December 16, 2008


I woke up this morning to a phone call that my little daycare boy was sick so they would not be coming today. It was nice news not to have to get up (because I was tired and cold and didn't want to get out from under my cozy blankets) but sad that my little guy is sick! I'm so thankful that the mom didn't bring him though. I'm trying to stay away from any and all people who are ill. I ended up not getting a flu shot (yet) so I'm trying to stay as healthy and germ free as I can.

So... since I had the day off I decided I'd use my time wisely. I cleaned up the kitchen, dusted and vacuumed, cleaned my room and did some laundry. Oh, and I got my baby chain made. :)

Mr. R called and asked if I was having a good day with the daycare kids and when I told him they weren't here, we decided we'd take the boys and go see a movie. We were going to see "Four Christmases". He really wanted to see "Australia", but it was my turn to pick the movie.

Anyway... it had snowed earlier but didn't stick to the grass, just the sidewalks and roads. It looked like it was pretty much just a light dusting of powder, but we soon found out it was super slick and icy out.

When Mr. R tried to get on the highway to head over to my house around 3:30, it was at a standstill, so he turned around and went back home. We figured we could go to a later movie and he'd just wait it out until they salted the roads better and all the going-home-from-work traffic died down.

Then we started watching the news and decided the movie could wait until another day and he probably should stay put at his house. (He's lives 45 minutes away.) There were accidents everywhere, people sliding off all over the place, parts of the highway actually closed down and it was taking people 45 minutes to get places that normally took them 15.

So, no movie and no Mr. R tonight. So what's the next best thing to do... eat, of course. I made bow tie pasta with alfredo sauce and garlic bread sticks. We have cookies that my mom sent home and brownies I made a few days ago, so we can snack on those later. Hopefully there's a good Christmas movie on tonight and we can cuddle up on the couch and watch it. (Although I doubt my teenager will go for it. Oh well, I try.)

I do not have ONE thing bought for Christmas yet. That's scarier than the roads!