July 31, 2010

Barefoot Is Best and A 2011 BlogHer Hopeful

Tonight my mom and I took Baby T on a walk. It was a little chillier out so I decided to put some pants and socks on him. I hadn't thought about the fact that this baby probably didn't remember anything about socks. I put brand new white socks on his feet and he just looked at them for a minute and immediately decided those did not belong on his feet. He didn't cry or actually even pull them off, he just tugged on them and made a funny screaming noise like "Hey, get off my feet!". Then he acted like he didn't know how to walk. It was hilarious to watch and when we go back home, I am going to try and recreate the scene while recording it. I know it's one of those "you had to be there" moments and I'm sure you're not laughing your head off like I was, but it was cute. We are a barefoot family for sure.

In the last few days I've been visiting blogs that I haven't been able to read in months. I almost forgot how great the whole blog-o-sphere really is. All the talk about BlogHer has me excited to really get back into blogging and really try to do something with it. Before, it was just a hobby and I really didn't try to network or make a purpose of my blog for anything other than rambling and venting and sharing. But now I'm thinking I'd like to make it more. Some of you have really come a long way with your blogs and they are great! Great information. Great writing. It's very impressive. I certainly won't be going to BlogHer this year, but I would love to get in on some sessions from home if that's possible. I think I know someone who was able to do that, so I might need to contact her and get the information. Who knows... it's just a thought.