February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day Re-cap

We went out to eat and in Mr. R's words, I picked an unromantic F'n truck stop to eat at and I made Valentine's Day suck. Of course he didn't mention this until after we left the place. I didn't think it would matter where we were, just that we were together. Guess not. We got home and I got out my homemade chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream and things were a little better. We exchanged gifts and it was funny how much we think alike. We both got each other a few of the same things and wrote some of the same stuff in our cards.

Do I think we're soul mates? Yeah, maybe. Do I think we're having a really hard time right now? YEP! Do I think we'll make it? Who knows. All I know is that after the last 6 months, it's a miracle we're still together now, so I'm not giving up and according to him, neither is he.