in the bleach side, then dipped it in the water and laid it out on a towel to dry. I had towels everywhere. Then I took my lysol and sprayed down everything that's downstairs, including all door knobs. I pretty much spray my lysol each night anyway, but thought I'd do that again just to be sure. Of course all the blankets were washed (as they are every weekend) and I cleaned the pack n plays down real good too. All I have to say is that whatever germs we had, they should be gone now!

I wish parents would make tons of noise from the moment they bring their kids home from the hospital! That way these kids would know how to sleep through noise. ugh I have two kids who are up and it's only 1:30. One was in the other room crying and the one out in the living room heard him, so of course he has to chime in and start crying too. Then I have another one who can sleep through anything. He's in the middle of these two and he's just sleeping away. You can tell which parents make noise at home and which ones tiptoe around the house. I decided when I had my kids that we'd keep the same noise level we always had and if I needed to run the vacuum while my kids were sleeping, I did it. Of course now neither one of them can wake up to an alarm clock, so maybe I over did it there. lol Of course one of these little guys who are screaming at the moment (the one who thought he needed to join in) is way to spoiled anyway. And thanks to my mom, he's been too spoiled here. I love my daycare kids, don't get me wrong, but I don't spoiled any of them. It's daycare, you have to do what we do during the day and screaming isn't the answer here. It's not going to get you more on your plate at lunch and it's not going to get you out of taking a nap like the rest of the kids. Life just doesn't work that way. Trust me, these people are lucky to have their kids here, they get taken care of very well!!

Well, I really need a chocolate fix, so I'm off to grab some Annie's Organic Chocolate Bunny Grahams... if you haven't had them, you should try them. They're good!

November 19, 2006

I Need A Chef

I am horrible at coming up with meals for my family. I need help. I need a chef. I need someone who can write it all out for me. I'm hungry but I don't know what to make. It's so easy to get in the car and go through a drive thru or order food and pick it up. I'm lazy. I know this. You don't have to tell me this. We are NOT eating out today... we are NOT! I am making us a nice homecooked meal. What's so frustrating is that I just spent $99.33 at that-store-I'm-ashamed-to-shop-at yesterday and still, we have nothing to eat. Or that's how it seems.

Anyway, we didn't go to Muncie today. I did watch church tv though. I picked Mr. Smiley... aka Joel Osteen, for today's sermon. He had a real good message. He was talking about fear and about angels and God's protection. He made it a point to say that we don't pray to our angels and we don't give praise to our angels and that the only one we pray and give praise to is God. Of course I already knew that, but I was impressed that he made it a point to mention that, since I'm sure there are those who do think that if they pray to their guardian angels that they are going to be protected. I have an angel clip in my car on the passenger side visor... sometimes when we're driving and especially when we get on the interstate, I will touch it and say a little prayer. Kind of silly, I know, but it makes me feel safer.

Well, gotta go... it seems the kids are having issues. Not the human kids, the other ones. Chloe will not stay out of the bed in the kitchen that we made for Andy. She has her own cage in there with her blankets, but since Andy stays upstairs during the week, we made a little bed for him yesterday and today so he wouldn't have to lay on the hard floor. Seems that Chloe has decided it's hers. As usual.

If it's not the kids, it's the dogs. Have a great Sunday!

November 17, 2006

Again! UGH

I am sick... AGAIN! Why you ask? Because I have sick daycare kids and they just can't seem to get sick and better at the same time. It stinks I tell ya! One of my little guys is on antibiotics right now, another probably should be but heaven forbid his mom or dad take off work to take him and get him checked. I personally think he has an ear infection and if they all could just get on antibiotics at the same time and get better at the same time, maybe, JUST maybe we'd get some relief. So, I've been a big grouch today. Just knowing that I will probably end up in bed for the weekend makes me crabby. I like to have my weekends to do stuff too!

I didn't have any big plans, but I thought about meeting a friend tomorrow to watch the Ohio State/Michigan game. I just heard a few minutes ago that Michigan's coach just collapsed and died. How sad! Not sure of the details but they said that the game for tomorrow was still on.

So, I'm sitting here sucking down water and green tea, taking vitamins, eating healthy things like bananas and raspberries and trying to convince myself that I do not need meds to help out.

