July 28, 2010

New Laptop YAY!

Last week we went over to my parents on a whim. We were bored and felt like getting away, so we packed up and headed out for our 45 minute drive. When we arrived, they weren't home but drove up while we were carrying our bags in. My dad was still sitting in the car and it was still running and as I walked by he said to get in the car and that he needed me to go somewhere with him. Long story short, we were at Best Buy and looking at laptops in no time. I love my parents! It's so nice to have a computer again! You really don't know how much you need one until you don't have one. And it's not just about Facebook, blogging or People.com, it's about having so much information available to you at any time of the day. I remember when Baby T was sick at 3am and getting out old medical books and baby books to look up illnesses and symptoms when I could have gotten the same, if not better, information in just a couple of seconds online. There were many nights when I had no idea what to make for dinner or had things to make but wanted a new recipe or ideas on what I could do with what I had. Internet would have been helpful. Oh world wide web, what did we ever do without you?!

So Baby T is getting so big! He's 13 months and he's SO active! He is walking (more like running) and climbing. He will climb on anything. He is always on the move and goes from one thing to the next faster than you can keep up with him. T1 and I took him to get some lab work done last Friday. He got allergy testing done for milk, eggs, wheat, nuts, etc. I had worried that he had a dairy allergy but the test came back negative for everything. At least now we don't have to worry that he could be allergic to anything, but it still leaves us scratching our heads as to what could be wrong with him. He's constipated a lot and right now is taking Miralax daily. I don't like that but until I find another option, he's gotta have it. His big thing right now is books and balls. He LOVES books and loves to be read to. Of course I've been reading to him since he was born. Not on a daily basis, but pretty often. I love reading to him and I love seeing him look at the pictures. He's always wanting to roll the ball with someone, although he likes to throw it most of the time. He loves my dad. He calls him "Pap". So right now we're calling him, "Pap" and calling my mom, "Mam". He calls his brothers "Bub". He calls me "Mama" most of the time, but also calls me "NeeNee"? Umm, too much Atlanta Housewives? (j/k) He's got 4 teeth on the top and 2 on the bottom. I had him get his MMR shot at his 1 yr well child check and I kind of wish I would have waited longer. He was sick for about two weeks after that. I know it had to do with the shot. He's still breastfeeding. And I don't care what anyone thinks about that. Actually, other than Mr. R's mom (Baby T's other grandma) telling me I needed to "quit that" last night on the phone and that we should have stopped doing that by now, no one has said anything else negative about it. And guess what, I don't really care who says what. It's my child and it's our choice. He's not ready, I'm not ready, so we're still doing it. I won't get in your business and you don't need in mine. Let's be friends, but let's not go there. K?!

T1, T2 and I went to the eye doctor yesterday. I'm shocked but happy to say that I still have 20/20 vision and the doctor said my eyes look great. T2's eyes were good as well. T1's, not so much. So, he gets glasses next week. They're really cool and trendy. Well, I guess the proper name is "hipster"? Whatever, I like them and I think they're gonna look really good on him! I'm almost jealous!

T1 hasn't mentioned anything about drivers ed yet and I'm not pushing it. I'm not ready to have a child who can drive. I have a child who just learned to walk. And really, it does go THAT fast. One day they're learning to walk and the next they're learning to drive.

T2 has been busy with friends this summer and doing yard work and basically anything that can keep him outdoors. The other night he came walking in asking if he could please stay out a little past dark so he and a couple of his friends could play flashlight tag. Of course I let him, that's a part of summer! Yay for being a kid! Today he went to Michigan with my mom and dad to visit my grandma.

We'll be going over to my parents' later today and we'll spend the night. I have a counseling appointment tomorrow and it's just easier to be there, rather than have to get up, get ready, get the baby fed and ready, and make the trip over there.

Oh yeah, I'm in counseling. And I'm not ashamed of it. I don't think there's anything wrong with talking to someone about issues in your life. It's different than just talking to family or friends. It's nice. I was putting up with a lot of emotional and verbal abuse from Baby T's father and it just needed to end. And for some reason, I wasn't strong enough to end it myself and I needed help. And I'm getting it and it's working and I'm happy! And I'm going for ME! I should have went a year ago, but at least I didn't wait another year.

Baby T is still napping and I've got laundry to get in the dryer before we leave, so I better go for now. I am so excited that I get to blog more.