November 29, 2008

Death and Holidays

Death sucks at just about any time, but when it hits during the holidays it seems worse.

My grandfather died Tuesday. It's bittersweet. He was ready to go and needed to go. So, there is sadness and yet relief at the same time.

We went to be with everyone on Thursday. There were some tears from time to time but I think everyone is doing really good. I can't say it was one of my best Thanksgivings, actually it didn't seem like Thanksgiving at all. I was in a cloud most of the day. I drove 3 hours up, had a headache and just felt out of it, but it was really great to be there.

The drive back was horrible. My head hurt worse, my back hurt from driving and it was dark and I couldn't see much. I was so scared a deer would jump in front of me while we were going 80 mph, but we made it home safe and sound.

We're going up again tomorrow and the funeral will be on Monday. We sent a plant arrangement from FTD to my grandma and she got it today. My mom (who is staying up there) said it's really nice. I hope my grandma likes it.

I need to start on laundry. I had everything done earlier this week but of course it's all sitting there needing to be done again. Such is life. And it's better than the alternative.

~Rest In Peace Grandpa Cliff!~

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Kellan said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather - it is never easy and you are right, especially hard if there is a death around the holidays - I'm sorry.

Hope you have a good week - Kellan