I am anti-antibiotic... especially for ear infections, but I can't tell my daycare parents what to do, so if all they're going to do is use antibiotics, then that's what they'll have to do. I did all the time when my kids were little. I wish I knew then what I know now! I think I'm going to try the h2o2 remedy. I'll let you know if it works.

OH and major bad news... they just opened a Mc Donald's about 2 miles from my house. It's gonna be so hard to be good!! Especially in the mornings! I love their breakfast! I wish they'd go organic!

November 16, 2006

God is Good!

He never fails. Everytime I need Him, He is there!

Again, for the second year in a row, (well, probably longer than that) He has provided me with what I need to cover the bills and make it possible for my kids to have a nice Christmas.

The kids that were here on Monday for the day; are back today, are coming tomorrow and all next week. Their mom called yesterday and asked if I could keep them on such short notice as she had a million things to do to get ready for the 20+ people that are going to be at their house for Thanksgiving. Of course I said I'd watch them! I also had 3 kids from another former daycare family here yesterday afternoon. Every little bit helps!

I'm so thankful, but there's also something in the back of my mind that is telling me to do something more than just give my kids a nice Christmas. Do I need to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas? Do I need to teach my kids something more about Christmas? I'm praying... and I know that it is going to be revealed to me soon. I am praying that I can give back what the Lord has provided for me. Maybe not with money, but perhaps with time or just with my effort.

Besides, there's nothing that we really need. We have more than we deserve now!

November 15, 2006

H2O2 Prevents Colds and Flu

Here's a great article I found on Dr. Mercola's website.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Colds and Flu

Dr. Mercola's Comment:
From what we have read, hydrogen peroxide works quite well and is supposed to be effective 80% of the time, especially if done when the symptoms first appear. While it seems contrary to what we have been taught about colds and flu we know quite a few people who have tried it with great success.
In 1928 Richard Simmons, M.D. hypothesized that colds and flu virus enter through the ear canal. His findings were dismissed by the medical community. According to Dr. Simmons, contrary to what you may think or have been taught about how you catch the flu or the cold there is only one way that you can catch the two, and that's via the ear canal not through the eyes or nose or mouth as most have believed.
Keeping your fingers out of your ears will greatly reduce your chances of catching them, but then again these two are microscopic and can be air-born and may land on or even in your ear. Once they have entered the inner-ear (middle-ear) there they begin their breeding process, and from there they have access to every avenue throughout our body to travel to and to infect and make us sick.
In 1938 German researchers had great success using hydrogen peroxide in dealing with colds and the flu. Their data has been ignored for over 60 years.
It is important to begin treatment as soon as symptoms appear. If treatment is started promptly effectiveness seems to be in the 80% range.
We have found remarkable results in curing the flu & cold within 12 to 14 hours when administering a few drops of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) into each infected ear, (sometimes only one ear is infected) The H2O2 starts working within 2 to 3 minutes in killing the flu or cold; there will be some bubbling and in some cases mild stinging occurs.
Wait until the bubbling & stinging subside (usually 5 to 10 min) then drain onto tissue and repeat other ear. A bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide in 3% solution is available at any drug store for a couple of dollars.
Although this method is perfectly safe for infant/children to use, the loud bubbling and stinging frightens them, they'll need someone they trust to put the hp in their ears. (don't get h2o2 in the eyes- if you do, flush with water)

November 14, 2006

Anti - myspace

I remember about 9 years ago when my mom got internet set up at her house. We were still living with my parents (only this time in their house - lol) and I decided one night that I'd just surf around. I swear I was on that thing for 8 hours. I didn't get to bed until 4 am. It's like you lose all track of time when you're online.

Well, thanks to myspace, that very same thing happened last night. It all started off innocently... my friend Gwen and I were instant messaging each other looking up past boyfriends and guys we knew long ago on Michigan's Correctional site. It gives all the juicy info on what people did and how much time they got for their crimes. So we're going through all the people we knew and looking up all the bad things they've done... well, around 11:00 she was a smart girl and went to bed, while I took a gander at myspace.

Now myspace is not new to me, but I guess I'm just not hip enough to actually feel the need to get on there so I rarely do. lol However, the amazing thing is, just by searching one name you can find tons of people. It's all in the "friends"... links galore. Which brings more links and so on and so forth. Of course I'm more mature now... I made myself shut my computer off at 2 am! TWO IN THE MORNING PEOPLE! I was online looking up people on myspace until 2 AM! I don't know what the heck happened. And the worst part about that was that I had been on the computer almost all night anyway. I added it up, I was online for 7 hours straight last night. And the worst part about it... when I finally shut the thing off, I looked over to see my youngest curled up in the recliner beside me fast asleep with two books in his hands.

