June 28, 2005

The Braves Are The Champions

What a fun weekend! We had a game on Friday night and WON, then had to be back at the park at 8:30am Saturday to play the Yankees (an awesome team that we had never been able to beat - that noone has beat). So we had to play them and if we won the first game, we'd have to play again as it would be tied up. So...we won , had to play again and WON!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeeeee we are the league champs and the tournament champs. Taylor got 2 big trophies and the whole thing was just so exciting for everyone, not just the kids...trust me, I think I was more proud and excited about those trophies than Taylor was. Those kids really played baseball Saturday. Both teams were great and they were both good games with each team giving their all. It was kind of sad that someone had to place 2nd as they were both equally great! We just happened to play better. And let me tell ya, those kids had to deal with horrible heat! It was miserable that day!

Ok, I'm not one who gets too excited about meeting new guys...mostly because I've never met anyone who was worth getting very excited about...but I have met someone new and I think he's pretty great! Of course I'm just getting to know him, but we have a lot in common and I think we are really hitting it off. Even if he turns out to be just a friend, that will be fine with me.
His name is David, he is 29...but turning 30 this Thursday. (Going for the younger men lol) He's divorced, has a 4 yo son...(ya, I know I said I'd never date anyone with children and YES, I know that 2 faced considering I have 2! But that's just how I felt- I feel differently now, obviously.) He was brought up in a Christian home and went to Christian schools all his life. He goes to church and is just a really great person. I'm sure he has his downfalls...I don't think he's Mr. Perfect. But then again, who is?! And who would want someone who was? He does like to "party" alittle more than I'd like, but being raised Nazarene, you think even a sip of wine is a sin. I'm learning that not every Nazarene rule is biblical, I do however agree with where they are coming from and why they believe what they believe. Although I choose to not drink, that's a personal decision. But, everything in moderation!! Right?! I guess it all depends on the person.

Tyler seems to have gotten rid of whatever nasty bug he caught last week. That was horrible. And even more frustrating that the doctor couldn't really do anything about it and it just needed to run it's course. It has taken him at least a week to get over it. So far (knocking on wood) Taylor hasn't gotten it and no one else in the family has gotten it. I hope that bug is long gone.

My parents are on their way to Michigan right now to go to the doctor with my grandparents to find out the results of my grandfathers tests. I guess it's his PSA levels that are very high.
At least one of aunts (if not two) will be going also. This will make it less stressful on my grandma, who doesn't handle these things well. Also, with more of them, they'll be able to remember more of what was said....repeated stories always lose something each time they are told. lol

We got our pool up this past weekend. That's been fun. It's only 3 ft deep but until the kids really getting their swimming down good, I don't want something too deep. I've gotten quite a bit of sun in the last couple days, so that's nice!

That's about all that's going on around here. Have a great Tuesday...Keep cool!

June 21, 2005

Tournament Week

It's tournament week....we played our first game last night and the kids really kept us on the edge of our seats!! They were doing great, then in about the 3rd inning, started giving up.
The other team had gotten 5 runs in the bottom of the 2nd and it was like our team just gave up. Thank goodness they finally got back in the game and won! When they play, they play hard, but when they get a little discouraged, they give up. We'll see what happens tonight, I know Taylor would love to have a nice big trophy! :-) ~Go Braves!~

Yesterday I took the boys to their well child check ups, everything was good. They put Tyler on Claritin for his allergies, gave Taylor another prescription for Claritin and his albuterol inhaler. Then gave him a new prescription for Cingulair to take daily and another inhaler called Qvar (?).
Our appointment was as 9:00, so I had to get the kids up early. Tyler got up saying he had a headache. I told him to get ready and if he still had it, I'd give him some tylenol. He said it went away. After we got through at the doctor's we hit Walmart to get our load of precriptions filled and as we were waiting we did some shopping. As we were walking around Tyler said he felt real bad and wanted to go home. He said he had his headache back and his throat hurt. So, we left as soon as we could, went through Burger King to get him a large Icee for his throat, got home, took his temp and it was 101.8 I gave him some motrin and he went right to bed. He felt pretty bad the rest of the day, so him and grandma stayed home from Taylor's game. Grandma said he slept the whole time we were gone. He still felt bad this morning so back we went to the doctors. He got a strep test and thankfully that came back negative. His doctor said it's just a viral thing and they are seeing alot of it right now. Then she said Taylor will probably get in a few days. I sure hope not. I would hate for him to have to miss any of his games. Especially if they make it to the last game!

