February 2, 2009

Maybe Today...

"Maybe Today..."

What exactly does that mean? I remember seeing that all over little plaques when I was little. I guess it was a 70's thing?

However, I've been thinking about that a lot lately...

"Maybe Today"... I'll get a call for more kids for my daycare.
"Maybe Today"... I'll figure out how to pay these bills.
"Maybe Today"... I'll get motivated and get us on a better homeschooling schedule.
"Maybe Today"... I'll figure out how to get this house in order.
"Maybe Today"... I'll wake up and Obama being President will have just been a bad dream.
"Maybe Today"... all the millions of people who have lost their jobs will find new ones.
"Maybe Today"... the government will care about how to fix our own country's problems instead of acting like we care about the rest of the world.

I'm too tired to post any more but you get the idea. Whatchagonnado? In the words of Cristy Lane (yep, I remember her too)... "One Day At A Time, Sweet Jesus"... enough said?

Anyway, I had a fabUlous weekend. The kids went to g-ma and g-pa's and Mr. R and I spent some much needed time together. We hung out here and at his house. He helped me get all my junk out of storage and put it in my "free" storage unit. (I couldn't justify spending the extra money every month to have my junk somewhere other than in my own garage.) We didn't really do anything too exciting... we played pool and darts, watched movies, went out to eat and just hung out. It was fun.