April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

What did I do for Earth Day? Umm, well, I taught my preschoolers about it and how we need to take care of the earth and pick up the trash and blah blah blah... but other than that... nada. I really wanted to take them around the block with little grocery bags and have them pick up trash, but I had a couple of kiddos today that either did not deserve to go outside or probably wouldn't have made it around the block without throwing a major fit. So, we didn't do anything. Sorry earth, my sanity was more important. Besides, Al Gore's got my back. He said he'd do my part today. Thanks Big Al!! (He let's me call him that, but only on "special" occasions!!)

Right now I'm watching the big end of the season New York Housewives thing where they all meet up after the show and sit on couches and talk to a host and fight and explain why they acted like fools and etc. etc. etc. You know I didn't think I could stomach the New York chics because let's face it, compared to the OC girls, they are... well, let's just say "woof"! But then I watched a couple episodes and I decided I could tolerate it. A couple of them are actually funny.

Anyway, today was a bad day. Sick kiddos... misbehaving kiddos... headaches... no alcohol in the house (kidding)... I told my mom at dinner that tonight may be a THREE Advil night. Whoohooo, I'm a rebel! Yes, I get high on Advil. Call rehab.

Seriously, I have a major headache so I'm off to crawl into bed. At 9:30. I'm pathetic.