November 19, 2008

Cause 2 People Are Reading

I have to keep up on my bloggin'.

This week is going fast. I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving.

Mr. R informed me he's going hunting again this weekend. I was a little irritated (maybe that's too strong of a word) ok, perhaps I was a little shocked because he was just gone for 5 days... little did I know, there is a time limit on hunting. Hmmm, I thought it was like all winter long, guess not. Anyway, yippeee... another weekend to myself. (And he thinks I don't like it when he leaves. Shh!)

BTW... he goes for an MRI this Friday. He's still throwing up many times a day. The boy has a problem and I hope they can find it. The sad thing is, I know exactly when he's about to get sick or not feeling good because he gets this sad tone in his voice or gets really quiet.

Another friend of mine is getting an MRI. She's having bad headaches and hopefully they'll find something too. (See how I added you into the mix of aliments... I wouldn't forget you, my BFF!!) She's got a lot on her plate and this is just another thing she doesn't need to deal with.

My grandpa is not doing good. His stroke has really done him in. My parents, aunt and T2 just went to visit him yesterday. They went to the doctor to see if he needed surgery and the good news is, he doesn't. At least not for now. The bad news is some idiot thinks he needs a feeding tube. UGH!

So anyway, if you pray, say a prayer for those 3 people I love dearly! Thanks!

Anyhoo... not much is going on here. I'm making the trip to Muncie tonight to get T2. I miss him. I miss my kids when they're gone. I don't know what I'm going to do when they move out or go off to college.

Right now I'm getting ready to go run errands. Gotta go to the bank, get a car wash (I got tons of salt on it coming home yesterday morning.) and then I need to go somewhere and get kleenex, fabric softener and aluminum foil. Sounds fun, huh?!

(LOL- side note: Do you know anyone who can't say "aluminum". I do... my children's "father". Oh gosh it use to crack me up.)

Yeah... about my trip home yesterday morning. Let's just say Muncie gets much more precipitation than where I live. It could be bright and sunny here and Muncie could have 3 feet of snow. Long story short, I had to work yesterday and so I got up to come home, got to 69 south and traffic was at a standstill. Well, if you know my anxiety about traffic, you'd know there was no way I was gonna get on that highway. So, I went back to my parents and waited about 45 minutes, tried it again and it was all clear. Amazing what a little morning sun can do.

T2 is starting Upwards again. He goes for his "evaluation" this Saturday. He didn't have to do that last year. Of course we'll be in Michigan the day he has his first practice. That is usually what happens every year because we do our family Christmas late. I hope they get his name right this year! They called him by his last name almost every week last year. Oh well, we knew who he was. :) This will be his last year unless they extend the grades. I thought some went to 8th but this one ends at 6th. I'll be sad. It's really fun to go watch the games every Saturday. Let's hope he plays at a later time again!

We watched Tropic Thunder last night. Unless you can rent it at Redbox for a dollar, save yourself the money. There were some funny parts and seeing Jack Black with blonde hair was interesting. OHHHHH... I'll tell you who is hilarious in that movie... Tom Cruise!! Ok, so for a dollar it would be worth it.

Have a wonderful day!

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gwen said...

Thanks for the props!! As you know I am still alive and kickin'. I appreciate the support!