I had told him we'd read before bed and when he came down with the books he'd picked, I told him to "hold on just a minute". Then when he asked if I was ready to read yet, I said "just one more minute honey". When he asked again it was "yes, I'm almost done". I guess he finally gave up. And you know what, I totally spaced it and totally forgot all about it.

When I went to bed I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I told myself I was too old to stay up that late and that I was sick because at my age, I need sleep. The more I think about it, I may have had that sick feeling for another reason. I totally failed as a mom!! I didn't know it in my mind, but I knew it in my stomach! I was just too tired to figure it out.

Why do other people's lives seem so interesting to us? Why are we so concerned with what others are doing that we forget or ignore what's going on around us? I know there's a Bible verse to go along with this, but I just can't find it right now.

Tonight is reading DOUBLE night!!! The computer will go off at 7:00 sharp!!! And no more myspace!!

November 13, 2006

Now What?

I have a housefull of kiddos today. I've been up since 6:30. Had breakfast, been to the bank, changed two diapers, played with puzzles, shook the rugs and actually had time to get online to make this entry.

I have 2 kids here today that I watched last year. Their mom is a stay at home mom but she got very ill for about 6 months last year and was so weak she could not care for them herself. A former client that goes to their church recommended me and so I had them for quite a while. Unfortunately it's under sad circumstances that I have them today, but it's nice to be able to see them again. They're real cute and at the age that I love (preschool).

So I saw my best friend and her daughter this weekend. It was a short but sweet visit. We picked up Applebees for dinner, took lots of pictures and just hung out. We'll have to get together again soon, and for a little longer next time.

Yesterday we ended up going to Muncie again for the day. We went to church in the morning and did some Christmas shopping in the afternoon. I got quite a bit of my youngest son's done. He stayed at the house with grandpa while me, my mom and T1 went out. Right before we left I realized we did not have his inhaler. T2 had taken it out of my purse and not put it back. Luckily my mom had kept some Benedryl there, so I got that out and told my dad if he had any problems he could have that. I also said that he probably needed to make sure that he dind't run around or get too active. So, me my mom and T1 go on our merry way to do out shopping and are at Best Buy when I get a call from T2. He's wheezing and wants to know where his inhaler is. I calmly tell him we don't have it and to have grandpa help him with the Benedryl. Thank goodness we were at the check out and less than 5 minutes away. So I'm on the phone with him, talking him through his breathing, having him go outside and breathe in the cold air, etc. When we get to the house, he is doing much better. As we're talking about the situation my dad chimes in and says he missed half the Colts game because he took T2 over to the playground. Umm, didn't I tell someone to make sure my son didn't get too active? But of course it was T2's idea and grandpa can't say no to his grandson... so what are ya gonna do?! I decided after that, that T2 needed to rest and take a little nap. I laid down with him and slept until 5:30. We left about 6:30 and I came home and cleaned up for today and went to bed. I do have to add that I was very disappointed with Toys R Us. They didn't have hardly anything that was on T2's list. Best Buy on the other hand was a shoppers dream come true. We walked in and the guy at the door asked if we were looking for something specific, I told him what we wanted, another guy said he'd take us right to them, we went there, they had the exact one. Then he showed us the games that went with it and they had the exact two that Toys R Us didn't. We were done and at the check out within a matter of minutes. It was wonderful! I'd have to say it was my best shopping experience to date!

There were about twice as many people in church yesterday than there was last week. Very exciting! I hope that church just grows and grows. They have such nice people there. It's a very comfortable church. You can go there and just be yourself. The way it should be.

Well, guess I'll go help my mom with the kids. Have a wonderful Monday!

November 10, 2006


... They are putting up the Christmas Tree in Times Square.

... We only have 2 daycare kiddos.

... We are having Chinese for lunch.

... Young and the Restless is gonna be good.

... My best friend is coming.

... I get to see her daugher for the first time.

... The weather is beautiful.

Today is Great!

