May 21, 2005

Braves Do It Again!

We just keep winning and winning...
The Braves did it again today -
now we are 4-0.
The last two games have been called because of the rain.
Today Taylor struck out his first time up, but hit a double the next time up and
got to first his last time up.
He also got to be the catcher today.
He'll hate me for saying this, but he was so cute with all his gear on.
I was "snack mom" today. We took a cooler with mini Sierra Mists
and handed out bags with suckers, gum and a Star Crunch.
They all seemed to really like our snack.
Mom is out mowing the lawn, dad just went to get us lunch, the kids
are playing with "Carter" their newfound frog and I'm enjoying the a/c.
Later we have to make a trip out to Walmart and might stop
and see the race cars at Meijers. Tyler got to go with Grandpa yesterday so
today will be Taylor's turn. I guess they get to sit in a real Indy car and
they have computers hooked up to them and you get to "drive" them.
Tyler got free t-shirts yesterday.
That's about all my new news for now.
~Have a Blessed Weekend~
Don't forget to visit God's house tomorrow!

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