June 3, 2005

Friday Update

Happy Friday! Not much has been going on with the Clay family this week.
Just the normal things...working, baseball, sleeping, eating, listening to screaming kids...
(For those of you who don't know, I run a daycare out of my home.)
Just kidding, the kids aren't usually screaming all the time. lol Actually, I have really great daycare kiddos, so I can't complain! I have 6, and they range in ages 9 months to 3 yrs, so they have their moments, but for the most part they are all really good kids!

Taylor has a game tomorrow. Last night they played a team they had played before. They won!
They had beat this team before, so it was pretty easy for them. It was freezing cold last night out on the fields, HELLO...it's JUNE!! Time to warm up a little.

Maybe I shouldn't say that too fast...Our air conditioner went out on us Wednesday morning. I thought when I came downstairs it was alittle hot, then I checked the vents and no cool air was coming out! My dad took the whole outside unit apart and washed it all out...that didn't help, something is frozen up on it. I guess someone is coming by tomorrow to look at it. We've survived, although it was a little hot in here today. Thankfully it has cooled down quite a bit this evening. It's hard to sleep at night when you're all hot and sticky. lol

That's about all our exciting news for this week...

Wow~ we really do lead pretty boring lives, don't we. Oh well, we're happy...bored, but happy!

~Have a safe weekend everyone!~