April 3, 2008

We've All Got It!!

T1, T2, Me... we all have the flu. (Or whatever it is that's going around.) Of course I could probably thank a couple of my daycare kids for that. Especially the one who was "just having asthma issues" but was here last week coughing all over everyone. Nice.

So anyway, I guess it's our turn. Yesterday I felt horrible, today I'm taking advil left and right. I'm working, but only for a few hours. Since I had a temp of 102 this morning, it's probably not good that I'm around kids, but OH WELL... if you're bringing your sick kids to me, I guess there's a chance that I will get sick too and since I'm such a nice provider who doesn't close everytime I get sick, then you'll just have to deal with it.

T2 started getting sick again on Sunday. This is the 4th time now since the beginning of February. He just keeps getting these temps and has no energy so I thought it would be best to go to his pediatrician and get some blood work done.

We went yesterday and he was very brave. He has never had blood drawn before. He did real good until it was over, then he threw up a little. Luckily I know my child and grabbed the trash can and had it under him before it happened.

They think he could possibly have mono, so they tested for that and then did a CBC (complete blood count) test. We got the results of the CBC today and his white blood cells are pretty low. They're not worried yet, because it could be low because he may be fighting off an infection.

I could kick myself because I didn't ask for the numbers and the nurse didn't offer them. The mono tests should be in by Monday or Tuesday so I'll ask for the white count numbers then.

The doctor said if he did in fact have mono, he's well into the convalescent stage by now. He couldn't even feel his spleen, so he's pretty sure it's not mono. I don't think it's mono. I've had mono before.

In any case, I'm going to get the white count numbers and ask for another test in a few more weeks. Until then, I hope we all get better! At least we're dealing with it this week. Next week we're going out of town and it would be horrible to be sick for that.