November 8, 2006

It's A Sad Day, My Friends

Waking up to learn that the Democrats have gained power is not a happy feeling. I blame this on the nonconfrontational Republicans and their unwillingness to get out and vote. And yes, I voted. Everyone in my house who could vote, did so. It's just not an exciting thing to know that their first order of business will be for, and focus on abortion (at ANY stage in pregnancy - how sick is that?!) and the legalization of gay marriage. And here they "claimed" all along it was about the war. Hmm. Guess not. Sad day. OH, and I must make another comment here and you can agree or disagree, but deep down in your donkey hearts you have to acknowledge this... with all the "gliches" at many of the polls yesterday, if Republicans would have taken the House, there would be some major drama, whining and protesting on the Democrats side. But us Republicans, we take the high road. What's done is done.

Anyway... on to brighter news. I decided to make it my goal this year to buy all my Christmas gifts online. I love that amazon gives free shipping (when you buy enough) and I got many of my gifts on there last year. Well, I thought that was what I'd do this year too until I started comparing prices. On two items that my son wants, I can buy it from Toys R Us and save $13 PLUS if I spend $75 or more (which I will) I'll get a $10 gift card. So far I have two of those coupons, so hey, that's $20 for another gift. Then I have another coupon for a $5 gift card if I buy the movie "Cars" at Toys R Us. Not a bad deal. Amazon can keep their free shipping. Although now I will have to go out and face the public, but I think I will be ok knowing that I'm saving money. I'm actually having fun finding the best buy and grabbing all these coupons. I was in CVS this morning and got a coupon on my receipt for a buy a Reeses Cup and get a "Big Cup" free, well of course I stopped and used it right away. I'm a sucker for free things.

We only have 2 daycare kids today... what a nice break. Now if they'll both take decent naps it will be a good day around here. I never heard back from that crazy lady about daycare. I don't think I would take her child now even if she did call. It's been too long and she's too weird. I don't need that hassle right now. The money wouldn't even be worth it at this point. I think I need my sanity more.

Taylor informed us that we're having a party tonight. We're renting "Cars", having nachos and cheese, popcorn and carmel cashew turtles. We really know how to party around here, don't we?! Call us "Party Animals".

You know what though, I love my life!!

November 6, 2006

This Week

Has officially begun. Although technically it began yesterday. (Sunday is the first day of the week.)

We went to Muncie with my parents yesterday and stayed all day and went to morning and night church. While I was in church I closed my eyes and just envisioned the church full. They only have 10-20 people per service. The church was hit hard by the former pastor and all his IMMoral doings, so I can understand why they lost pratically all their members. I just wish people would give it a try and fill it up.

I decided last week that I am going to stay Nazarene. My kids are 5th generation Nazarenes and I'd like some sort of tradition/legacy for them to follow. So, we'll either be making the long drive to Muncie each week or we'll find a closer Nazarene church in our area. I really feel that I need something that already has a children's program so that my kids can benefit from it. Although I've also wondered if I shouldn't offer to start a children's program at my father's church. My kids are really the only kids who go there, but it would be nice to have something in place if they had any visitors with children. If that were the case we would probably move there. I would have to do daycare there and the church use to have a daycare and has a seperate building for daycare, but my dad said it has a horrible mold problem and I wouldn't want it. He also mentioned that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to start another daycare after everything that happened. So, with only negative thoughts on that, it makes me think that I'm not suppose to go there. I really like where I live and it really feels like home, but I would go if God said to.

So we got up early Sunday, got ready, let the dogs out, got them ready to go (they love going to Muncie) and left by 7:45. We ask the dogs if they "want to go to Grandma's house?" and they go crazy until they are able to get in the car. Chloe rides in her travel crate in the back seat between the boys and Andy rides upfront with me in the passenger seat on a blanket. He likes to ride in the front and usually lays down the whole way. The only time he gets up is to look out the window or to give me a kiss. We ran through Mc Donald's for breakfast, then went to my parents "weekend house" and ate. Went to morning church and out to Applebees for lunch. We were going to go to Cheeseburger in Paradise but we looked at their menu before we went in and didn't really think it was a Sunday lunch/dinner type place and my dad really wanted a good steak. I had the riblet basket, as usual. Their ribs were really good. Later that afternoon my mom, the boys and I went to Target, Starbucks and Casual Male (to find some pants for my dad). My dad stayed home and took a nap with the dogs. He said he'd been sleeping for awhile and Chloe jumped up on his lap and woke him up. She's like that... always has to have attention. She doesn't do well when we go away and will whine until I hold her. Since we shopped all day and were still there, we went to night church too. Taylor was so tired he laid down in the pew and slept the whole time. I wish I could have joined him. I was so happy to get home and get in my bed.

