October 20, 2007

A Couple O' Vents and Some Cute Fall Pics

First let me say that some people really crack me up. Or rather surprise me at the fact that they seem to think they're celebrities and can just do whatever they please. I have a daycare parent right now who really doesn't know just how close she is to being told she needs to find someone else! I mean, when you ask someone to do something for you (at their time and expense) and they do... and then you can't hold up to your end of the bargain and end up being 45 minutes late to get your child when the child wasn't even suppose to be in daycare that day in the first place, but you were nice and made a "deal" THINKING the other person would actually follow through for once in their life... you get a little irritated when for the 37th time, you get screwed!

You want to know what else is irritating... Walmart. I've had not 1, but 2 bad experiences there this week!! Over charged and crappy produce! Sorry Jer, the truth must be told. lol

Something else that irritates me... my bank! At my bank, the tellers like to talk. And when I say talk, I don't mean to the customers that sit there for hours waiting to be waited on... oh no, I mean they like to talk to EACH OTHER! Today was no exception. I think I waited in the drive thru for about 5 or 6 minutes before another teller who was actually helping a customer motioned to the other two tellers (who were obviously in deep gossipy conversation) that HELLO, there's someone in the drive thru and she's been there awhile now! So the girl comes over and says in a voice that tells me she's trying to get the "apology" out, "Hi, sorry". To which I don't respond, because why should I? Then, because I don't respond and I guess because they really do like to talk, she says "How are you?" Ugh! Can't you just take my deposit? Guess not. So I bark back "fine!" and that's it. I'm not going to be all fake nice like it wasn't ok that she's wasted my time for 27 minutes. So she takes the money. Well, the woman she was talking to was the bank manager and when she went back to her area, I knew she said something about me. So that lady, who is standing on the other side of the counter, where the customers stand... she takes the envelope and proceeds to walk it outside to my car and apologize. I'm just sitting there like "Seriously, you people are only making it worse!" So she hands me the money and "apologizes" and I really can't be all nice and giddy because I'm NOT! THEN.... THEN... she tells me that they were talking about a customer. Like that was suppose to make it ok because they were talking about a customer. Hmmm, I didn't see that customer there, so I would think that any smart person would stop talking about the customer that clearly wasn't there and perhaps go over the the customer that WAS there. Ridiculous! And the thing is, this is not the first time that this has happened. They do this all the time! If I had more energy and patience I'd switch banks on Monday. But I'm too lazy. All that changing of debit cards and ordering new checks is too much to think about. However, next time I'm left waiting for 67 minutes... I'm honking my horn! That should get their attention. OH, and they didn't even offer me a sucker! As if.

And yes, if your wondering, I do realize that I didn't have a Christlike attitude and I am sorry that I didn't. But in my defense, just giving a snotty "fine" back was truly progress for me!! I think there should be an exception for lousy customer service though. Can anyone find scripture to cover that?

Anyhoo, on to my cute fall pics - because we all need to smile and if you can't smile while looking at these, then we need to get you into Operation Smile and bump you up to the top of the list! Enjoy.

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Kellan said...

I know ... what's up with Walmarts produce - we need to be writtin' some letters! I need good tomatoes and grapes and corn and ... all of it! Great photos (cute boys and cute cat). See ya.