June 2, 2008

Busy Day

I got up this morning and was ready by 9:00. I didn't have any kids coming until 10:00, so I thought I'd go tanning and go to the post office to get stamps and mail a couple of bills. Then I decided I'd rather have some time on the computer and actually be able to sit and eat my breakfast for once, so I did that instead.

I worked from 10:00-11:00... whoohoo... don't hurt yourself, Mama T! :)

As soon as I was done, the boys and I left to run errands. We went to the post office, got stamps, mailed the bills, then headed to Walmart.

We got back around 1:00 and had lunch. Then I made the BLT dip that we got at Shipshewana.

After lunch I needed to mail a birthday card and an anniversary card so I asked T2 if he wanted to take a bike ride to the post office. His eyes got huge and he said "YES!". So, we got the bikes out and off on our journey we went. About half way there I said "T2, did you happen to bring your inhaler?" and he said "No, I thought about it but I'm doing so good I knew I wouldn't need it." He was right, he did fine the whole way there and back. I was burning up and out of breath, but he did great. He told grandpa and grandma at dinner that we helped out 4 ways by riding our bikes to the post office... 1. we got exercise, 2. we saved gas, 3. by not using our car we helped the environment, and 4. we got some sun.

After I cooled down and had a "bomb pop" (you know, those awesome red, white and blue popsicles), I worked on some daycare stuff and then got ready to grill out for dinner. I bought some steaks and I thought I'd be nice and grill them for the family. Yeah... I'm not a good griller. That is what dads are for, so I called him outside and told him if he wanted decent meat tonight he better take over. They ended up turning out really good, although I put a tad too much tenderizer on them. We had salads and baked potatoes with our steak. It was a good dinner!

After dinner I was standing in the kitchen and noticed our neighbor lady (who just lost her husband in December) was getting ready to mow her lawn. It was still so hot, so I asked T2 if he wanted to help her so she could get it done quicker. Of course he wanted to, the kid LOVES to work. So T2, me and my dad went and helped her out. We did her back yard while she was working on the front. My dad helped her cut down some branches on a tree that was getting really low and I used the weed whacker around the areas that needed it.

Then she and a little neighbor girl came over to our house and T2 and I sat outside on the front lawn with them and talked. I'm so happy that I have nice neighbors!

After we came in I tried my BLT dip and now I'm getting ready for bed. I have to be up by 7:00 tomorrow morning and I am tired!

It was a very nice Monday! :)

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