September 30, 2005

Update On My Uncle

Just wanted to give you all an update on my uncle. The one with leukemia.
Well, he is home. They can not find any trace of it anywhere in his body.
He had 2 rounds of chemo, his levels went from a 7 to a 40 so they said the chemo wasn't working and they'd have to go to the next step. Well, the next step was a stem cell transplant. So, my dad went and had his blood taken and sent to their lab to test and see if he could be a donor. Well, in the meantime, since they don't have insurance, they said they wouldn't do a stem cell transplant. I will never get over the way we put a price on another human life in this country! You don't dare spend too much to try and save one, but for $400 you can end one before it's even began. And it's legal. Well, both are legal. It's sick! Anyway, so that wasn't going to happen. So, they decided that they'd try chemo again. In the meantime, they ran more tests and the first one came back saying there was no leukemia to be found. The doctors were sure it was a mistake with the test. So, they ran another. It came back to say the same thing, no leukemia. At least not now. So...whether he's in remission, or completely healed, for those of us who trusted and prayed, we know that God had a hand in getting him well again. He is now at home and feeling pretty good!!

~thank you Lord, and thank you for all your prayers!~