February 24, 2005

This is going to be fun!

This blogging thing this going to be fun. Thanks to Celeste for showing me hers,
I just had to make one for myself. Today we went to our homeschool co-op. I help in Music - first hour and Gym- second hour. Then I have 3rd and 4th hour to myself. Today I went shopping for Tyler's birthday. Even though it was yesterday, with mom and dad being in Muncie, we had to postpone it to tonight. Although he did get to eat a piece of his cheesecake that he picked out for his birthday cake. He's got good taste for an 11 yr old boy! He got to pick out whatever kind of cake he wanted from the store Tuesday night and he picked a 12 piece cheesecake. YUM!! Tyler told me awhile ago that it wasn't fair that when it's Taylor's birthday I never have to work cause we're out on Christmas break, but I always have to work on his birthday. Well, I did have to work on his birthday, but just for him, I took tomorrow off so we could spend the whole day together. Then Saturday after Grandma gets off work, we are going to the Muncie Children's Museum. Then we'll stay in Muncie and go to Grandpa's church on Sunday. I think the kid is getting a pretty long birthday celebration this year!! Well, I have to go make a snack for the kids... We have to leave in about 40 minutes to go to our church for them to practice for their Easter program.
Hope you enjoyed my first blog!