July 11, 2005

Monday July 11

Ok this is why I don't usually talk about guys. Because, they usually turn out to be jerks. Not that this last one was a jerk, but we just do not see eye to eye on things and they're not things I'm willing to let slide. So, I guess I'll keep on looking. On one hand I think it's harder when you have kids, because it makes you pickier, but maybe that's a good thing...right?!

We didn't really do much this weekend. Went shopping, out to eat a couple times, went swimming...nothing big. The boys got 3 new fish. They got a betta a few weeks ago and moved him into a bigger tank and wanted to get him some fish friends. We went online Friday night to see what other fish could go with a betta. All the ones we got were on the list, but he sure didn't like the tiger barb. He was ready to attack as soon as we put them together. So, I grabbed the net and got him out quickly. He is now back in his own little tank. And he's staying there - by himself. The betta's name is 'Smarty', we got a mollie named 'Dakota', the tiger barb is 'Stripe' and some other little black fish named 'Homerun'. And no, I'm not adding their names to the list on the top of our blog page. lol

I only have one daycare kiddo today, so it will be a nice, easy start to a new week.

The Hancock Co. Fair is all this week, so hopefully we will get there to look around and eat some yummy fair food. Isn't that just the best food in the world! I can't wait until the state fair. We haven't gone in a couple years and I'm sure the kids would enjoy it. We also haven't gotten down to an Indiana's game yet and I even bought the boys Knot hole club shirts and memberships so they could get in free...we have to go before the season is over. It's just finding the time...and energy after working all day.

They should be getting their trampoline in the next week or so, so that will be something new to keep them happy for awhile. Trust me, they're not children who have to go without!

That's about it for now... Please keep my grandfather in your prayers as he has cancer again and some other problems that just go with aging. Also pray for my grandma too as she is having to deal with his condition and the stress that it places on her. Thanks!

~Have a wonderful week~