June 28, 2005

The Braves Are The Champions

What a fun weekend! We had a game on Friday night and WON, then had to be back at the park at 8:30am Saturday to play the Yankees (an awesome team that we had never been able to beat - that noone has beat). So we had to play them and if we won the first game, we'd have to play again as it would be tied up. So...we won , had to play again and WON!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeeeee we are the league champs and the tournament champs. Taylor got 2 big trophies and the whole thing was just so exciting for everyone, not just the kids...trust me, I think I was more proud and excited about those trophies than Taylor was. Those kids really played baseball Saturday. Both teams were great and they were both good games with each team giving their all. It was kind of sad that someone had to place 2nd as they were both equally great! We just happened to play better. And let me tell ya, those kids had to deal with horrible heat! It was miserable that day!

Ok, I'm not one who gets too excited about meeting new guys...mostly because I've never met anyone who was worth getting very excited about...but I have met someone new and I think he's pretty great! Of course I'm just getting to know him, but we have a lot in common and I think we are really hitting it off. Even if he turns out to be just a friend, that will be fine with me.
His name is David, he is 29...but turning 30 this Thursday. (Going for the younger men lol) He's divorced, has a 4 yo son...(ya, I know I said I'd never date anyone with children and YES, I know that 2 faced considering I have 2! But that's just how I felt- I feel differently now, obviously.) He was brought up in a Christian home and went to Christian schools all his life. He goes to church and is just a really great person. I'm sure he has his downfalls...I don't think he's Mr. Perfect. But then again, who is?! And who would want someone who was? He does like to "party" alittle more than I'd like, but being raised Nazarene, you think even a sip of wine is a sin. I'm learning that not every Nazarene rule is biblical, I do however agree with where they are coming from and why they believe what they believe. Although I choose to not drink, that's a personal decision. But, everything in moderation!! Right?! I guess it all depends on the person.

Tyler seems to have gotten rid of whatever nasty bug he caught last week. That was horrible. And even more frustrating that the doctor couldn't really do anything about it and it just needed to run it's course. It has taken him at least a week to get over it. So far (knocking on wood) Taylor hasn't gotten it and no one else in the family has gotten it. I hope that bug is long gone.

My parents are on their way to Michigan right now to go to the doctor with my grandparents to find out the results of my grandfathers tests. I guess it's his PSA levels that are very high.
At least one of aunts (if not two) will be going also. This will make it less stressful on my grandma, who doesn't handle these things well. Also, with more of them, they'll be able to remember more of what was said....repeated stories always lose something each time they are told. lol

We got our pool up this past weekend. That's been fun. It's only 3 ft deep but until the kids really getting their swimming down good, I don't want something too deep. I've gotten quite a bit of sun in the last couple days, so that's nice!

That's about all that's going on around here. Have a great Tuesday...Keep cool!