August 12, 2005

Our Poor Little Chloe

We almost lost our little Chloe last night.
We put the dogs out and didn't think anything about it.
About an hour later, Tyler was letting them in and Chloe wouldn't come.
Now usually we'd just shut the door and try later. But for some reason, he kept calling her and she wasn't coming.
He went out and heard splashing but couldn't see her, it was about 9:00 and dark by the pool. Next thing I hear is "Mom, I think Chloe's drowning!" So I run outside and sure enough she's in the pool. (We have one of those 3 ft pools with the ladder and filter.)
She was paddling her little heart out. I grabbed her out
of the pool and she was coughing and could hardly breathe, I thought I was going to have to give her CPR. Finally she was breathing ok. We wrapped her in a towel and I just held her for awhile, she was shaking SO bad. Poor little thing.
She weighs all of 6 pounds.
Then after she got settled down, we gave her a warm bath and held her some more. Then I let her lay in bed with me for awhile and she fell right to sleep. She had to be tired. We have no idea how long she was in there.
I know this may sound silly, but I thank God that Tyler kept looking for her. I don't think I could bare pulling her little dead body out of the water.
ps- the pool is down now!!! We let all the water out last night.