September 29, 2005

Hey! I'm a Crunchy Mom!

Do you know what a "crunchy" mom is? I didn' t either until the other day when I was visiting different blogs and came upon one woman's and she was talking about what a "crunchy" mom she was. So, I was interested and read further only to find out that I am a "crunchy" momma as well. Well, not all granola, but getting there. I took a very simple test to find out. Here is the link: Test may be more crunchy than you thought. I am "Pretty Crispy". I did however score a "O" on questions 14 and 15!! lol Kind of proud of that too!!! Anyhoo...I think I found my calling as a mom, I need to be as crunchy/granola/crispy/ I can. I mean I have the attachment parenting down pat...I have an 8 year old who still manages to sleep in my bed 4 out of 7 nights. BUT, in his defense, if I was having the same asthma issues he was, I'd want to crawl into bed with my mommy too! But, hopefully by the end of October we will have some answers. I finally convinced his doctor to send us to an allergist so we could figure out what it is exactly that is making him so miserable! He's been using his rescue inhaler way too much lately.
Of course his doctor would like him on that, plus a preventative inhaler, plus Claritin and Singulair. I will let him use the Albuterol and Claritin, but the other stuff is going to sit in my cupboard until we find out what exactly is going on.
There may be some very simple more natural remedies that we could do to prevent this without having to be on un-needed prescription drugs. Of course this brings me back to my crunchy mommy ways...find anything natural over something the medical profession wants to shove down his throat. I do not understand how these parents can just give their kids medication without looking into its possible side effects (long term and short term)!?!
Ok, well, we're off to church... Taylor has drama and Tyler has youth group.

~have a great evening~

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Christine said...

Hidey-Ho, from a fellow pseudo-crunchy mom. I like your post.

OH! And I get full points for #14 (as I'm a wet nurse to my foster newborns)! Yet, I get a big goose egg for cloth diapers! ha!