October 21, 2008

Working Together

Homeschooling is back in session. Well, more regularly anyway. We took a short break to work on the house. And yes, I DO call that schooling.

T2 got his own room and I moved back into the master bedroom and we all helped each other move dressers, beds and junk we don't need and grandma came over and helped paint (because she is so good she doesn't even have to use tape!).

Meanwhile, the boys learned responsibility, what it means to help each other and creativeness. T2 got his room painted and then the boys decided to repaint their bathroom. They worked together, decided on a color together and painted it all on their own.

Now before you think it was all sweet candy sprinkles, oozing love and big hugs over here, it wasn't. But that wouldn't be learning now, would it?!

Nonetheless my crap is still all over one side of my room and about every 3 days or so Mr. R asks me when I'm going to put that stuff away. I have a nice little path going through it, I don't know what he's worried about.

When Mr. R was in Texas last week, he bought me some sweat pants at Aeropostale that are quite possibly the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. Lucky for me, when I was in Muncie over the weekend, I just happened to go into another Aeropostale store and they had the same pants AND they were on sale for $9.99. Mr. R got mine for $19.99 which proves that things are bigger in Texas - including their prices.

(That had nothing to do with the subject at hand, but it was important anyway.)

Carry on.