April 20, 2008

Happy Sunday!

We were so good today... we got up and went to church! :) After that we went out to eat with my parents. We went to Texas Roadhouse - YUM! I got a steak, baked potato and a good good salad. And of course we had their yummy rolls. Mmmm, I could have stayed and ate all day.

Then, since we were so close, we hit Target. T2 decided we need a rain gauge, so we got one. Not sure why we needed one, but now we can measure how many inches of rain we get. (Try to contain your jealousy... I know we're having ALL the fun over here!) I'll have to find a way to work this into their schooling. I mean, one of them may want to be a meterologist some day.

We got home to find a basketball hoop by our driveway. I think Mr. R was here. I was planning on buying one for T2 when I get my tax refund back, but now I guess I don't have to. I'll give you one guess where T2 is right now... :)

My ears and head are all stopped up again. UGH! Of course the last few days it's been so nice and today it's only 55 degrees, so that could have something to do with it. I think now that Zyrtec is otc, I may try that this summer for my allergies. I wish I could switch T2 over from his Singulair (now that it has that warning), but I think his allergist will keep him on that because of his asthma.

Well, I think I'm going to go relax. Getting under my covers and finding a good movie on tv sounds nice right about now. I should be cleaning but it can wait. It's not like it's going anywhere or cleaning itself.