March 22, 2009

First Hospital Visit

Yesterday was the last bday of the month... my dad's. Mr. R left early to go to the gun show so I headed over to my parents and got there around 10:30. We went shopping for my dad and got his cake, came home, ate a late lunch and did his birthday stuff. Then we all played The Price Is Right on the Wii. That was fun. Then we had to make another trip back to the mall because the shoes my mom got for my dad didn't fit. When we got back it was almost 7:00 so I decided to leave and come back home. I really wanted to bring the boys back with me, but as it turns out, it was probably better that they stayed there.
Friday I had my glucose tolerance test then an OB appointment. I gained 5 pounds since my last appointment but they said everything looked good. I mentioned again the fact that I'm getting contractions a lot and they're pretty strong and I wasn't sure if those were real contractions or just the Braxton Hicks. They said again that they were just Braxton Hicks.

Mr. R and I had some running around to do that day so we headed out and went over to his side of town. I had noticed sometime in the afternoon that the baby hadn't been moving much. We chalked it up to us being busy and the glucose test.

At 5:30 yesterday morning I woke up and wondered why the baby hadn't woke me up moving around at 3:30 like he normally does. I kind of got a little worried, went downstairs, drank some coke and laid on my left side to see if he'd start moving. He didn't. Thank God we have a Doppler at home, so I got that out and his heart rate seemed fine so I went back to bed.

Then, to make a long story short, he didn't really move all day. Even T2 was pushing around on my stomach and talking to him and he wouldn't move. I know babies have their off days just like us, so I wasn't too worried about it yet.

After I got home and Mr. R got there, we talked about it and he started getting concerned. He can ALWAYS get the baby to move just by talking to him and it wasn't working. So, we got out the Doppler again and his heart rate was fine again.

Then my dad called at about 9:30 and asked if the baby had been moving yet. I told him no, he said I should call the doctor on call. Mr. R and I were headed out to Kohl's and he said I should listen to my dad and call. I hate calling on the weekends because I feel like I'm bothering them, but I broke down and called.

The doctor called back when we were in the car and told us when we got home for me to lay down in a quiet room on my left side for an hour and try to get 5 movements from him. We ended up turning around and forgetting the Kohl's trip and came back home.

Well, we didn't get 5 movements, we maybe got one. So, around 11:00 we called back and the doctor said to go ahead and go to the hospital.

On the way I was having more "Braxton Hicks" contractions and they were pretty hard. We got there and got settled in and hooked up to the machine and of COURSE he started moving! I knew that was going to happen and the nurse just laughed and said that it happens all the time.

I was still having more contractions so I asked her about them and she looked at the print out and said that there were a few that were actual contractions and didn't look like just the BHicks ones. Well, there ended up being quite a lot of those during the time I was there but they weren't consistent so the doctor didn't feel like anyone needed to check my cervix or anything.

They were really nice at the hospital and told us to never feel bad about coming in and that it's better to be safe than sorry. I know Mr. R was pretty nervous and so was my mom and dad. I started to get a little nervous the more contractions I started having but I didn't really think there was anything wrong with the baby because he wasn't moving. I just didn't want my kids to worry but when I called my mom at 1am she said they were both asleep. I told her if they woke up and needed to call me at anytime, they could.

We got home around 2am, I ate a banana and some wheat thins, took a shower and went to bed. There still hasn't been a lot of movement this morning and I've had some contractions off and on, so we'll see what happens today. I'm just glad that we found out that some of the contractions I'm having are real. I thought for a minute I was just being a wimp. LOL

I'm 29 weeks... 11 more to go! :)

March 19, 2009

Yet Another Birthday

Today is my little 2 year old daycare girl's birthday. She's a doll. She can't say my name so she calls me "honey". We don't know where she got that, because we're not around anyone who calls me "honey", but anyway, it's adorable!

