March 3, 2009

T1's BDay - Baby Update - Etc.

Last Monday, February 23, was my first baby's 15th birthday. For his big day we went to Cincinnati with my parents, aunt Gail, uncle Mark and cousin Jer. It was a fun day!

We went to IKEA (where both boys got new beds), to the nation's 2nd largest mall (where we did a lot of walking), and then to TGIFridays for dinner (where we ate too much!).

I can't believe T1 is 15!!!! Next year this time it will be really hard to believe how old he's getting! I'm pretty sure I'm not ready to say I have a 16 year old. lol

I'm proud of T1! He's a great kid! Smart as a whip and FUNNY! He gets our family's sense of humor and enjoys it as much as gives it back. He's becoming quite the guy!

Luv ya toots!


We had another OB appointment last week. The doctor we were suppose to see had to leave to deliver a baby so we got to see the one we've seen the most. He's real nice and told me I had "pretty" make-up on. Of course I was complaining because Mr. R was shooting pictures like crazy. (I really think it's sweet, but I can't let him know that!) At one point the doctor purposely stood in between me and Mr. R so he couldn't get any shots. It was funny!

The baby is doing good. I only gained 2.5 pounds since I'd been there a month ago. YAY!! I thought for sure I had gained at least 5-7, but I guess it's just ALL baby!

He (still no name yet) is kicking up a STORM! I was up a lot Saturday night because he was really kicking hard. I think he had me up from 2:30-3:30 and then again from about 6:30-8:00, just kicking and moving around. Needless to say we did not make it to church that morning. He was kicking so hard my sides were sore! Thankfully he's calmed down in the last couple of days.

My next OB appointment is in 3 weeks... I get to do the nasty glucose tolerance test. I hope I pass the first time because it's only an hour. The second one is about 4 hours, I think. I can't stand that stuff you have to drink. I still can't drink orange pop because of it.

After that appointment I'll start going every 2 weeks until the last month. I kind of hope it goes fast but I want to enjoy it too. This has been such an easy pregnancy! I thought for sure the older a woman got, the harder it would be... not yet. (knock on wood)


Yesterday the boys were still at my parents so I spent the day running errands with Mr. R. We drove everywhere! We literally were in the car from about 12:30 to almost 10:00 last night. We had to go to his side of town and he had a ton of errands to run. He forgot he had an appointment with his lawyer so guess who got to go to that. :) After we were done there we went to Texas Roadhouse, did some more baby shopping, spent over $100 in MORE baby clothes at Babies R Us (this kid is going to be dressed good), and went to Dick's and both got new tennis shoes. Then we came back to my house, let the dogs out, checked some stuff ending on ebay and headed to my parents' (which is another 45 minutes away) to get the kids.

My parents bought a Wii and guess what the boys brought home. LOL My mom said her and my dad would be too busy to play it the rest of the week so we could borrow it until the weekend. LOL I've been playing bowling and baseball with the boys today and my little 4 yr old daycare boy has been playing it with us too. He is really good! They have one at home and you can tell he's played a lot.

We reserved 3 movies for tonight (Australia for Mr. R and I, Spongebob vs. The Big One for T2 and Max Payne for T1) I'm making sloppy joes for dinner. I'm not sure what we'll have with it, I'll probably run to the store after work and look for some stuff. I wish I had some of my mom's potato salad! Mmmm! I need to learn how to make that!

Tomorrow we're going to start cleaning out my room and making a place for all the baby stuff. I've got a pretty big master bedroom so it shouldn't be a problem. There's no reason for the baby to have his own room anyway because he'd never sleep in there. I keep my babies right by me for at least the first year.

Well, that's all that's going on with us! I can't wait for some spring weather!!