We went to Muncie last Saturday night and spent the night so we could be there for Father's Day. They were having an air show and we got to see alot of neat planes, jets, people jumping out of planes, air balloons and stealth bombers. It was cool!

On a sad note...we found out last week that my grandpa (my mom's dad) has a very high PSI level which means there could be cancer growing rapidly. He goes back to the doctor to get the results and to talk about it on Tuesday the 28, my parents will be going up to Michigan that day to go with them.

Other than that, all is fine and well here.
Have a great week and GO BRAVES #4!

June 11, 2005


Hello all! It's been a busy week... and an even busier weekend. Definitely not a 'sleep in' weekend!
Today we were up early for 'Ball Day'. The day started out at with a parade through the town. Taylor got to ride on a float and throw candy with his team. Then they had all their Tri-Star events. They had some food and booths set up. We stayed for awhile but the heat was unbearable.

The Braves lost their game Thursday night. They just weren't playing good. It was too hot and the kids were tired. And not to be bragging... but Taylor did great Thursday night! Even his coach made a point to tell everyone during their after game meeting. He was making good plays and got a real good hit after being the third one up to bat and the first two being struck out. Sadly the next one struck out so he only got to first base. But it's always good when he can get a hit! They only have one more game this Thursday night, then the tournament and it will all be over for this year. Taylor is wanting to play basketball so I guess that's what we'll be doing next. I just can't see him out on the court stealing the ball away from another kid...he's too nice! lol

The kids and I went to Pendleton to get sno cones this afternoon...we got there around 1:00 to find that they don't open until 2:00. So, we drove around...they were having a carnival downtown, and of course the kids begged to stop. We did, and had a fun time. The kids rode a bunch of rides. I rode one with them. They had one ride that was like a hang gliding type thing...you lay on your stomach and it goes way up in the air and goes around...they loved that one and went on it twice.

Needless to say, between the baseball event and the carnival, we're all burnt!! That's ok though, I haven't been tanning in awhile so at least I will be getting some tan.

Well, I'm heading off to bed...I have nursery duty at church early tomorrow morning. Good Night!

June 3, 2005

Friday Update

Happy Friday! Not much has been going on with the Clay family this week.
Just the normal things...working, baseball, sleeping, eating, listening to screaming kids...
(For those of you who don't know, I run a daycare out of my home.)
Just kidding, the kids aren't usually screaming all the time. lol Actually, I have really great daycare kiddos, so I can't complain! I have 6, and they range in ages 9 months to 3 yrs, so they have their moments, but for the most part they are all really good kids!

Taylor has a game tomorrow. Last night they played a team they had played before. They won!
They had beat this team before, so it was pretty easy for them. It was freezing cold last night out on the fields, HELLO...it's JUNE!! Time to warm up a little.

Maybe I shouldn't say that too fast...Our air conditioner went out on us Wednesday morning. I thought when I came downstairs it was alittle hot, then I checked the vents and no cool air was coming out! My dad took the whole outside unit apart and washed it all out...that didn't help, something is frozen up on it. I guess someone is coming by tomorrow to look at it. We've survived, although it was a little hot in here today. Thankfully it has cooled down quite a bit this evening. It's hard to sleep at night when you're all hot and sticky. lol

That's about all our exciting news for this week...

Wow~ we really do lead pretty boring lives, don't we. Oh well, we're happy...bored, but happy!

~Have a safe weekend everyone!~