I can't believe she's 2 already and it just reminds me how fast kids grow up and how fast my little baby will grow and how even though I really want this to be over, I should enjoy it because it's gonna go fast! I mean, I have a 15 YEAR OLD!! I should know this by now!

I had a wonderful birthday! I worked all day and then Mr. R came over and we met my parents and kids at one of my favorite restaurants. The food was good and they gave me a free piece of cake. :) Then we came back to my house, watched American Idol, had cake and ice cream and I opened my presents.

Saturday is my dad's birthday and then we should be done for awhile. People think they gain weight over the holidays... not us, we gain all our weight in March from all the cake and ice cream we have.

My kids are leaving again today. :( They were only home for 2 nights! When I tucked them in (yep, I still tuck them in every night - well, I hug and kiss them good night, I don't really "tuck them in") last night, I was sad because I knew I wouldn't be doing it again for a few more nights. It's hard when they're gone for more than half the week. Last time they were gone for 5 nights. That's just too long!

I have my glucose tolerance test tomorrow morning. I sure hope I pass it and don't have to take a second one. I'll also see one of the doctors and I'm going to ask him how big the baby is measuring and why I feel so out of breath all the time. It's not real comfortable when something (or someONE) is pressing up against your ribs. :)

Good news! I think we may have a name... and it's funny because I had dropped the whole topic for awhile because we just couldn't agree on anything, but then as we were driving home from the restaurant Tuesday night Mr. R started talking about it and mentioned some names that his mom had told him. One of them is a name I have had picked out for YEARS! I asked him about that name and he said he's liked that name for a long time too. I was shocked! So, we may just finally have a name! I'm not going to say what it is just yet because I don't want to jinx it. But for those of you who know me, it's the name I've always had picked out if I ever had another boy.

Well, I'm off to get laundry started and think about what we're going to have for lunch.

March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

My kids have been gone since Thursday and I really miss them. They were suppose to come home yesterday, but at the last minute decided to stay with grandpa and grandma another night... I literally cried when I got off the phone with T2. 5 nights away from home is too much! I know they're having fun, but they're my kids, darn it!

I'm sure it also didn't help that Mr. R was going back home and I was extremely tired from our long day at the hospital and I was getting a sore throat. All that combined gave me reason for a break down.

So, I did what any normal person would do... went to Subway and got a foot long sub, drove home, stuffed my face, got in the shower, called my best friend and watched tv until I fell asleep.

Yesterday Mr. R finally had his doctor's appointment with the specialist. Actually, we saw two doctors and they both agreed he really needs an endoscopy. So, we have that scheduled in April. Hopefully they'll find out what's making him so sick and can fix it.

After that we had a lot of errands and running around to do. That always tires me out. We went to a new baby store and it was really nice. Somehow we managed to walk out without buying anything. That's a first. I just wasn't in the mood to shop.

Today is my birthday and I just want to go back to bed. I'm tired, I have a sore throat, my kids aren't here to entertain my oldest dc boy (who asks every 5 minutes "when is T2 coming home?") and I'm grouchy. I'm not in the mood to celebrate St. Patty's Day or my birthday.

I guess we're all going out to eat tonight, then we'll come back here, have cake, open presents and party like it's 1999. Yeah right, I hope I'm in bed by 10:00.

You'll all have to drink green beer without me.

March 13, 2009

We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birfday

So yesterday was Mr. R's bday. I won't tell you how old he is, I'll just say he's 5 years and 5 days older than me.

I took him out to eat, we came back here and he opened his presents and blew out his candles on his ice cream cake. He wasn't feeling good and I was stuffed from dinner so we didn't even have any of it. We checked ebay for some baby stuff, watched "Role Models" and called it a night. We're BIG party people!

Tomorrow is my mom's bday and I won't even get into how many years and days older than me she is. Cause I love her. And she's got my kids right now.

Anyhoo, I know the perfect gift for her, but they aren't in stock ANYWHERE!!! I rarely know what to get people and it figures that the year I know just what to get my mom, there are none to be got.

