June 21, 2005

Tournament Week

It's tournament week....we played our first game last night and the kids really kept us on the edge of our seats!! They were doing great, then in about the 3rd inning, started giving up.
The other team had gotten 5 runs in the bottom of the 2nd and it was like our team just gave up. Thank goodness they finally got back in the game and won! When they play, they play hard, but when they get a little discouraged, they give up. We'll see what happens tonight, I know Taylor would love to have a nice big trophy! :-) ~Go Braves!~

Yesterday I took the boys to their well child check ups, everything was good. They put Tyler on Claritin for his allergies, gave Taylor another prescription for Claritin and his albuterol inhaler. Then gave him a new prescription for Cingulair to take daily and another inhaler called Qvar (?).
Our appointment was as 9:00, so I had to get the kids up early. Tyler got up saying he had a headache. I told him to get ready and if he still had it, I'd give him some tylenol. He said it went away. After we got through at the doctor's we hit Walmart to get our load of precriptions filled and as we were waiting we did some shopping. As we were walking around Tyler said he felt real bad and wanted to go home. He said he had his headache back and his throat hurt. So, we left as soon as we could, went through Burger King to get him a large Icee for his throat, got home, took his temp and it was 101.8 I gave him some motrin and he went right to bed. He felt pretty bad the rest of the day, so him and grandma stayed home from Taylor's game. Grandma said he slept the whole time we were gone. He still felt bad this morning so back we went to the doctors. He got a strep test and thankfully that came back negative. His doctor said it's just a viral thing and they are seeing alot of it right now. Then she said Taylor will probably get in a few days. I sure hope not. I would hate for him to have to miss any of his games. Especially if they make it to the last game!

We went to Muncie last Saturday night and spent the night so we could be there for Father's Day. They were having an air show and we got to see alot of neat planes, jets, people jumping out of planes, air balloons and stealth bombers. It was cool!

On a sad note...we found out last week that my grandpa (my mom's dad) has a very high PSI level which means there could be cancer growing rapidly. He goes back to the doctor to get the results and to talk about it on Tuesday the 28, my parents will be going up to Michigan that day to go with them.

Other than that, all is fine and well here.
Have a great week and GO BRAVES #4!