September 19, 2009

I JUST Put The Baby Down

Not really, but close. (You know, since I haven't updated this thing since May 21.) Yeah, I've been kinda busy. OH, that's right, I had a baby and...

Oh my gosh do I ever have the cutest baby in the whole world!! And yes, my babymoon has lasted longer than normal, but I'm SO in love! This little guy came into the world so easily and won everyone's hearts right away.

So... Tanner Aaron was born on June 2, 2009 at 1:06pm. He weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 22 inches long. And his skin... OH MY GOODNESS his skin was absolutely perfect, his color was great and he was just the most alert thing!

My delivery was awesome!! No drugs other than an epidural. I was so close to a c-section because my contractions stopped, but then I sat up and BAM they started again. I guess Tanner figured if I was laying down and resting, he may as well rest too. He came out in 3 sets of pushes and I only had a few little stitches. The only thing that hurt was my back from the epidural, other than that, I was up and around as soon as I could get on my feet. SO different from my other 2 births. So there, who says having a baby at 36 is harder than at 20?!?!

We were in the hospital for 2 days and came home. I don't think I've stopped looking at him since.

Oh, and I'm breastfeeding and it's been easy and wonderful. He hasn't had a bottle yet and I don't plan on him getting one anytime soon.

I'm doing most vaccines but they're being spaced out so he's not getting too many at one time. So far I've decided on no flu shots and no chicken pox vaccine... I'm researching the rest to see what I could leave out. I do think vaccines are important but I want to do what's best for his little body.

He is SO long... he's got the longest little legs ever. We call him "froggy". And he LOVES water. LOVES his bath. LOVES to splash and kick his feet.

He also LOVES to be held and does NOT love to be put down. He also loves boobs but thankfully only for eating at this point. The boy loves to eat.

He is just now starting to like to ride in the car. I don't think it was the car ride, but the car seat. He's hated it from day one. Seriously, when we put him in it at the hospital, he screamed. It's just been in the last couple of weeks that he's actually starting to enjoy it. And let me tell you, when your parents live 45 minutes away and your child's father lives 45 minutes the other way, that pretty much meant you were going to listen to 45 minutes of screaming THERE and 45 minutes of screaming BACK. I'm SO thankful that is starting to get better.

He's a lover. LOVER LOVER LOVER. He loves to be loved and loves to love. He gives kisses already and it just makes your heart explode.

He's almost 16 weeks old and I've loved every minute of the last 16 weeks. And trust me, we hit some pretty rough rocks along the way, but we're good. We're all good. We're in God's hands. I think I may have needed to be reminded of that.

Well, my baby needs me... I love that he needs me!! Hopefully I can update more and I'll get T1 to post some pics (IF you think you can handle the cuteness!!).

Welcome T3... you're loved more than you'll ever know! And it was ALL worth it!