May 10, 2010

Mother's Day (The Day After)

I had a blessed Mother's Day. Not because of my gifts, but because of the fact that not only did I get to spend it with my mother, but because I am a mother. It's really all I ever wanted to be. I didn't have dreams of stealing Nancy Pelosi's job, or being a lawyer or doctor, I just wanted to have babies. And I have to say that despite the ups and downs, I have loved every minute of it. Having a baby to help me celebrate yesterday just made me realize how lucky I am and how I'm sure when I'm 60 years old, I'll still wish I had babies around. Do you really ever outgrow that kind of thing?

Moving on...

I'm still sitting here in my PJs and it's 2:00. It's just one of those Mondays. Baby T is still in his PJs as well. However, when he decided to get up at 7am, he was a little wet, so technically he has had his clothes changed today. Me, not so much. I thought I had him asleep for his nap around noon, but as soon as I tried to lay him down, his eyes popped open. So, I nursed him for about another 20 minutes thinking that surely had him knocked out, but NOPE... not gonna do it. I could have sat in bed and held him. He would have slept for 2 hours, but then that would defeat the purpose of getting him to sleep so I could get in the shower and get something done. Have you noticed who makes the rules around here?

He had his follow up appointment at the Neurologist on Friday and she said that she thinks he does have extra tailbone, but at this point there's nothing we need to do about it. He will need an MRI, but it would be better to do that 6 months from now when he's a little older due to him needing to be sedated. So, we'll leave it in God's hands and worry about it in 6 months.

I am so wanting to take him to the zoo!! I can't wait! I love going to the zoo. Right now the weather is too unstable. It's either too windy, or on the verge of pouring rain. So, we'll wait a little bit longer. Hopefully we can take him on his birthday next month. That's my plan. It's on a Wednesday, so it should be a good day to go. Of course the big party will either have to be sometime during the weekend or some evening so everyone in the family can come. I already have his "1st Birthday" shirt and bib. I think I've had that since last fall. I found it at Kohl's and didn't want to wait. I also have an idea in mind for his cake. Now to figure out where to have it...

Well, he's settled down in his pack n play. No, not asleep, but settled and playing happily enough that I should be able to sneek a quick shower. Wish me luck.