September 18, 2005

How Old Am I ??

Church was great this morning!! They showed pics of when they went to Mississippi to help the huricane victims and some of the people who went got to talk about what they witnessed down there and how it effected them , all in a good way. I'm sure it was life changing for all of them.

I found out today that you can swim with the dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo for $175 for 35 minutes. HOW COOL!!! I would LOVE to do that with my kids. I wish I were a rich woman. What a cool homeschooling field trip! They would love it! If anyone reading this would like to contribute to that, I would hold you forever in my heart! :o) And I'll send you pictures!!

Ok, so how old am I ??.....well, let's say that I may slip back into the highschool/college freshman category...I love Laguna Beach. Oh my gosh...WHY?
The kids are such spoiled brats...why do I watch it? And that whole Jessica and Jason thing reminded me so much of a girl I made me want to slap myself!! Seriously though, for those who watch it, isn't Lo the sweetest!?! I love her! I'm not a fan of Kristin...grrrrr Can't stand "the new girl" although she seems sweet actually...I think she's just trying to fit in. I do like LC but feel sorry for her and the way she keeps taking Steven back. He just keeps going back and forth in between her and Kristin and it's sick.
Ok and of course...I'm still keeping up with "The Real World", I can't help it...I've watched that since before I had kids! Hey, I was 19, I was allowed!! I do have to say I get bored with it now, everyone's just sleeping with each other or getting drunk and getting arrested, not very entertaining!!
Ok, good one and at a more mature level....DOG the Bounty Hunter!!! Now that is a show!
I also started to watch that one with Peter Brady...boring. I only watched it because Florence Henderson made a guest appearance and basically told him to throw his girlfriend out...well, HELLOOOO she is 25 years younger than him!!!

And I'm going to leave you with that for now, because my computer keeps freezing up for like 3-5 minutes at a time and I have things to, bye for now and I will let you know what's going on at our "cottage" later.

~have a wonderful week~