May 12, 2005

Go Braves!

We won again...we're 3-0!
Not bad considering in years past Taylor has gotten on the worst teams
in the league. lol I think it's time that we get to cheer for the winning team.
It was close tonight too, one of those games that is down to the winning point!
We were in the top of the 5th and the score was 6-1. The other team managed to get 5 runs that inning, so we had to play. We got a run and it was over. It was great! The other two games have been landslides. The only thing that wasn't too fun about this game was the weather. It was a freezing 55 degrees. We had our hoods up and blankets on.
Our next game is Saturday. I hope the weather is a little nicer.
On the "move"'s a NO GO.
Of course I found this out after all my sad good-byes at co-op today.
I guess there's some pretty shady things going on in that church and even the DS wasn't aware of it. I will give him credit though, he called my dad as soon as he found out what has been going on to see if he wanted to change his mind about coming.
I am so thankful that we found this out now and God spared my father from going into a bad situation! I never really "felt" the move anyway but thought I was probably just in denial. Guess not.
Just a few hours to go for Reba, Terri and Brad. This time tomorrow, it will be almost over.
I have a feeling we're going to be very cold at this concert.
I doubt Reba will be in her little tanks she usually wears.
I am going prepared! And taking the camera!! :o)
I hope I get some good pics.
That's it for tonight!
Please pray for my family who is traveling up from W. Va. tomorrow.
~Sweet Dreams~