March 5, 2009

Wii Wii All The Way Home

The Wii is going back to its home tomorrow. The kids will take it back to grandma and grandpa's house when they go to stay for the weekend. I bet my parents missed it too! :)

It's probably a good thing that it leaves our house... I played it quite a bit Tuesday night and let me tell you, I am seriously out of shape!! I woke up Wednesday and my right arm hurt from bowling, tennis and boxing. I'm not kidding. That, is how out of shape I am! Pathetic!!

Tuesday night we watched Australia and it was ok. VERY long though. As a matter of fact, I started getting bored so decided to play with the baby. He was moving around and I had just got done drinking a bottle of water, so I put the empty bottle on my stomach and let him kick it off a few time. It was cute! I think we'll have to play that game again sometime.

The baby goes crazy when he hears Mr. R's voice! If we're laying around watching tv and he starts talking, the baby starts immediately moving around. I put the phone down to my stomach tonight to let him talk to him and sure enough as soon as he started talking, the baby started moving all over the place.

Last night we took the kids to the movies and saw "Mall Cop". It was funny! After that we stopped at Walmart and did some grocery shopping.

Today I woke up to a message on my voicemail that my daycare kids weren't coming, so I used the time to get things organized. I cleaned out part of my closet and got all the baby clothes out and hung them up. WOW does this child have a lot of clothes already! Then I organized the rest of the baby stuff we got, like shoes, socks, bottles, pacifiers, hats, etc. I also made a list of things that we need to register for, so hopefully we can get that done this weekend.

Right now I've got laundry in the dryer and it should be almost done. As soon as I get it out I'm heading for bed. I'm actually kind of tired tonight. Let's hope the baby is too!