May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

May 3, 2011

And It's May

Yesterday Baby T turned 23 months old and I realized this is the last month that I'll say his age in months. And I wanted to cry but I didn't. Although when we went to pick his Easter pictures up at JCP on Saturday, there was a newborn getting his picture taken and when I saw that little ball of naked cuteness laying all curled up, I got teary. And I'm sure Baby T's dad thought I was crazy, but it was so sweet and such a reminder that by BABY T is not really a baby anymore. And he's been proving that daily by letting us know when he "pee pees" and going to the bathroom and touching the potty. He won't sit on it yet, but he'll tell everyone in the house who's in the bathroom and what they're doing. For instance, if I'm in the bathroom, he let's everyone know "Mama, pee pee! Mama, pee pee!" I can't say getting him potty trained would hurt my feelings.
Our weather has been so crazy. Hot, cold, nice, stormy... a little mix of everything. As long as there's no snow or freezing temps, you won't hear me complain.
I have to go to the dentist this month. NOT looking forward to it. I've already told the receptionist that I will be the biggest anxiety filled baby that office has ever seen. She was very nice and told me that I would be fine and if I needed her, she'd even hold my hand. I kind of laughed at her "joke" and then she told me that "No, I mean it... I will go back and hold your hand if you need me to!" Really? Well, that's nice! Do you know that I may take you up on that offer? ha Anyway, I need to go and I need to get my kids in for a cleaning, so I'm glad I got that off my "to do" list.
Next stop... check-up at the doctor's. Much easier.

Totally random... I've been thinking of starting a garden. I'm bored. I think perhaps I should start with the Topsy Turvy this year and see how that goes. I would love to have cumcumbers too, but I can't keep an aloe plant alive so I need to start out slow. Actually, my best bet would probably be to just try and grow some herbs in my kitchen window and see how that turns out. I could use the little packs of seed we keep getting out of Baby T's Dan-o-nino yogurt.
And that's all I got for now.