May 26, 2005

Ok, just this one time...

Well...I guess there is a first time for everything... our Braves lost tonight! But not by much...10-7. The other team was good. Finally, someone we could compete with! I was actually on the edge of my seat at times. It was a great game and they did so good. Both teams played hard and it was a good challenge for us. Taylor got to play third base and actually made the first run for the team tonight! Go #4!!!! We have a whole week before we have to play again. We'll get 'em next time!! :o)

Not much else is happening here in our "cottage"... Mom has an interview tomorrow. (Crossing our fingers) Her last day on the job she's at now will be Saturday. Let's hope she can find something quickly. Dad is still working away at the morgage company and working pt at the Muncie church still. The boys are getting too big...but I say that every day. I'm still doing daycare...and I'm not legally mental yet. LOL

A quick prayer request...Tonight the boys were outside and came running in saying police cars were going real fast by our house. So, I went out to see if I could see anything, and saw a fire truck and about 2 or 3 ambulances go by down the street. Of course being the nosey people we are, we drove down to where they were and all we could see was a huge crowd of people, a truck and a scooter laying by the road. They had the road closed off but we could see an ambulance opened and one of those boards out...we saw them putting a little body on it. I'm guessing that a child was on his/her scooter and got hit by a vehicle? I don't know, but I sure hope whoever they are, they're ok. What a terrible way to start out your summer vacation!

Well, that's all for now!! I wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! It's me, Tacy. FINALLY most of all the people in my family that were sick and almost dying are doing better. Except my 2yr old grandd who is still having seizures. I am so glad you and the boys are doing good.
Sorry I haven't been around, but I just feel kinda wrung out and blah.
My daycare is doing good, the SCREAMERS are 3 almost 4, Spiderboy is going to school in September. I have 2 one yr olds, 1 2yr old, and 2 part timers.
If you don't mind, I'd like to get back to the group, like I said, I am just busy and wrung out, but I sure could use some support.
Tell Gwen I am praying for her, my ex left me with 5 kids and all the bills, so I know what she is going thru and she will be uplifted everyday by me.
I love your Blog, I think I will start one, too. Ha! Only I will live the fantasy life I always dreamed of thru it! LOL
God bless you and your family!