May 21, 2009

Another Update

We had another OB appointment yesterday. Just the normal belly check, weight check, and listening to the heartbeat. I didn't gain any weight over the last week. (Yay!), the heartbeat was great and I'm measuring right on schedule.

I took my list of a few questions and asked Dr. S about the whole "inducing" thing. They will not induce me because of me trying for another VBAC... so, I asked what would happen if I went over my due date and if that would mean an automatic c-section. He said that was a good question and they would probably induce but it would be watched very closely. My thinking is, if they are going to end up doing a c-section, I'll go early and get it over with. lol We also talked about Baby T's weight and that he'll most likely be big... well, that's when Dr. S decided it would be a good idea to do an ultrasound next week to get a better idea of how much Baby T weighs so we can decide what to do from there. I'm very excited about this because they will be using the 3D ultrasound and we will get an actual look at his little face.

OH MY GOSH, we are SO excited to see him!! :)

A friend of mine just had this done last week and she said she saw her baby clearly and she (the baby) looks just like her other daughter did. Hopefully I'll make it over to her house some time this weekend to see the pic of her. She said you can really see the baby good when they do it in 3D.

I can't wait!

We have all the baby clothes and blankets washed and I have all his things packed and ready for the hospital. Mr. R and I still have to pack our bag. T1 and T2 got the bassinet and bouncy seat put together last weekend. (Awwww... Baby T's big brothers are finally getting a little excited about him.) We got our Coach diaper bag ordered and are waiting for it to come in. Today we can clean out the daycare room and bring his new furniture over. We still need to put the car seat in the car, but that shouldn't be too hard. We still need to get a chair for my room and the mattress for his big crib, but other than that, I think we have everything pretty much bought and ready to go. I need to get a little bag of snacks and stuff together for the boys and make sure they have a bag packed of stuff to do at the hospital and we should be set.

After we got done at the doctor's yesterday we went over to Mr. R's house and worked! Well, I didn't work much but the boys helped him power wash the house and move things. He's getting ready to paint the outside of his house today and tomorrow.

His mom made us chicken n dumplings and brought it down right about the time we were ready to come back here for the night, so we took it and stopped at KFC for some side dishes to go along with it. We watched American Idol and had a YUMMY dinner. I can't believe Kris won! I was hoping he would but figured it would be Adam. I think a lot of people were surprised. I wanted Danny to win but I'm sure he'll end up doing something with his talent.

It's suppose to be in the mid-80's today... I sat out at Mr. R's house yesterday and got some sun so maybe I'll sit out for a little bit today too. I need some color!