June 11, 2005


Hello all! It's been a busy week... and an even busier weekend. Definitely not a 'sleep in' weekend!
Today we were up early for 'Ball Day'. The day started out at with a parade through the town. Taylor got to ride on a float and throw candy with his team. Then they had all their Tri-Star events. They had some food and booths set up. We stayed for awhile but the heat was unbearable.

The Braves lost their game Thursday night. They just weren't playing good. It was too hot and the kids were tired. And not to be bragging... but Taylor did great Thursday night! Even his coach made a point to tell everyone during their after game meeting. He was making good plays and got a real good hit after being the third one up to bat and the first two being struck out. Sadly the next one struck out so he only got to first base. But it's always good when he can get a hit! They only have one more game this Thursday night, then the tournament and it will all be over for this year. Taylor is wanting to play basketball so I guess that's what we'll be doing next. I just can't see him out on the court stealing the ball away from another kid...he's too nice! lol

The kids and I went to Pendleton to get sno cones this afternoon...we got there around 1:00 to find that they don't open until 2:00. So, we drove around...they were having a carnival downtown, and of course the kids begged to stop. We did, and had a fun time. The kids rode a bunch of rides. I rode one with them. They had one ride that was like a hang gliding type thing...you lay on your stomach and it goes way up in the air and goes around...they loved that one and went on it twice.

Needless to say, between the baseball event and the carnival, we're all burnt!! That's ok though, I haven't been tanning in awhile so at least I will be getting some tan.

Well, I'm heading off to bed...I have nursery duty at church early tomorrow morning. Good Night!