I had a daycare interview last Wednesday and the lady still hasn't made up her mind if they are coming here or not. I'm thinking that if it's taking this long then they won't be, I just wish they'd hurry up. I've already let her know I'm not holding a spot for her. I'm kind of leary of her anyway. When I asked if she'd need time to give her current provider notice, she said they weren't going to. That's just rude in my opinion. I wouldn't want someone to do that to me. I have the provider's number and I feel like calling her and warning her that they are leaving. I would want someone to do that for me. Although I have a contract that says they have to give me at least a two weeks notice, so I'm pretty much covered. She keeps emailing me with questions that were already answered at the interview, but I just keep answering them. If it wasn't close to Christmas, I'd just let it go and tell her I don't think we'd be a good match. Unfortunately I need the money so I'm having to suck it up, play nice and let her "think" the ball is in her court. And that's not pretty on me! At. All. I'll tell you what though... if she decides after all this that they're not coming here, I'm calling the provider and giving her a heads up that they're leaving. Would that be mean?

Well, I'm off to drink some orange juice and relax. I want to get to bed at a decent time and keep up with my sleep this week. I also am going to make myself remember to take my vitamins and wash my hands pretty much 24/7. All my daycare kids are sick with colds and we've been dealing with this on some level for over a month. I had something a few weeks ago so hopefully my turn is up. But, just in case, I'm going to do everything I can to prevent myself from getting ill. Why, you ask. Because this weekend I actually HAVE PLANS! I get to see my "niece" who I've never seen before. Oh and I get to see my bestest friend in the whole wide world of 16? 17? years. We are amazing friends because to anyone on the outside looking in, you'd think that if you put the two of us in a room together neither would make it out alive. To the naked eye, you'd never imagine that we could be bestest friends, but we are and yes, we are spoiled brats who disagree on many things, but we never really fight. We tolerate each other because we are truly bff. And always will be.

November 4, 2006


I love Saturdays. Today I was up by 8:30 but didn't get in my shower until 11:15. Then I was hurrying because I had to get to the bank by 12. I had to go to a different bank to cash the people's check who only came on Monday and quit on Tuesday. I just wanted to make sure the check was still good. I've had people cancel checks on me in the past so I didn't want to take the chance of depositing it into my account. I was happy to find that it was a good check.

I was going to try and go shopping with my friend Jenny today, then the phone rang and it was a friend of Taylor's. I had forgotten that I had told him on Thursday that they could get together today... So I went and met his mom at 1:00 to pick him up. She'll call later and come and get him. They are outside playing right now. Levi (Taylor's friend) is alot like him. Very easy going, loves everything the world has to offer and is just a really good kid. I'm glad Taylor has friends to spend time with. I know they say that socialization is a huge problem in homeschooled kids, but I disagree. Yes, my kids have a smaller group of friends, but they are still socializing. And I'm sorry, but I would rather have them socializing with a small group of well behaved kids than a huge group of kids in public schools who aren't being taught manners, morals, or how to act appropriately. What's the big deal? I don't have a huge group of friends, but the friends I have are good friends with good morals. I pick quality over quantity.

Well, I'm hearing banging out in the garage so I better go be a good parental figure and see what's going on.

November 2, 2006

Just Some Thoughts

Because I don't have a topic... this is what's rolling around in my brain right now.

-I do not like it when I'm downstairs and my kids are upstairs fighting and I have to hear doors open and shut continuously. Hate it! It gets on my nerves more than anything. grrrr

- I also do not like it when I have to send my kids to bed early and under bad circumstances. They've had dinner so I don't feel too bad for them, and they also had about 453 warnings that they better KNOCK IT OFF or they'd be going to bed early. THEY chose bed.

- Some lady in our paper wrote in and said how she would be voting next Tuesday and how important it is to vote this year because of the all day Kindergarten thing (she has 3 children and is FOR it)... she said, and I quote: "most parents work 9-5 jobs and can't come home and babysit"
WHAT?? Since when did having your children at home become babysitting? I swear I'd like this woman's number!