Tuesday is my bday. I will be 36. I was ok with 35... 36 is pushing it. I think I can make it a few more years, but then hitting the big 4-0 may be a rough one.

Next Saturday is my dad's bday. I have a few ideas for him. One I'm still looking into and I think he would really like, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it work.

PS- What's up with McDonald's and their Shamrock Shakes??!!?? Since when do you have to hunt for them? This is stupid! It's a yearly tradition (since my bday is on St. Patrick's Day) that I have one. Sorry Mickey D's, I'm not traveling all over the state to find your stupid shake! I mean it's bad enough you bring back the McRib every few months and then take it away... but this? This is just plain MEAN!

Here's some new belly shots from my last OB appointment. They are pictures of pictures because I don't have Mr. R's card.

March 10, 2009

We're In Love

Mr. R and I are in love... with ranch dressing. Specifically from Texas Roadhouse. And guess what... if you look hard enough, they have the recipe online and I'm here to tell ya, it tastes exactly like theirs! I decided I'll take out the cayenne pepper next time though. It had been awhile since we'd eaten there, so we decided to go there for lunch one day last week and ever since then we've had a craving for their salad - or rather, their dressing.

So, I found the recipe, got the ingredients and made some for our salad we had on Sunday for dinner. What I didn't add was the hard boiled egg, but if it would have had that, it would have tasted exactly like their salad.

Of course it still wasn't the real thing, so guess where we ate last night? We had to go pick the kids up and decided to stop on the way. Poor Mr. R got the catfish and was sick the rest of the night. (I wouldn't trust a steakhouse for seafood/fish, but what do I know.) He ended up having some left over and we took it to my parents and gave it to them. Well, my mom ended up having a piece before bed and she was up sick during the night. I don't think either of them will be getting catfish anywhere, anytime soon.

But the dressing was good.

Gotta love the time change! I figured since the baby normally moves around between 2:30 and 3:30, that he would now be moving around between 3:30 and 4:30. Guess who was up and playing the hokey pokey in mama's belly at 3:30 this morning. I think I ended up getting about 4 hours of sleep before my alarm went off, so needless to say I'm a little tired today. I thought lack of sleep didn't start happening until after the baby got here. I think a little someone is preparing me for the future. :)

The boys brought the Wii home again. (Big surprise! lol) They got new games over the weekend so they're busy with that today. I'm working and trying to stay awake. The dogs are sleeping. The daycare kids are sleeping. I wish I was sleeping.

Anyway, I should have some belly pics to post pretty soon... aren't ya excited. ;)

March 5, 2009

Wii Wii All The Way Home

The Wii is going back to its home tomorrow. The kids will take it back to grandma and grandpa's house when they go to stay for the weekend. I bet my parents missed it too! :)

It's probably a good thing that it leaves our house... I played it quite a bit Tuesday night and let me tell you, I am seriously out of shape!! I woke up Wednesday and my right arm hurt from bowling, tennis and boxing. I'm not kidding. That, is how out of shape I am! Pathetic!!

Tuesday night we watched Australia and it was ok. VERY long though. As a matter of fact, I started getting bored so decided to play with the baby. He was moving around and I had just got done drinking a bottle of water, so I put the empty bottle on my stomach and let him kick it off a few time. It was cute! I think we'll have to play that game again sometime.

The baby goes crazy when he hears Mr. R's voice! If we're laying around watching tv and he starts talking, the baby starts immediately moving around. I put the phone down to my stomach tonight to let him talk to him and sure enough as soon as he started talking, the baby started moving all over the place.

Last night we took the kids to the movies and saw "Mall Cop". It was funny! After that we stopped at Walmart and did some grocery shopping.

Today I woke up to a message on my voicemail that my daycare kids weren't coming, so I used the time to get things organized. I cleaned out part of my closet and got all the baby clothes out and hung them up. WOW does this child have a lot of clothes already! Then I organized the rest of the baby stuff we got, like shoes, socks, bottles, pacifiers, hats, etc. I also made a list of things that we need to register for, so hopefully we can get that done this weekend.

