May 14, 2009

Busy Busy

Only 3.5 weeks left (or less)... hopefully not more. They won't induce me since I'm trying for another VBAC so it's pretty much up to the baby to decide when he wants to come. I keep telling him that in a couple of weeks he can come on out and if he does, mommy and daddy will take him to the zoo. :)

We still don't have his furniture up, or my room cleaned out, or the mattress bought, or the chair bought, or his clothes washed, or our hospital bag packed, or his middle name picked out, or... or... or... I just haven't had the energy and Mr. R has been really busy with his own stuff to do, so hopefully this will be the weekend that things get done.

I'm pretty sure we have time though... I had my 36 week check at the OB yesterday and my cervix hasn't done anything. So, basically I'm still closed up like Fort Knox. The doctor said the head was down and will hopefully stay that way, so that was good. I had a cervical exam and Strep B test. The doctor said I could have some bleeding from the exam but I didn't. I gained 4 pounds since I had been there 2 weeks ago, so that's only 2 pounds a week. I guess that's ok. We had the OB appointment at 3:00 and had to be way over on the other side of Indy by 5:00 for T2's yearly allergist appointment.

That went really well. He was at a 92% on his breathing test. We did switch from his QVar to another inhaler (Alvesco) because QVar can cause a problem with growth in kids. The doctor was happy to see that T2 had grown 2.5 inches since November but wanted to change the meds anyway - just in case. So, we'll see how it works and if it does the trick. QVar seems to be the miracle drug for T2 so I hope this new one works just as well. If not, his doctor said to just switch him back.

We also started T2 on an Omega 3. The doctor was telling us how great fish oil is for people with asthma/allergy problems so we stopped and bought a bottle on the way home. I'll probably have T1 take it also, just for the health benefits.

I had a great Mother's Day. We went to church in the morning, then to my parents, ate lunch with them, hung out for awhile and then came back home. I was tired and had a bad headache so we took a little nap and then went to Mr. R's parents' house to see his mom.

I could probably write more, but I'm tired and the daycare kids are here. Hopefully next time I update I'll have a whole list of things that we got done!