August 9, 2005

August Already!?!

On one hand I hate how this summer is almost over, but on the other I am SO excited for fall. I love fall! I feel like I've been so busy this summer that I've hardly had the chance to enjoy being outside. I haven't been in the pool for a month. I did get out and jump on the trampoline last night. A friend of mine wanted me to video record it on the cell phone he gave me and send it to him, so I did. Hope he liked it.

Our family is all doing good... as good as good can be. The kids are excited (or is that me) to start going back to the homeschool co-op in September. The only thing that will be hard this year is that I will have to hire someone to come in and help with the daycare every Thursday. My mom is working full time now, so she can't do it.
I am nervous about hiring someone I don't know and everyone I do know is either busy with their own kids or doesn't want to watch kids. lol I guess I will have to put an ad in the paper and pray for the best.

We did get some bad news last uncle Everette (on my dad's side) had been sick for a couple weeks. He woke up one day last week and was having chest pains, went to the doctor and they thought he was having a heart attack, so they life flighted him to a hospital in Pennsylvania (he lives in W. Va.). He got there and they said he wasn't having a heart attack but wanted to keep him and run some tests. The next day they told him he has acute leukemia. What a shock. So, he will be in there for at least another 4-5 weeks getting treatment. The sad thing is my cousin Jeff, his only child, is getting married on Friday and he will not be able to attend the wedding. I'm sure they would appreciate prayer at this time. We haven't heard the extent of what he has or the outlook or anything, so we're just praying and waiting.

I have started reading a great book. It's called "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" by Kevin Trudeu . You can read more about the book at: It's a very imformative book and I highly recommend it.
I know that I will be changing some things in our diet and exercise. I would rather do something natural than have to go to a doctor and get a synthetic drug that will end up causing more damage in the long run.

Exciting aunt Gail and cousin Jeremy will be coming on the 18th for a visit. We're very excited. We always have a great time when they come. One of the things we have planned is to go to an Indians baseball game. That will be fun! We haven't been yet this year. It's always fun to go downtown Indy. The sad news is that my mom will be working most of the time they are here and won't be able to go. :o(

Well, it's 11:00 so I am off to start making the daycare kids' lunch. We took a long walk this morning and so I'm sure they are more than ready to eat and hopefully will take a nice nap this afternoon.

~Take care and I'll update our blog soon~