Right now I've got laundry in the dryer and it should be almost done. As soon as I get it out I'm heading for bed. I'm actually kind of tired tonight. Let's hope the baby is too!

March 3, 2009

T1's BDay - Baby Update - Etc.

Last Monday, February 23, was my first baby's 15th birthday. For his big day we went to Cincinnati with my parents, aunt Gail, uncle Mark and cousin Jer. It was a fun day!

We went to IKEA (where both boys got new beds), to the nation's 2nd largest mall (where we did a lot of walking), and then to TGIFridays for dinner (where we ate too much!).

I can't believe T1 is 15!!!! Next year this time it will be really hard to believe how old he's getting! I'm pretty sure I'm not ready to say I have a 16 year old. lol

I'm proud of T1! He's a great kid! Smart as a whip and FUNNY! He gets our family's sense of humor and enjoys it as much as gives it back. He's becoming quite the guy!

Luv ya toots!


We had another OB appointment last week. The doctor we were suppose to see had to leave to deliver a baby so we got to see the one we've seen the most. He's real nice and told me I had "pretty" make-up on. Of course I was complaining because Mr. R was shooting pictures like crazy. (I really think it's sweet, but I can't let him know that!) At one point the doctor purposely stood in between me and Mr. R so he couldn't get any shots. It was funny!

The baby is doing good. I only gained 2.5 pounds since I'd been there a month ago. YAY!! I thought for sure I had gained at least 5-7, but I guess it's just ALL baby!

He (still no name yet) is kicking up a STORM! I was up a lot Saturday night because he was really kicking hard. I think he had me up from 2:30-3:30 and then again from about 6:30-8:00, just kicking and moving around. Needless to say we did not make it to church that morning. He was kicking so hard my sides were sore! Thankfully he's calmed down in the last couple of days.

My next OB appointment is in 3 weeks... I get to do the nasty glucose tolerance test. I hope I pass the first time because it's only an hour. The second one is about 4 hours, I think. I can't stand that stuff you have to drink. I still can't drink orange pop because of it.

After that appointment I'll start going every 2 weeks until the last month. I kind of hope it goes fast but I want to enjoy it too. This has been such an easy pregnancy! I thought for sure the older a woman got, the harder it would be... not yet. (knock on wood)


Yesterday the boys were still at my parents so I spent the day running errands with Mr. R. We drove everywhere! We literally were in the car from about 12:30 to almost 10:00 last night. We had to go to his side of town and he had a ton of errands to run. He forgot he had an appointment with his lawyer so guess who got to go to that. :) After we were done there we went to Texas Roadhouse, did some more baby shopping, spent over $100 in MORE baby clothes at Babies R Us (this kid is going to be dressed good), and went to Dick's and both got new tennis shoes. Then we came back to my house, let the dogs out, checked some stuff ending on ebay and headed to my parents' (which is another 45 minutes away) to get the kids.

My parents bought a Wii and guess what the boys brought home. LOL My mom said her and my dad would be too busy to play it the rest of the week so we could borrow it until the weekend. LOL I've been playing bowling and baseball with the boys today and my little 4 yr old daycare boy has been playing it with us too. He is really good! They have one at home and you can tell he's played a lot.

We reserved 3 movies for tonight (Australia for Mr. R and I, Spongebob vs. The Big One for T2 and Max Payne for T1) I'm making sloppy joes for dinner. I'm not sure what we'll have with it, I'll probably run to the store after work and look for some stuff. I wish I had some of my mom's potato salad! Mmmm! I need to learn how to make that!

Tomorrow we're going to start cleaning out my room and making a place for all the baby stuff. I've got a pretty big master bedroom so it shouldn't be a problem. There's no reason for the baby to have his own room anyway because he'd never sleep in there. I keep my babies right by me for at least the first year.

Well, that's all that's going on with us! I can't wait for some spring weather!!