- There's another article in our paper today that talks about the bullying situation in our town's intermediate public school. It talks about a 6th grade girl who was being bullied so badly that she was on the brink of an emotional breakdown. To that the principal of the school said that "the bullying is just a minor problem". Hmm, MINOR huh? A girl is on the verge of a emotional breakdown and that's just a little minor problem? The girl refused to go back and thank God her parents didn't make her. She is now in a private school and hopefully isn't being bullied any more. (I'm so glad I homeschool!) The sad thing is, this issue seems to be one that is ongoing. It's ALWAYS a subject in our paper.

-On a good note... the kids at co-op were awesome again today!! I can honestly say I love teaching right now. I love the kids in the class and most likely will volunteer to teach that class again next semester.

- On a bad note... I didn't hear back from the lady that I had an interview with last night, so most likely that means that they aren't coming here. She said they would call tomorrow and bring by the deposit. Well, neither happened, so I'd say it's a no. Which means no extra money... which means I'm back to worrying about Christmas (or lack thereof) and bills and all that fun stuff.

And now that I have myself all depressed and thinking about what I'm NOT going to be able to get my kids for Christmas, I think I'll go upstairs, let them get up and read to them. I'm such a horrible mother! OH and thanks Chris... Thanks for being a good dad and for paying for and supporting your responsibilities. I know you can't right now because even though you're 34 .5 years old you still have the maturity of a 15 yr old and decided a while back that it would be fun to rob a woman at gunpoint in a Walmart parking lot (getting only $4 out of it -bet you feel dumb!) thus getting yourself time in the big house. Not that you were paying child support anyway... oh ya, and I heard from my lady at friend of the court that you got 45 days added on to your current sentence for not paying that support. You deserved 45 YEARS! Oh well, it's a nice Christmas present to me just to know that you'll be sharing your eggnog and Christmas day festivities in your jail cell with Bubba. I hope there's lot of mistletoe and I hope you took your chapstick! Loser.

November 1, 2006

It's November?

I can't believe how fast 2006 has gone. I can't believe Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on its way. We don't have any plans for Thanksgiving again this year... just us, at home, alone. Boring! I should be using this time to volunteer somewhere, but I don't know where. I'm sure my mom will make a big turkey dinner and we'll have fun, I just miss the whole family getting together in Michigan and I miss going to the Fantasy Of Lights parade every year. What I haven't ever done is the Black Friday early morning shopping thing... and I seriously doubt I'll do it this year either. That just does not excite me to think about having to deal with the crowds of people that do that every year. I don't like shopping that much anymore anyway and I REALLY don't like crowds, so I think I'll just stay home and sleep in that day.

Ok, I figured out how to go Trick or Treating and have it be not-so-bad of an outting... you take your ipod! (Or you borrow your son's) It was great... I was walking along to JT and singing "I'm bringing sexy back... them other boys don't know how to act..." into my flashlight and the best part was that I was absolutely OBLIVIOUS to the world around me. Other than the cold air blowing in my face (brr) and making sure it was MY kid who was next to me, I didn't hear a thing. That meant NO KID NOISES - YAY!!! Don't get me wrong, I love what I do for a living and I love little kids, but after 5:30 pm I do not want to hear ANOTHER. CRYING. SCREAMING. KID. NOISE. Ask my parents... I refuse to go out to eat on weeknights because regardless of where we sit or who is in the place when we arrive, we will no doubt have 6 tables of screaming brats surrounding us by the time our order arrives. And after 5:30, I'm done hearing those kinds of noises!! Which could lead to a whole other topic/post of WHY parents aren't training their children to behave in public these days, but I'm too tired from last nights rocking out to care. And I'm hungry and there's a ham and cheese sandwhich waiting for me in my kitchen, and Y&R is on.

So, I'm out ya'll!!
Oh and P.S. - I have an interview tonight, pray it's a good match.
The lady actually brought her kids to trick or treat at my house last night. My mom was the "candy passer-outter" and I heard her talking to this lady and then I heard her say "Yes, Tonja's here"... so I went to the door and the lady just starts talking to me like I should know who she is and I just sat there looking at her like I had no idea... (which I didn't). Finally she told me who she was and that we had an interview scheduled and I was like "Oh, ok" (still wondering who the heck she was) and then it hit me and I tried to be all happy and inviting, but by then it was too late and she probably thinks I'm a total snob. But HEY how was I suppose to know. I was still in JT mode. I will apologize tonight. If they still show up. lol