March 1, 2005

A Normal Week!

This is a pretty normal week for us.
Doing normal things... daycare, homeschooling, cleaning, bills, etc.
Tonight we will be doing our grocery shopping. Since we were gone all weekend
we didn't get a chance. Things usually get busy by Wednesday when the kids have Karate.
Thursday they have the homeschooling co-op during the day
and we go to church for their Easter play practice and starting this week there
is a women's Bible study that I may start going to. I'm not sure if I should
because it's a 3 month study and for part of that time we'll be at Taylor's
baseball games. That should be starting next month.
We have him all signed up and got him his new baseball pants.
We still have to get him new shoes. He is all excited.
It's so much fun to go to the games. We really enjoy it.
This will be his 4th year! I can't believe it.
Next year will be kid pitch baseball,so this is his last year of
"little league" baseball. Next year is the real thing.
Well, that's about it for this post, not too much exciting to talk about.
Hope you're having a great week!
~Have a Happy Tuesday~